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Taco Bell Gluten Free Menu Menu With Price 2023 – Taco Bell Gluten Free Menu Menu Price Near Me

Check Taco Bell Gluten Free Menu Latest Menu Prices For June 2023

taco bell gluten-free menu prices

Taco Bell Gluten-Free Menu With Prices

Taco Bell's gluten-free menu is the most convenient fast food Mexican solution for those who suffer from gluten sensitivities, allergies, or simply plain old intolerance. Make sure to inform them when you place your order, that you are concerned about not cross-contaminating your food and you'll be safe.

The restaurant is not only Taco Bell vegetarian friendly, but they are also friendly to people with Celiac Disease as well. Take a look at Taco Bell for setting a standard for other fast-food eateries.

We're not snagging anyone out. If you do not suffer from a specific disease but have NCGS and this menu is perfect for you too. The more people you know, the better.

A word of caution when you're looking for breakfast, it may be better to find a different restaurant for breakfast, but in the evening you are able to go over the borders.

This is the entire Taco Bell gluten-free menu. We wouldn't suggest Taco Bell as a good option for eating gluten-free, however, there are some things. We suggest checking out Chipotle for a more extensive variety.

Prices and availability can differ depending on the area. The Taco Bell's Gluten Free Menu:




Morning Dollar Menu


Cantina Power Menu

Cantina Power Bowl - Chicken$4.99
Cantina Power Bowl - Steak$5.19
Cantina Power Bowl - Veggie$4.99

Dollar Cravings Menu

Spicy Tostada$1.00
Triple Layer Nachos$1.00


Black Beans$1.49
Black Beans & Rice$1.49
Chips and Guacamole$1.49
Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce$1.39
Chips and Pico de Gallo$1.49
Chips and SalsaN/A
Nacho Cheese Doritos ChipsN/A
Pintos 'n' Cheese$1.19
Premium Latin Rice$1.49


Boss Nachos - Chicken$5.79
Boss Nachos - Steak$5.99
Double Tostada$1.59
Spicy Tostada$1.00
Triple Layer Nachos$1.00

Vegetarian Menu

Black Beans & Rice$1.49
Cantina Power Bowl - Veggie$4.99
Double Tostada$1.59
Pintos 'n' Cheese$1.19
Spicy Tostada$1.00

Hot Sauce Packets

Border Sauce - HotComplimentary
Border Sauce - MildComplimentary
Border Sauce - Salsa VerdeComplimentary
Diablo SauceComplimentary
Salsa Del SolComplimentary

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Taco Bell

A few of the most popular gluten-free menu items include The Boss Nachos and the Pintos and Cheese, which are loaded with plenty and lots of spicy sauce. Yes, I said it! Pintos and Cheese is one of my favorites - you know who you are.

However, Taco Bell... Taco Bell... It's time to broaden the options on your food options for breakfast.

Consider serving breakfast that includes eggs, beans, and cheese. Then get inventive. We're sure you can make this Cantina Bowl designer.

The Cantina Bowl is an incredible powerhouse. You can choose to have vegetarian or meat and it includes lettuce, guacamole Pico de Gallo, avocado ranch dressing, cheddar cheese shreds, and reduced-fat sour cream with Latin rice and black beans.

Oh my god, I'm already full from typing this protein-rich meal. I don't require a stinking tortilla to feel happy when food tastes this delicious.

If crisp and affordable is what you're after The dollar Cravings menu is perfect for you. My personal favorite on this list of gluten-free options can be The Triple Layer Nachos - yum!

It's impossible to go wrong with chips beans, cheese, and sauce!

We don't really know what you think but I'm a major side-dish advocate to the point that I can prepare a whole dinner with just delicious side dishes. Two Pintos and Cheese I'd like to have them, Of course, with additional cheese and sauce.

If this menu isn't right for you, or perhaps you're looking for something fancy and fancy, you can try one of the Specialties menus. If a single Tostada doesn't do the trick Try a double, your rich rebel and you.

There's also the hot option as well as the nachos selection in this category, so you'll have several options for you, including food that is a specialty.

