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We're pleased to present you with a delicious selection of Sonic's hidden menu items. Certain of the items featured here are more popular than normal Sonic orders!

The satisfaction and satisfaction that you get when you purchase these items will stay for the rest of the day, making you be compelled to share the news with all your family and friends.

What's special about these menu items that are available on Secret Menu Guru is that anyone is able to order them. You no longer have to believe that there's an exclusive secret that only a few people know about.

Now, anyone who comes across this menu can place an order and join the elites who've ordered the secret menus at Sonic since they found out about the menu. Check out the other secret Menu items we've got in store for you.

Below are the most up-to-date Sonic Secret Menu items.

Amazing Sonic Secret Menu

It's this time of year once again when restaurants start to announce their new menus for the next year. Sonic Secret Menu 2021 is available, and it appears as if there'll be some delicious snacks to try! Are you planning to try one of these? Tell us via the comment section below!

Sonic Secret Menu 2021 has been released. This menu has a range of choices for hungry patrons to relish in their favorite Sonic Restaurant.

The list is a must for anyone, from desserts like Ice cream sundaes that come with a variety of toppings, to traditional eats such as hot onion rings and hot dogs! If you're looking for something sweet, but don't want something heavy, you should take a look at the Secret Sonic Drinks section.

There's an unofficial menu available in Sonic. The only way you can purchase on Sonic's Secret Menu Sonic Secret Menu is by making an inquiry.

One of the items available on the menu is known as "The Big Dipper."Sonic's secret menu isn't popular with the general public which is why it is crucial to make secret menus known and spread the message.

Sonic Secret menu options that are different in their offerings Sonic menus, like Frito Pie, for instance. Frito Pie, or the more well-known Dr. Pepper Orgasm, are among the top items that are listed, but all of them are worth trying. Check out the list below to explore the other options that the Sonic hidden menu can offer you.

Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu Items

Sonic Drive-Ins is an ice cream and burger joint that has been in operation for more than 50 years.

They offer a wide menu of foods for all tastes however, people do not realize that they also offer an exclusive menu for Sonic Drive-Ins! We'll go over the most well-known items available on their Sonic Drive-In Secret Menu.

➤ Dr. Pepper Orgasm

➤ Frito Pie

➤ Grilled Ham & Cheese

➤ Made-to-Order Burgers

➤ Pickle-O’s

➤ Purple Sprite

➤ Sonic Sunrise

➤ Sonic Secret Menu Pink Lady

Dr. Pepper Orgasm

Okay, it's not the most family-friendly name, but it will surely provide you with a pleasant explosion into the mouth...

The Sonic Secret Menu drink, Dr. Pepper Orgasm is one of their delicious drinks that will make you savor every drop.

Apart from the name, the drink actually tastes enjoyable with a mixture of Dr. Pepper, Powerade, and Lemonade.

To purchase this drink on the Sonic menu, simply make a request for the "Dr. Pepper Orgasm" Or ask for a drink made together with Lemonade, Powerade, and Dr. Pepper.

Frito Pie

The delicious pie, while not overly sweet in any way, is an absolute must-try on Sonic's secret menu.

Sonic hidden menu. With this easy order, you will receive a pile of Fritos chips, drenched with tasty chili, and Nacho Cheese.

It gives you a tasty new selection from Sonic. To purchase"Frito Pizza "Frito Pie" simply request the "Frito Pie" or request Frito chips to be covered in chili and nacho cheese.

Grilled Ham & Cheese

If you've always loved Grilled Cheese sandwiches but have not had the pleasure of the Grilled Ham and cheese sandwich on the Sonic secret menus then you're being a bit sloppy.

The Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich from the Sonic secret menu are stuffed with delicious cheese melted and a piece of delicious Sonic Ham providing a much healthier and more satisfying sandwich to satisfy your appetite.

Don't be afraid to purchase one of these tasty sandwiches. Just request the Grilled Ham with Cheese, or request the Grilled Cheese sandwich that has slices or two of Ham inside. You are free to request any amount of Ham as you want.

Made-to-Order Burgers

This amazing Sonic menu item is distinctive as it is based on how you would like your burger to look and what you want to include in it.

You can select from scratch whatever that you and your stomach take in starting from the bun base.

If you find it too overwhelming, request a burger that is already available on the menu of Sonic. For a custom-made Burger, you'll have to request a burger that includes all the ingredients you would like to include starting from meat to cheese.


The Pickle-O's that Sonic's menu of secret menus is interesting because it was previously sitting in the menu.

Since it was removed from the selection, a lot of people have believed it was discontinued however it is available in almost all Sonic's across all over the United States.

The delicious golden, crispy snack is coated in delightful Sonic mix batter, then Deep-Fried until golden brown and crispy. For ordering, simply request "Pickle-O's".

Purple Sprite

What!? Purple Sprite!? Although it's a bit unusual, Purple Sprite off of Sonic Secret Menu is tasty and will keep you returning back for more additional after each purchase.

The refreshing blend of Powerade, Lemonade, Cranberry Juice, and Sprite will make you want to gulp it down in one huge drink. Don't be afraid to go to a Sonic close to you and purchase this refreshing and delicious drink.

For ordering, simply request a Purple Sprite or ask for the Sprite to be mixed together with Powerade, Lemonade, and Cranberry Juice.

Sonic Sunrise

This refreshingly delicious drink is ideal to enjoy during summer at Sonic to replenish and quench that thirst. Apart from having been one of Sonic's most well-known drinks.

it also comes with an unusual mix with orange juice as well as Cherry Limeade giving it a refreshing drink that is refreshing.

