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Want to know the nutrition facts of every item on the Wawa menu For almost every Wawa item, we have the nutrition facts including serving size, calories, and fat as well as protein and carbs.

Are there any Wawa menu items that you are missing or would you like to see them? Please let us know!

Wawa's secret menu might surprise you. The ordering tips that will ensure a delicious breakfast for the commute are also worth mentioning.

Wawa is your one-stop-shop for coffee, gas, and classic station food-. People are obsessed with this place! You can also order food from the convenience store with touch-screen computers. Wawa now has a secret menu! It was created in celebration of their 54th wedding anniversary and they decided to keep the fun alive.

This is how Wawa's secret menu works. Plus, a few cool ordering tips.

Wawa Secret Menu With Prices 2022

Rainbow Bagel

Wawa's secret menu was created in celebration of its birthday. Now that summer is here, the theme of rainbow colors. Perfect for anyone who loves rainbow sprinkles. The coolest secret menu item that we have ever seen is the rainbow-hued bagel from Wawa.

You can order one at a touch screen kiosk (where most secret stuff is at Wawa) by clicking on the Wawa goose.

Colorful Lemonades

Wawa offers a secret menu that includes the Rainbow Bagel and a variety of lemonade flavors. These include strawberries, mango, and traditional citrus.

All of it will be yours to take when you arrive at Wawa. Simply order at the touch screen, click on the goose and then place an order. (Wawa, Native American for goose)

Do you need lemonade now? These 17 summertime recipes for lemonade will quench your thirst.


Only $1.99 for a limited time (except in Florida). "Siptopoia” means that you can order any 16-ounce beverage from the menu including cold brew coffee, lattes, frozen smoothies, and frozen coffees. Your ticket to Siptopia, just like the rainbow menu items is available at the touch-screen kiosk in the store.

Free Coffee

Wawa also offered a free cup of coffee during April and May. Here's the scoop: Wawa gives away free coffee on a regular basis!

You can either keep an eye on the Wawa Promotions webpage or sign up for Wawa Rewards to receive email alerts when the offer becomes available.

Guess what? You can also get a free cup of coffee when you sign up for the Rewards program.

Wawa Reserve Coffee

Wawa is known for its excellent coffee. What you might not know is that Wawa has been rotating limited-edition specialty-grade coffees since January. Wawa Reserve Coffee can be purchased for a mere buck every now and again.

Built-to-Order Quesadillas

Chick-fil-A might not have the secret-menu quesadillas, but you can rest assured that custom quesadillas will be on every Wawa menu. BBQ Chicken & Cheese with Onions!

Create Your Own Sourdough Melt

Wawa offers a variety of signature sourdough melting options, such as Spicy Italian, Spicy cheesesteak, Grilled Ched Cheese, Roasted Chicken, and Grilled Cheese.

You are also welcome to request any other sourdough melting option you may want. Pepperoni-Grilled Cheese Sourdough melt anyone?

Design Your Own Flatbread

Wawa only offers three Flatbread Sandwich options (Tuscan Turkey and Santa Fe Chicken), but that doesn't mean you can not ask for what you want.

You can choose from any of the fresh ingredients on the Wawa menu and have it tucked into bread with the Parmesan added right in.

Built-to-Order Breakfast Hoagies

With 21 breakfast options on the Wawa's officially-published Menu, it surprises us to find out that at each Wawa you are able to design your own Breakfast Hoagie. What would you like Pepperoni Egg White? or a Ham Egg and Sausage Omelet hoagie?

If you're a fan of morning sandwiches it's a must to look through this collection of recipes.

Here's What to Order From Wawa's Secret Menu

Alongside along with the Rainbow Bagel, Wawa's secret menu offers a variety of lemonade flavors, which include mango and strawberry as well as the traditional citrus.

The entire menu will be available for you to enjoy at Wawa and place your order on the touchscreen and select the goose. (By, by the way, Wawa is a Native American word meaning goose.)

You can be sure that Wawa's courteous customer service representatives assist in any way you require -in the morning, midday, and even in the evening.

Built-to-Order. Do you want bacon on your breakfast burrito? Do you want ketchup on Your Cheesesteak Short? Add a hot soup or a side dish to finish your dinner. A majority of our food options are built-to-order and available at the touch screen.

Wawa Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationhttps://www.wawa.com/fresh-food/nutrition-quality-food/nutrition

To find out the nutritional content of the foods in Wawa's menu, to check the nutritional information of items on Wawa's menu, check out the link above.

There's also a nutrition calculator that you can use with the aid that you are able to modify the number of ingredients included in each food product.

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