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Shake Shack Secret Menu Prices 2022

Take a look at this Shake Shack Secret Menu list featuring all the latest menu items that everyone can take pleasure in.

For a burger place that began on streets as a cart Shake Shack has done itself very well and evolved into an empire with locations all throughout the eastern shores in the U.S. The food at Shake Shack is delicious and is enjoyed by hundreds of Americans every day.

Therefore, why not shake things up and create the Shake Shack Secret Menu list that can enhance the already excellent and delicious menu.

Secret Menus offers the most up-to-date and up-to-date secret menu items of a variety of fast-food chains across the globe which includes Shake Shack happens to be one of the most popular.

So, don't simply read this article about the Shake Shack Secret Menu but consider trying to order something that sounds appealing and you'll be delighted.

Below is the most up-to-date secret menu at Shake Shack. price list and items.


Shake Shack Secret Menu

Below are the latest Shake Shack Secret Menu Items

Protein Style BurgerAny Shake Shack burger served without a bunPrice varies by the burger
Extra ShakeSauceExtra serving of Shake Shacks famous ShakeSauceVaries by location
Grilled CheeseDeliciously melted cheese on Shake Shacks grilled potato bunsVaries by location
Ice Cream SandwichFrozen Custard placed between Shake Shacks grilled burger bunsVaries by size
Peanut Butter & Bacon ShackBurgerBacon ShackBurger with plenty of delicious peanut sauce placed in the burger$6.75
Quad BurgerFour burger patties placed on any one of Shake Shacks burgers+$2.80
Shack-cago BurgerA ShackBurger with all topping that come on a Shack-cago DogVaries by location
Sport Pepper Cheese FriesCheese Fries with added Sport Peppers$3.95

Below, You'll Find Additional information And Details on Each Food Product.

1). Protein Style Burger

Contrary to the famous In-N-Out Protein Style Burger, this Shake Shack burger comes naked without buns and is best eaten with a fork or knife.

The idea of eating the burger with your hands is just too messy and should not happen. Therefore, unless you are unable to consume bread or are following something else, you can consume the burger without its buns to make it easier for everyone else as well.

If you'd like to get it, this Shake Shack Secret Menu, Protein Style Burger simply ask for it or simply choose a burger that you would like to eat without buns.

If they refuse the request, you can make a reservation for a burger and remove the buns which makes it much easier for everyone else.

2). Extra ShackSauce

If you're already a Shake Shack regular customer then you know how tasty their ShackSauce tastes.

The Secret Menu for Shake Shack Secret Menu offers you the chance to purchase an additional serving of ShackSauce to ensure you do not have to worry about how much you continue to take from the ones they provide.

For ordering, simply request an additional serving of ShackSauce, however, you should expect to pay a little additional in order to purchase the sauce.

3). Grilled Cheese

This mouthwatering Grilled Cheese is not just the typical Grilled Cheese sandwich you're used to eating.

This particular Shake Shack Secret Menu Grilled Cheese Burger includes Shake Shack's famous potato buns. It also gives you the grilled, melted cheese you've never had before.

For ordering, just request the Grilled Cheese sandwich, or if they want you to clarify the matter, present them the Information section of the Grilled Cheese from the above table.

4). Ice Cream Sandwich

Don't be shocked when you receive your order, since it's not the Ice Cream Sandwich we're all familiar with is not anywhere near what the Shake Shack Secret Menu sandwich is.

It's a sandwich that's assembled composed of the grilled buns of a burger and ice cream arranged in the middle and trying to replicate the iconic Ice Cream Sandwich we've all been accustomed to. For ordering, simply request the hamburger buns, and custard Ice Cream.

5). Peanut Butter and Bacon ShackBurger

The Shake Shack Secret Menu item is unique, but it also offers a unique flavor and texture that will draw you back to order more. 

The ShackBurger is comprised of the ShackBurger you purchase with Bacon and an additional side with peanut butter sauce.