It is truly a wonderful drink that will quench your thirst. When ordering, ask for a mixture of Orange juice as well as Cherry Limeade, and enjoy.

Sonic Secret Menu Pink Lady

A number of the most popular menu items are not secret in any way. For instance, The Pink Lady used to be included on the Sonic menu, but it has been removed.

For us all, it is possible to purchase one of these delicious and creamy drinks since Sonic stocks all the ingredients available for you to prepare it.

Pink Lady Pink Lady is just Sprite with vanilla and cherry juice, However, you're able to place an order by name and the employees are aware of what you're talking about.

Sonic Secret Menu Drinks

Sonic is a fast-food establishment serving American food. The menu features the standard fries and burgers and they also have a sonic menu hidden in the background which offers drinks but is not included on their regular menu.

Secret Sonic drinks come with a variety of types of drinks available to select according to what you're in the mood for at this moment. The cost to purchase Secret Sonic drinks items ranges between $1 and $2 and some are more expensive than others.

The most sought-after items from Sonic's secret menu are drinks. Sonic Secret menu includes drinks that are available in many ways. If you're looking to experiment when it comes to your drinks there are many alternatives to choose from.

Sonic Secret Menu Shakes

If you happen to be at a Sonic stop, try some of the secret shakes from their menu! Secret menu Sonic shakes are prepared with the same top-quality ingredients that they use in their milkshakes and come with different variations of the shakes you love.

Sonic Secret Menu Shakes are a tasty option to experience enjoying the Sonic Drive-In experience. They are available in different flavors and can be made with any topping you enjoy.

For instance, if you're looking to make your shake by mixing a strawberry syrup or vanilla ice cream whip cream, and bananas Then go for it! There are endless options in the making of these tasty treats. If you're ever at the Sonic Drive-in near you do not forget to check out their shake menu that is secret!

How To Order From Sonic Drive-In Online

Everyone can agree with the fact that because of Covid-19, we are more inclined to order food online rather than visiting a restaurant and eating there.

I truly hope that this is going to change in the near time, however, if you're one of those who would like to purchase the food at Sonic Drive-In online, then there are many options for you to go about it.

You can place an order for food through any of your favorite food delivery services such as Doordash, UberEats, or GrubHub, or go to Sonic's official website and choose the option to place an order.

Select the closest location and then select the type of food your closest restaurant is serving (sometimes certain items available offered on their menus aren't available).

After choosing the food item you want to purchase, choose your payment method and the meals will arrive at your door in the shortest amount of time.

What People Say About Sonic Drive-In And My Honest Review

Although Sonic might appear to be an amazing restaurant, customers aren't always happy about the drive-in restaurant chain that is fast-food.

If you go to any of the websites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp it is unlikely that you would want to go to Sonic Drive-In because people haven't enjoyed their time there.

I've never visited Sonic before. Before I went I decided to look up the reviews on the internet to see the opinions of others such as what they love eating there and what they do not suggest there.

After reading some reviews I became confused. The only thought I had in my head was: Should I go to Sonic instead?

The reason is the majority of reviews were not positive. There were many complaints about their food, and I've read some complaints about their service, too.

A lot of customers have to wait for hours for their meals and a lot of people have reported that they've not received any reply from their employees when ordering food. It appears like the staff at Sonic are not interested in receiving new orders.

There were many who complain about the food they got. The burgers are flavorless, huge as well as cold fries expensive coffee, non-melting ice cream has lowered food quality.

The taste of the hot dog. reduced and reviews that will totally change your mind when you decide to go to Sonic Drive-In.

When I visited Sonic Drive-In, my overall experience was quite good. I had the classic SuperSonic double cheeseburger.

It also came with a six-cheese bacon pretzel dog and their famous tater-tots and a freshly-mixed Sonic shake. It took me about 7-8 minutes to receive my food however, everything was so tasty that I wanted to return to Sonic again. The service was not the best, however, it was worth the long wait.

My opinion about Sonic Drive-In is that is an excellent drive-in eatery, subject to the location you're visiting.

Many of the customers who visit Sonic had bad experiences with their food and service, however, the overall impression was pleasant. One of the great things about Sonic is that they have tables outside.

If you're riding your bike and taking orders from Sonic they've got your back. If you're looking to visit Sonic I would suggest visiting and tasting some of their dishes.

Sonic Drive-In Nutritional Information


If you're an individual who is conscious of diet You should go to the above link to see the nutritional content of the products in the Sonic Drive-In menu.

Sonic Opening / Closing Hours

We are all aware that Sonic Drive-In owns more than 3500 locations across the U.S. Each of these locations has the exact timings for opening and closing which are listed below.

Monday7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday7:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday7:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Saturday7:00 AM – 2:00 AM
Sunday7:00 AM – 12:00 AM

The timings of these events may differ based on the location. It is highly recommended to confirm the Sonic store hours prior to going to any of their locations.

How to Find Sonic Store Hours?

It is possible to find Sonic's opening hours of operation by using their store location, Google Maps, or Sonic application. Each of these platforms will give you the exact timing of the time a specific store will be open or closed.

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Sonic Drive-In Contact Information

Sonic Drive-In Corporate Office Address: 300 Johnny Bench Dr.Oklahoma City, OK73104

Sonic Drive-In Corporate Phone Number: (405) 225-5000

You can also contact the team of Sonic Drive-In by using the contact form on their website.

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