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If Starbucks does not offer the choice we need in their regular menu The Starbucks secret menu provides unlimited options.

There are hidden drinks on the menu for everything you can think of. For everything from Hocus Pocus frappuccinos to Girl Scout cookie-inspired frappuccinos to Cookie Butter Lattes, There's always something new and exciting to try.

Every good restaurant chain has a secret menu. From in 'n ' out and even Taco Bell, there are many special items that you can't get off their menu but can be found through their secret menu as well. Starbucks is no exception.

Although Starbucks provides a variety of tasty drinks on their menu, over time the customers have come up with a myriad of methods to enhance these beverages even more unique. The majority of beverages were initially designed to be.

What is the Starbucks Secret Menu?

The secret menu at the Starbucks hidden menu is only valid in the sense that we're certified for the things we've listed on our resumes.

The ingredients are in place but somebody will need to assist us in putting everything together.

Although the Starbucks barista in one place or another might be the one to come up with the recipe.

these aren't drinks that are listed in the Starbucks instruction manual. Just showing up and asking for the Shamrock tea will not make a difference.

Instead, you'll need to purchase it according to the specific instructions included with every recipe.

Starbucks Secret Menu Starbucks ' secret menu has many appealing (and tasty!) hidden drinks. Here's the best drink to get!

20 Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks to Try

Hocus Pocus Latte

It's Halloween but not without the Sanderson sisters! For ordering this delicious treat, begin.

the Venti Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte and add 2 pumps of mocha white sauce, and two pumps of brown sugar syrup made from apples, and then finish it off with a syrup drizzle of caramel, and delicacy dolce on top.

Don't forget to purchase the Hocus Pocus cups to enjoy the complete Halloween fun.

Squid Game Frappucino

No matter if you've watched through the popular Korean show, or you're still not convinced, this drink will surely be a big hit.

Yes, it does look similar to the uniforms of guards and is pink and not red. This recipe comes from Absolutely the Bomb's Holly Walker, and it's incredibly easy to purchase.

Take an enormous Strawberry Creme Frappuccino Ask to add one scoop of dragonfruit inclusions and 2 pumps of mocha white, and finish with a mocha drizzle.

Apple Martini Refresher

The fall season is a great time for apples, however, this refreshing drink is perfect anytime in the season.

Request a Venti Kiwi Starfruit Lemonade, add 3 pumps of apple syrup, and lastly, top it with a mild lemonade.

Pumpkin Pie Frappuccino

Traditional pumpkin pie flavors and a frappucino? Yes, please. Request a Grande Pumpkin Creme Frappuccino made using heavy cream.

Then make a request for cinnamon dolce syrup as well as a cinnamon powder to mix into.

Then, sprinkle cinnamon dolce sprinkles to the top of the cream to make this autumn-themed delight.

Pumpkin Butter Cold Brew

We are awestruck by Starbucks the autumn menu and we like it, even more, when we are able to modify the seasonal menu!

The menu begins with a Venti Pumpkin Cold Brew that isn't vanilla. Ask for 3 pumps of mocha white, 2 pumps cinnamon dolce along with one pump of chai, and finish it off with cinnamon powder over the foam.

Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice

Potterheads, haven't ever dreamed of being able to drink your pumpkin-flavored juice inside the Great Hall?

We can't go to Hogwarts however, we can sip the "magical" juice using some shady technique.

Make the Grande Apple Juice with one pump of cinnamon dolce, one pump Chai and two pumps of the pumpkin spice, and top it off with an ice cube to create this fantastically witchy drink.

Candy Corn Frappuccino

Halloween is a sign that that candy corn season is upon us. It's an ideal time to transform it into a coffee!

Begin with a Grande Pumpkin Cream Frappuccino, request an additional pump of the pumpkin sauce.

then request some caramel drizzle and only on in the middle of your cup. Be sure to request no pumpkin powder be placed on the top of the whipping cream.

Luna Lovegood Refresher

Eliminate all Nargles with this refreshing drink that's as fun as Luna! Request the Venti Mango Dragonfruit lemonade and then request an easy kiwi base as well as fresh strawberry puree.

