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Sushi Zanmai Malaysia Menu And Price List

Sushi Zanmai Menu Malaysia: With more than 20 years of experience in Japanese meals, Sushi Zanmai promises to provide a variety of authentic Japanese food items for the dinner table.

There are more than 100 kinds of sushi to choose from and more than 100 varieties of tasty prepared dishes straight to Japan.

This article provides up-to-date information about Sushi Zanmai's menu delivery options and promotional offers. Let's dive straight in!

Sushi Zanmai Complete Menu Price Malaysia 


Ikura ShoyuzukeRM 14.80
Potato MayoRM 4.80
Hakusai KimuchiRM 5.80
EdamameRM 5.80
HiyayakkoRM 4.80
Kimuchi TopshellRM 9.80
Wasabi ErniRM 5.80
Chuka WakameRM 5.80
Chuka KurageRM 8.80
Chuka ChinmiRM 8.80
Tako WasabiRM 8.80
Salmon to AvocadoRM 9.80
Chuka IdahoRM 10.80
Yaki AburaageRM 3.80
Atsuyaki TamagoRM 7.80
NattoRM 4.80
Spicy TofuRM 3.80

House Specialty

Salad RollRM 8.80
Sanshoku Hana SalmonRM 14.80
Stamina RollRM 19.80
Black Pepper Spider RollRM 19.80
Spicy Unagi RollRM 16.80
Mentaiko Spider RollRM 20.80
Salmon Mentai RollRM 16.80
Dragon Mentai RollRM 17.80
Ebi to Ringo RollRM 16.80
Midori Salmon RollRM 17.80
Summer RollRM 19.80
Fiery Oyster RollRM 16.80

Sashimi Moriawase

Amagi 2-3paxRM 49.80
Shiretoko 2-3paxRM 39.80
AsamaRM 29.80 (3pcs)
RM 37.80 (4pcs)
RM 45.80 (5pcs)
RokkoRM 19.80 (1pcs)
RM 34.80 (2pcs)
RM 49.80 (3pcs)
Fuji 3-4paxRM 75.00

Sushi Moriawase

Aburi ZanmaiRM 16.80
HodakaRM 16.80
Salmon ZanmaiRM 29.80
HourRM 13.80
AsoRM 31.80
Mentaiko ZanmaiRM 16.80

Nigiri Sushi

ToroRM 17.80
MaguroRM 5.80
Zuke MaguroRM 5.80
HamachiRM 7.80
Aburi Salmon BellyRM 6.80
Spicy Aburi SalmonRM 5.80
Toro SalmonRM 5.80
Salmon MentalRM 6.80
SalmonRM 4.80
Salmon PeachRM 5.80
Salmon CheeseRM 5.80
Salmon Onion SauceRM 5.80
Komachi ShirauoRM 5.80
Jo UnagiRM 11.80
Una TamaRM 7.80
UnagiRM 6.80
AwabiRM 3.80
Ika GesoRM 4.80
Spicy AwabiRM 4.80
Wasabi ErniRM 2.80
Kaki FryRM 8.80
TopshellRM 6.80
Spicy Aburi IkaRM 4.80
Awabi Teri-mayoRM 4.80
TakoRM 5.80
AvocadoRM 2.80
EbiRM 5.80
Ebi CheeseRM 6.80
Ebi MentaiRM 6.80
AmaebiRM 7.80
Ebi TempuraRM 7.80
Nama HotelRM 10.80
Hotate MentaiRM 6.80
Aburi Nama HotateRM 10.80
Kaori Hako KaniRM 4.80
Ni HotateRM 5.80
Ika MentaiRM 4.80
IkaRM 3.80
Tamago MentaiRM 3.80
TamagoRM 2.80
InariRM 2.80


Kaki Cheese YakiRM8.80
Ika SugatayakiRM18.80
Hotate TeriyakiRM14.80
Asari to Kuzukiri no Tamago TojiRM17.80
Ebi MentaiyakiRM17.80
Hotate MentaiyakiRM12.80
Gindara TeriyakiRM23.80
Saba Shioyaki/TeriyakiRM15.80
Salmon Shioyaki/TeriyakiRM22.80
Salmon HeadRM15.80
Unagi KabayakiRM23.80
Salmon MentaiyakiRM24.80
Teriyaki Steak with GarlicRM18.80
Chicken TeppanyakiRM12.80
Gyuniku Enoki RollRM15.80
Chicken TeriyakiRM14.80
Ebi GyozoRM17.80
Kinoki Butter-yakiRM10.80
Chicken GyozoRM13.80
Spicy Chicken to Tofu no Tamago TojiRM12.80
Sakura Ebi OkonomiyakiRM18.80
Yasai ItameRM7.80


Soft Shell CrabRM 22.80
Mame Aji KaraageRM 8.80
Agedashi TofuRM 7.80
Salmon Menchi KatsuRM 9.80
Chicken katsuRM 13.80
Salmon SkinRM 9.80
Chicken KaraageRM 10.80
Ika Geso KaraageRM 12.80
Yasai CroquetteRM 5.80

Nabemono & Wanmono

SukiyakiRM 23.80
Ikura ChawanmushiRM 13.80
ChawanmushiRM 5.80
Yasi Miso ShiruRM 10.80
Miso ShiruRM 3.80
Kaisen NabeRM 26.80
Asari NabeRM 25.80
Kimchi Seafood NabeRM 22.80


Tempura UdonRM 14.80
Sansai UdonRM 11.80
Tsukimi UdonRM 11.80
Curry UdonRM 14.80
Niku UdonRM 15.80
Spicy Salmon Belly Nabeyaki UdonRM 19.80
Kimuchi UdonRM 10.80
Kitsune UdonRM 11.80
Shoyu RamenRM 10.80
Spicy RamenRM 11.80
Spicy Niku RamenRM 14.80
Spicy Kaisen RamenRM 17.80
Chicken Karaage Paitan RamenRM 15.80
Cha SobaRM 10.80
Zaru SobaRM 9.80
Tenzaru UdonRM 11.80
Hiyashi RamenRM 14.80
YakisobaRM 11.80
Chicken Katsu UdonRM 18.80

Ice Cream

Matcha IceRM 6.80
Goma IceRM 6.80
Yuzu SherbetRM 6.80
Ichigo IceRM 6.80
Itachoco MonakaRM 9.80
Cheese StickRM 9.80
Double Chocolate MonakaRM 9.80
Macha MonakaRM 9.80


Macha Macha ParfaitRM 16.80
Choco Banana ParfaitRM 16.80
Corn PorfaitRM 16.80
Goma ParfaitRM 16.80

Sushi Zanmai In Malaysia Delivery

People who aren't looking for takeaway food or dine-ins do not have to go out, as you can request any item from the sushi Zanmai menu on Grabfood to be delivered. In addition, you could also decide to make use of the same-day delivery courier service. These services include MrSpeedy Lalamove and MrSpeedy.

While you're there, take the time to look up Food Delivery as well for other restaurants offering Food Delivery.

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