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Check Subway Catering Latest Menu Prices For June 2023

subway catering prices

You are looking for a quick and delicious lunch option? Subway Catering offers a delicious and quick lunch that can be ordered online. It will deliver right to your home or office. Subway caters to all occasions, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Subway Catering Menu

Subway offers healthy, fresh meals that are convenient for anyone on the go. There are many menu options to choose from, so Subway is sure to please everyone. All of our food is freshly prepared and delivered to your doorstep.

Subway Catering Prices

It can be costly to cater for business meetings, a wedding, or a birthday party. It doesn't have it to be. Learn more about Subway's affordable catering prices.

A subway is a great option for affordable catering if you want to plan an event.

They offer a wide variety of menu options and a variety of meals to suit any event, without compromising on quality or price.

This service is free of hidden fees so you will know what you are paying up front. It's as simple as ordering lunch at the same sandwich shop that you ate in the subway, but with trays of food.

Subway Menu's best feature is its wide selection of food options. You can also order in advance for your next party or event by Subway Menu.

This post will help you find an inexpensive way to cater for your next event. It's also quick and easy!

Subway Catering Menu Prices 2022 

Platters (Serves 5-9)
Classic Combo Platter$34.00
Customize Your Own Platter$36.50
Flavor Craver Platter$36.50
Subway Fresh Fit Platter$34.00
All Sandwiches
B.L.T. (6-inch)$4.25
B.L.T. (Footlong)$6.25
Black Forest Ham (6-inch)$4.25
Black Forest Ham (Footlong)$6.25
Cold Cut Combo (6-inch)$4.25
Cold Cut Combo (Footlong)$6.25
Italian B.M.T. (6-inch)$4.75
Italian B.M.T. (Footlong)$7.00
Roast Beef (6-inch)$5.75
Roast Beef (Footlong)$8.00
Spicy Italian (6-inch)$4.25
Spicy Italian (Footlong)$6.00
Subway Club (6-inch)$5.75
Subway Club (Footlong)$8.00
Tuna (6-inch)$4.75
Tuna (Footlong)$7.00
Turkey Breast (6-inch)$4.75
Turkey Breast (Footlong)$7.00
Veggie Delite (6-inch)$4.00
Veggie Delite (Footlong)$6.00
Subway Giant Subs Catering
3 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 10-12)$44.00
6 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 20-25)$84.00
9 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 25-30)$126.00
12 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 35-40)$168.00
15 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 40-50)$210.00
18 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 55-60)$252.00
21 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 60-65)$294.00
24 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 65-70)$336.00
27 Foot Giant Sub. (Serves 70-75)$378.00
Subway To Go! Meal Catering
Subway To Go! 6-inch Meal$6.00
Subway To Go! Footlong Meal$8.00
Subway To Go Premium 6-inch!$6.25
Subway To Go Premium Footlong!$8.50
Subway Desserts Catering Menu
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dozen)$6.00
Oatmeal Raisin (Dozen)$6.00
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (Dozen)$6.00
Cookie Platter (3 Dozen)$18.00
Subway Sides Catering Menu
Apple Slices$1.50
Baked Lay's Potato Chips$1.10
Doritos Nacho Cheese$1.10
Lay's Classic Potato Chips$1.10
Sun Chips$1.10
Subway Drinks Catering Menu
Dasani Water$1.80
Coca-Cola Classic$1.80
Diet Coke$1.80
Vitamin Water$1.80

Benefits of Subway Catering: The Pros

Subway food is loved by many people for its delicious taste and nutritional value. Subway is proud to offer healthy meals to customers.

Subway provides delivery for catering. Delivery is free for orders over $75 Subway must be notified at least two days in advance of large orders.

How to order from Subway Catering

You can order online by going to the company website. There you can enter your personal information as well as the details of the food that will be delivered.

Delivery is an option for catering services, so picking up the food is simple. Delivery men will deliver the food right to your door on the day that you require it.

Subway meals can be divided into three categories. These are the Giant Subs and Sandwich platters. You can personalize your order based on the occasion you are hosting.

This sandwich platter can be fed up to 25 people. You can customize it and choose from five different food options. The Dessert platter can be used to feed up to 9 people and includes a variety of healthy snacks, such as macadamia nuts or chocolate chip cookies.

Giant Subs can reach up to 6 feet in length and can feed up to 25 people.

Subway Catering Reviews

Subway is well-respected by customers and food critics alike as a company that serves high-quality, healthy foods.

Subway is a popular choice because of the variety it offers.

Customers praise the company's efficient catering service. Customers rave about the speed with which orders arrive.

Subway's meals are priced according to their size and contents. Subway products can cost anywhere from $20 to $300 depending on the size of your order.

Subway's prices for the meals are slightly higher than those of its competitors. The company's reputation for providing high-quality meals is justifiable.

Subway Online Ordering

Subway offers online ordering and delivery. Subway can be ordered online at any hour, including for the best sandwiches or platters.

You can also order food delivery to any occasion and get the best flavours! Subway is the perfect place to order food delivery for any holiday. You will find the lowest prices and the highest quality here. Visit the website to order your Subway platter.

You will need to call the store to place your order. You can also order online using the mobile app. You can find more information at the official site.


How do I get a Subway discount?

Subway offers a great deal! First, download the Subway App and then search for discounts.

You can also join the Subway MyWay Reward program to receive all kinds of savings and low prices when grocery shopping.

You can do this by clicking on the Rewards and Deals link at the top of the site.

Which Subway sandwich is your favorite?

Subway is a fast-food restaurant that promotes itself as healthy. You can get the best sandwiches at Subway. The turkey breast sandwich is the best.

You won't find a better sandwich anywhere! It is made with all-natural, fresh, and healthy ingredients. This is why it is so popular.

Turkey is a traditional lunch choice. Sandwiches are a popular choice for lunch all over the globe due to their simplicity. Don't miss your chance to get the best Subway sandwich.

Which is the best subway bread?

Subway's most popular bread is the Italian Herbs & Cheese. This bread is low in calories, with only 200 calories per 6-inch portion.

It is also the healthiest and lowest in calories. It has a soft texture and slightly flaky exterior. The bread also has neutral flavors.

This bread is actually free from any spices or additives, which is a big plus. Italian Herbs and cheese is the best choice for a sandwich!

How can I order a subway platter?

You can order a subway platter by simply visiting the website. Next, choose the plate that suits your needs. Next, call the store to place your order.

Orders must be placed 24 hours before the start of your meal. The best chefs will need to have enough time to prepare your food and get it ready for you. You can order online and also pick your closest store from the official website. You can find more information at the official site.

You can order online subway catering for San?

Subway offers catering delivery. You can order any of your favorite dishes, including sandwiches and platters, at any time.

You can also order food delivery for any occasion and get the best flavors! Subway caters to all occasions, and you'll find the best prices as well as the best quality.

You can find all details on the official website regardless of where you live.

* Disclaimer: The website's information may not reflect the most recent changes. Please contact the restaurant directly for the most up-to-date prices and menu information.

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