Finish it off Vanilla creamy cold foam, and the strawberry puree added to create a truly amazing drink.

Make sure to purchase a Butterbeer while you're there.

Draco Malfoy Refresher

Slytherins You're welcome to this drink just for you! This Harry Potter-themed Refresher starts with the classic Venti Star Drink with no additions.

Add two pumps of syrup made from pineapple and request chilled foam made from coconut milk and one spoon of matcha.

Fear Street Frappucino

If you've enjoyed R.L Stine's Fear Street series, you're certain to enjoy this terrifyingly delightful Frapp.

Get this delicious drink by making a purchase of a Grande Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino and adding two pumps of funnel cake syrup, and adding strawberry drizzle to create the blood-red flavor.

Team Edward/Team Jacob Frappucino

Twilight is back on the scene and we're choosing teams. If you're obsessed with the werewolves, then you can pick up the chocolate Team Jacob Frappucino shown here.

You can order an enormous Mocha Crumble Starbucks Frappucino with two pumps of syrup made of raspberries, and the strawberry drizzle.

If you like your drink slightly cooler then you could make an Edward Frappucino! Get the Grande Vanilla Bean Frappucino.

Ask for 2 pumps of syrup made of peppermint, then add mocha sauce at the middle of your cup, then top it off with a strawberry drizzle. Add the whipped cream. Voila! You have a beverage that's perfect for the local vampire.

Wendy’s Inspired Frosty Frappuccino

This drink is a perfect mix of caffeine and chocolate in the most effective way. You can order the Grande Mocha Frappuccino, and make sure it is made using thick whipping cream.

Add two pumps of mocha syrup and vanilla syrup And you're done! You've got yourself a Frosty with an edge.

Key Lime Pie Refresher

You can make Key Lime Pie at home. Key Lime Pie or make it easier by picking the Key Lime Pie Refresher.

Get a Venti Kiwi Starfruit Refresher without any additions Add coconut milk, light, and then request vanilla sweet cream cold foam, with 1 pump funnel cake syrup incorporated into. Don't overlook the caramel crunch topping!

Caribbean Refresher

The tropical delight was invented by Holly Walker, who is a Starbucks mastermind. Begin by selecting a Venti Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade with no additions, or the dragonfruit scoop which is usually included in the drink.

Next, request lighter kiwi juice and peach juice. To make the ruby hue, request the raspberry syrup in one pump as well as light passion tea. It will be poured over the drink.

Strawberries and Cream Refresher

It tastes exactly like Strawberries as well as Creme Creme Savers (remember those?) and it's incredibly simple to purchase.

You just need to make a request for the Venti Strawberry Acai refreshing drink, with no water. Then you can add light strawberry purée, and ordinary sweet cream.

Strawberry Cobbler Refresher

Nothing says summer quite like a strawberries cobbler! Take a drink of Venti Iced Green Tea and request that it be shaken using strawberries and coconut milk.

Mix 2 pumps with brown sugar syrup, and finish with cold foam made of brown sugar and honey toast topping.


It's like a pina colada, but prettier! Get Venti Pink Drink that is free of inclusions. make sure to add four pumps of ginger pineapple syrup and then top it by adding vanilla cold cream.

It comes with 2 pumps of ginger syrup from pineapple and strawberry puree mixed in.

Minnie Mouse Frappuccino

We are awestruck by all of Disney Park's copycat recipes however this one is another original recipe with a pink hue, courtesy of Absolutely the Bomb.

Take a page from the Mouse and get a Grande White Mocha Cream Frappuccino. request a light strawberry puree and one scoop of the java chip.

and an additional scoop with dragon fruit additions. You can finish it off with a mocha cookie crumble topper.

Honey Peach Freeze

We're feeling incredibly peachy with this combo. Get the Venti Blended Lemonade, which is made that includes peach juice as well as some guava juice.

The barista should strip away the inside of the cup using agave, and then add the vanilla sweetness of sweet cream, and toasted honey topping.

The top part? It tastes just like summer, no matter what season.

Orange Dreamsicle Float