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Check Taco Bell Secret Latest Menu Prices For June 2023

taco bell secret prices

Here are a few of the most private Taco Bell secret menu items and costs. Taco Bell allows for tasty and cheap menu items that everyone can take pleasure in.

The items are designed to allow customers to feel special because the order has been created specifically for you. From tacos to burritos, the secrets to this Fast food chain's menu are getting better and better every day.

Things such as the Superman and the Chili Cheese Burrito are not only going to bring your guests salivating but will satisfy your tastes. Check out the other secret Menu products we are offering for you.

Here are the most recent Taco Bell secret menu items.




Taco Bell Secret Menu

Below are Taco Bell's Latest Secret Menu Items

CheesaritoMelted Cheese, Scallions, & Sauce wrapped up in a Soft Tortilla$4.99
Cheesy Gordita CrunchHard-Shelled Ground Beef Taco inside a Gordita shell with melted cheese between topped with Cheese Sauce, Lettuce, and Shredded Cheese$2.49
Chili Cheese BurritoCheese Burrito with Chili sauce and meat$1.69
Doritos Shell AnythingSwap a hard taco shell with a Doritos Loco shell$1.39
Double Grilled QuesadillaA Quesadilla grilled twice as long$4.79
EnchiritoEnchilada stuffed with Beef, Beans, and Cheese$1.99
QuesaritoCheesy layer in between two burrito shells wrapped with a Quesadilla$1.99
The HulkExtra guacamole in any burrito$1.39
The Incredible HulkSubstitute the Beefy Five-Layer Burrito Nacho Cheese with Guacamole instead$1.89
The SupermanA Cheesy Double Beef Burrito with extra Guacamole, Potatoes, Sour Cream and Crispy Tortilla Strips$4.00

Below, you can find additional information and details on each food product.


Do you want to try a delicious and simple hidden Menu taco wrap? If so, this selection of a mixture with Melted Cheese, Sauce, and Scallions wrapped in a Soft Tortilla is made for you.

For ordering this tasty hidden menu item, just ask for the Soft Tortilla filled with Melted Cheese, Sauce, and Scallions.

Cheesy Gordita Crunch

The delicious taco is a combination of Taco Bell's famous Gordita Shell with a Hard Ground Beef Taco, which is a shelled ground beef taco that is inside.

This gives you a novel and innovative method of eating without making an enormous mess.

You can not only customize this taco using a Ground Beef that has been hard-shelled Taco, but you can also go one step further and personalize the taco you love by with to the Gordita Shell for an unlimited taste experience.

To order, just ask for the Crunchy Ground Beef Taco with a Shell that is placed in the Gordita Shell with the cheese melting layer in between.

You can then request for them to finish it with Cheese Sauce Lettuce, Cheese Sauce, and then some Shredded Cheese that will result in encapsulation of Cheesy Gordita Crunch.

Chili Cheese Burrito

If you're a fan of Chili any food, then this is going to be a new Taco Bell item for you. Combining the Cheese Burrito with Chili sauce and beef, this item is sure to put you smiling.

For ordering it, you can choose the Chili Cheese Burrito off of Taco Bell's secret menu items, simply make a request for the Cheese Burrito with some Chili Sauce and beef inside.

Doritos Shell Anything

Its name is basically everything there's to know about. There is a variety from Doritos Taco Shells available to select from such as those with Nacho Cheese.

Cool Ranch as well as Fiery flavors. When you purchase any taco with a hard shell you purchase, ask for a replace the original with a more appealing Doritos Taco Shell.

Double Grilled Quesadilla

For anyone who prefers their food to be grilled for a few minutes more time, this could be the subsequent Taco Bell secret menu item order.

To get this food option, just ask for the quesadilla of beef or chicken to be cooked twice, instead of just one time.


Have you ever tasted an Enchilada and wondered what was missing. It's because the beef, beans, and Cheese will fill in the ingredients.

that were missing, and enhance the flavor and texture of an already delicious meal. To order this mouthwatering special menu item, just ask for an Enchilada stuffed with Beef Beans, Beef, as well as Cheese.


If you're are a Quesadilla fan and a Burrito lover, this creative method of combining them will amaze you.

The Quesadilla and Burrito combination is wrapped around the fillings of your burrito. This hidden menu item is now beginning to appear on the menus in numerous Taco Bell restaurants.

If it's not in the nearby Taco Bell menu just inquire if they are able to create Quesarito. Quesarito and, if they're lucky, they may actually make you one entirely from scratch.

The Hulk

This amazing food item has a sense of purpose, as the only thing you have to do is additional Guacamole inside your Burrito.

In contrast to the Hulk, the food item will leave you less angry and content when you purchase. For this delicious burrito, make sure you request some additional Guacamole to be added to it.

The Incredible Hulk

In contrast to the earlier "The Hulk" burrito, this one has a tense flavor due to the Beefy Five-Layer Burrito that has Guacamole in place of Nacho Cheese.

To add more interest, swap the six-inch inner shell and transform it into Fresco. For a unique order.

you can simply ask for a Beefy Five-Layer Burrito by substituting Nacho Cheese for Guacamole instead. You may also request to have it, Fresco.

The Superman

In contrast to the two other superfoods, it is superior. With extra Potatoes Guacamole, Guacamole Cream along with Crispy Tortilla Strips inside a Cheesy Double Beef Burrito.

For ordering this indestructible menu item, all you have to do is request additional Potatoes Guacamole, Guacamole, Sour Cream as well as Crispy Tortilla Strips encased in the Cheesy Double Beef Burrito.

Taco Bell Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationtacobell.com/nutrition/info
Allergen Informationtacobell.com/nutrition/allergen-info
Nutritional Calculatortacobell.com/nutrition/calculator

If you're a health conscientious person, then go to the links above. This first one will give you the nutritional details of the food items within Taco Bell's menu.

Taco Bell menu. If you're allergic to a particular food or food item, you can eliminate that food item from Taco Bell's menu.

Taco Bell menu. You can also determine the nutritional value of any custom food by making use of the Nutrition Calculator on the third page.

Taco Bell Franchise Information

Taco Bell has 7,072 locations across the globe. Taco Bell is present in over 30 different countries. over 40 million people head for a visit to Taco Bell each week.

If you are planning to open the first Taco Bell restaurant, then this is what it will cost.

Name of FeeCost
Application & Background Check Fee (per person)From $350 to $600
Initial Franchise FeeFrom $25,000 to $45,000
First Unit Construction Services$27,175
Optional Real Estate ServicesFrom $0 to $37,175
Permits, Licenses, Security Deposits$74,000
Real PropertyFrom $20,000 to $1,400,000
Building/Site ConstructionFrom $177,000 to $900,000
Equipment/Signage/Decor/ POSFrom $150,000 to $320,000
Initial InventoryFrom $7,000 to $10,000
Grand Opening Expense$5,000
Additional Funds – 3 monthsFrom $40,000 to $60,000
ESTIMATED TOTALFrom $525,525 to $2,851,775
Royalty5% of Gross Sales

Important Links

Official Websitetacobell.com/
Gift Cardstacobell.com/gift-cards
Sign Uptacobell.com/register

Taco Bell Contact Information

Taco Bell Corporate Office Address- 1 Glen Bell WayIrvine, CA 92618

Taco Bell Corporate Phone Number- (949) 863-4500

You can also contact the team of Taco Bell by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page- facebook.com/tacobell

Instagram Account- instagram.com/tacobell/

Twitter Account- twitter.com/tacobell

YouTube Channel- youtube.com/user/tacobell

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