For those who are vegetarian and do not eat gluten, you're covered as well. There's something for anyone, excluding breakfast eaters.

There are five vegan, gluten-free choices which are more than other locations, but it could be expanded.

Don't forget to add your hot sauce. I'm from Louisiana and we never play games about hot sauce.

Taco Bell Gluten-Free Menu 2022

  • Hashbrown
  • Cantina Power Bowl - Chicken
  • Cantina Power Bowl - Steak
  • Cantina Power Bowl - Veggie
  • Boss Nachos - Chicken
  • Boss Nachos - Steak
  • Black Beans
  • Black Beans & Rice
  • Chips and Guacamole
  • Nacho Cheese Doritos Chips
  • Triple Layer Nachos

Taco Bell Sauces

  • Border Sauce - Diablo
  • Border Sauce - Hot
  • Border Sauce - Mild

All their sodas and freezers are gluten-free.

It is important to note that Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce isn't made with wheat, however, the sauce does have gluten. Taco Bell's beef and beef-based mixes are gluten-free but they do contain oatmeal.

Taco Bell Nachos

Based on Taco Bell's website Taco Bell website and sources we've talked to Taco Bell uses white corn as their chips, and not flour. Here are the ingredients that are official.

The white ground corn (with fumaric acid ), sodium propionate, cellulose gum, and sorbic acid (P). You may need to confirm that at the neighborhood Taco Bell before trying the nachos.

Enjoy Taco Bell’s Gluten-Free Offerings

Taco Bell has come quite a long way. They are vegetarian and gluten-free and gluten-free.

They're reasonably priced, and they include all the complimentary hot sauce that you can wish for with your dinner. I don't know about you, but it makes me very happy.

Get out there and conquer celiac disease.

Taco Bell History

Taco Bell is named after Glen Bell, its founder. The history of Taco Bell begins in 1946. At the age of 23, Glen bell put up an open-air food stand selling hot dogs in San Bernardino and dubbed it Bell's Drive. In 2004, he opened an eatery in the Latino neighborhood of San Bernardino, which he named Bell's Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

At the beginning of 1950, the area around Bell's Hamburgers and Hot Dogs was filled with similar eateries that caused Bell to consider incorporating different menus to remain in the game.

At the time Bell observed that Mexican eateries across the street had huge lines of patrons due to the popularity of their tacos that were hard-shelled. In the subsequent 2 years, he ate there and tried to find a way to reverse engineer the hard-shelled tacos recipes. As time passed, he made acquainted with the proprietors who gave their recipes.

Just a few minutes late the taco was introduced at his stand. In the next few minutes, they were outselling hamburgers and hot dogs which led him to concentrate on Mexican food. In 1954, with a co-worker, they established their own taco stand, which they named Taco Tia.

In the following years, Taco Tia was a hit and Bell got married, Bell moved to Los Angeles and was forced to sell his share of Taco Tia to his partner. Bell later launched El Taco with a group of business partners.

El Taco was an instant hit across Southern California and it started with four locations. He then made the decision to transfer his share to partners and start from scratch and start over.

By combining everything he'd learned about fast food and dining establishments, Glen opened a restaurant that offered Mexican specialties.

A friend suggested that he combine his name and passion to name the restaurant Taco Bell. So, in 1962 it was 1962 when the initial Taco Bell was opened, simply a 20-foot-by-20-foot Spanish style stucco structure.

Six months later after that, he opened his second store within Long Beach and in two years, Taco Bell had opened more than seven locations within the region.

The year 1965 was the time that Glen was able to sell the Franchise for $150,000 to Kermit Bekke and by 1967, there were more than 100 Taco Bells had been scattered all over Los Angeles.

in 1978 Taco Bell was sold to PepsiCo for $130,000,000. From then on, the business has grown to thousands. The year 1997 saw PepsiCo separate its various food chains, including KFC, Taco Bell, and Piza Hut into Kentucky-based Yum brands.

Taco Bell serves more than 2 billion customers a year in more than 6,500 eateries. In the year 2015 Taco Bell launched delivery via Door Dash and also online ordering.

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