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torchys tacos secret menu prices

Torchy’s Tacos Secret Menu Prices 2022

It is easy to recognize a good taco when you see it in addition, Torchy's Tacos offers some seriously delicious tacos. I can remember the first Torchy's Food Truck in Austin where our taco fantasies were realized.

It was one of the coolest food truck parks I've ever been to, but is now closed and has continued to operate in various places around the city - and also the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

If you thought you've tasted every one of Torchy's Tacos You might be shocked to learn that they offer a Hidden Menu that is only available to those who are the most committed taco addict.

There are eight tacos that secretly exist that you can choose from. Each is made of ingredients that are used to create other tacos offered on the menu but are mixed in various ways to create the most outrageous flavor combinations.

Let's take a look at what these tacos hidden in the back of the fridge are all about.

Torchy’s Tacos Secret Menu Prices

1). Ace Of Spades

It's the Ace of Spades is probably the most sloppy and well-known of tacos hidden in the kitchen and is an absolute must-order.

It's served with jalapeno sausage link that is split, cooked, grilled bristles, fried eggs green chili queso, cotija cheese freshly grated cheddar Jack cheese, sour cream, and cilantro in a flour tortilla.

The sauce that is drizzled over it is the well-known Diablo sauce, which adds the right level of heat and flavor. Make sure to keep several napkins in your kitchen as well as a fork to savor any toppings you can eat as you're eating it. You don't want to waste it!

2). The Hipster

It is a hipster that's always searching for ways to stand out and make a difference from other hipsters, gets its name by frying panko tuna bacon, black beans, relish, green chilies, cilantro, cotija cheese, and lime.

There isn't a single fried tuna in the menus of regular restaurants which is why this is a hidden ingredient. To me, the avocado sauce is what holds this taco together taste-wise.

3). Jack Of Clubs

It's not your typical breakfast taco certain! It's huge and full of flavor with a variety of tastes and textures.

The flour tortilla can be packed with fried eggs however, I prefer to ask my eggs to be cooked in medium heat to get the yolky, runny deliciousness. In addition to this Jack of Clubs is a delicious combination.

Jack of Clubs includes black beans, potatoes cheddar jack cheese that has been shredded along with cilantro, and Sour cream.

Crisp tortilla strips give the taco the crunch it requires while the Diablo sauce provides the spice and heat needed to create the ultimate meat-free secret taco.

4). Mad Cow

It's the Mad Cow taco isn't quite as elegant as its secluded cousins but it's still delicious. The highlight of this dish is a chipotle sauce that's drizzled over tender marinated grill-grilled fajita meat.

It's served with black beans and grilled corn, fresh chopped cheddar cheese, and cilantro in a flour tortilla.

It's an excellent introductory taco to pair with some of the more adventurous tacos It's actually more of an old-fashioned fajita taco that has the most bizarre name.

5). Green Chile Pork Missionary Style

The double-decker taco is a work of art. It's filled with Torchy's famous slow-roasted green chile pork this taco is also loaded with fresh guacamole, pickled onions as well as cheddar jack cheese, grated, and cilantro.

It's all kept together with the double layer of tortillas that includes a corn tortilla that is crispy. Chipotle sauce drizzled on the top layer for a spicy southern taste that truly will please.

6). The Matador

A bullfighter's name, the Matador is a hefty dose of flavor. It's the second Torchy's hidden menu double-decker tacos and is a strong competitor to its predecessor, the Missionary Style Green Chile Pork taco.

The crisp tortilla wrapped in a flour tortilla makes this taco have the crunch that it needs and its impressiveness does not stop there.

The taco is loaded with tender brisket pieces with jalapenos that have been grilled freshly made cheddar Jack cheese freshly cut avocados, sour cream as well as chopped cilantro.

Torchy's tomatillo salsa with a smoky flavor is sprinkled on top, creating an unforgettable and delicious secret taco recipe.

7). Trailer Park Hillbilly Style

The taco serves as a variant of a well-loved Trailer Park taco from the menu. It comes with crispy chunks of chicken fried as well as spicy bacon, chorizo, and cheddar jack cheese.

It also comes with shredded cheddar pico de gallo and poblano ranch inside the flour tortilla.

To make this taco extra-special it's got the green chilies and quesos for the perfect spicy and cheese-y taste. It's an amazing mess and I'm unable to consume more than two of the tacos.

8). The Sanchez

It is said that Sanchez is the honorable mention of Torchy's Tacos Secret Menu list. Most people don't speak about it, making it less "underground" to the world of tacos.

The flour tortillas are made up of eggs, poblano chilis fried Guacamole, escabeche carrots, guacamole, and cheese, all and topped with a unique poblano sauce.

It's one of my favorite dishes due to the heat that comes from poblano chilis fried in oil that happen as one of my most favorite peppers. I make use of it in a variety of other recipes. It's like Torchy's created this secret for me.

Which Is Your Favorite?

Have you had a chance to try one of the tacos offered by Torchy's Secret Menu? Which was your top choice? What one do you never purchase in the future? Tell us via the comment section below.

History of Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy's began as an extremely well-known street food truck on South 1st in 2006.

The move to a brick and mortar facility in Austin was so successful that they have opened up multiple locations, and then expanded to additional cities across Texas, and even expanded towards Colorado in Colorado and Oklahoma.

The majority of people don't know that breakfast is served throughout the day, so you could. You can eat your fill of Migas even if it's not time to get up until after lunch.

Summary of Torchy’s Secret Menu

Torchy's might have only 9 items (technically) within their menu secretly however they have the most delicious food choices on the planet for an expert on tacos. Certain items are not as private (4 of them in fact).

They'll provide you with a printed list for the "secret" items at any of their locations should you ask. The items have been so well-loved that they have decided to make them on their site.

Torchy's Tacos is available across 9 states, including Oklahoma, Missouri, North Carolina, and Colorado. In addition to the best tacos available in Texas, Torchy's also offers merchandise on Hats, gift cards, socks, t-shirts, and even their own Torchy's Diablo Hot Sauce. The gift cards are priced between $10 to $100 and are an ideal gift for a fan of Torchy's.

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