To purchase this ShackBurger simply request a ShackBurger of your choice, with the addition of Bacon and an additional side of peanut sauce.

6). Quad Burger

What's better than a standard one burger patties ShackBurger? What if four patties of burgers can fit inside one gigantic ShackBurger that you can choose from.

This tasty burger made of meat is packed with four meat patties and is guaranteed to fill you to the top by simply watching it.

In addition to the four patties of meat, the typical toppings are added to the burger in order to create a burger, however, you can request the addition of ShackSauce or another sauce that you would like to put on the burger.

to improve the taste and the enjoyment of eating this colossal burger. For ordering, simply request an Quad Burger, or select any ShackBurger that comes with 4 meat patties rather than the standard quantity that is included in it.

7). Shack-cargo Burger

This tasty Shake Shack Secret Menu item is a variation on the food item on the menu, called the Shake-Cargo Doggy.

The main difference between them is that one is an actual Burger and the other Hot Dog. A Shack-cargo Burger is filled with the traditional Shack-cargo Dog toppings giving it an identical, but distinct taste and enjoyment while enjoying the Burger.

To get this amazing special menu item, just request the Shack-cargo Dog or to clarify a few things simply request all the toppings on the Shack-cargo Dog to be added to the ShackBurger.

8). Sport Pepper Cheese Fries

The inclusion of Sport Pepper in any Shake Shack food will just make it better however, the addition of Cheese Fries provides it with an unimaginable flavor. The tiny Peppers provide a wonderful spicy taste on the cheese fries.

They will surely be a surprise, so be careful when eating. For ordering this delicious Shake Shack Secret Menu item just ask for the Sport Pepper Cheese Fries, or place an order for some Sport Peppers on the Cheese Fries and have a great time eating.


1). The Infamous “Shandy”

A cross-brew of lemonade and beer. It's true that it seems disgusting. But, believe me, it's delicious. It's just a little bit of beer and is simply the flavor of the moment that mixes inside your mouth.

It is a truly refreshing taste. Ask for it and most places should know about the topic. If not, request a beer with your lemonade. This should be enough.

2). “Chili” Pepper Cheese Fries

This is a crowd favorite. The chili peppers are cut into pieces and then tossed with cheese and fresh-cut fries. If you ask nicely, they'll be pleased to serve this tasty side.

3). Protein Style (Bun-less) Any Burger

Take a page directly out of the In-N'Out's hidden menus, any hamburger could be prepared "protein style" without buns, and lettuce wrap instead.

All carb-lovers rejoice!

Simply ask to have it protein-style or without buns, and they'll handle it.

The Shake Shack Secret Menu Items You Need To Order

Shake Shack may be known for its hormone-free and antibiotic-free meats, delicious cheese-filled mushroom burgers, and frozen custard-based shakes. However, the restaurant that started out as an open-air Hot dog shop situated in New York City also boasts an amazing secret menu.

These are dishes you won't be able to find on Shake Shack's website. Shake Shack website, but they've gained cult popularity because they're not something you can get anywhere (a Bacon and Peanut Butter burger is anyone?). Be aware that you may have to make several of these items by yourself.

While this list contains the non-official, "official" list of secret menu items, Shake Shack's menu of specialties doesn't stop here.

The company has also released limited-edition shakes and burgers, such as Shake Shack's Dracarys Burger -- a Game of Thrones-themed burger they revealed through their official website.

They also serve regional cuisines and a lot of them can visit their website. For example the Highlands Ranch, Colorado location has the Green Chili CheddarShack in addition, Their Madison Square Park location in New York City offers a cold coffee and is afloat.

Keep the blog on your watch You can keep an eye out for announcements about limited-edition releases across the nation such as the Hot Chicken options, as also new menu items that they decide to try at certain places, such as the Veggie Shack veggie burger.

There's one thing for certain -that if you're an avid Shake Shack fan you can try the latest menu items that are unlimited, even with their short-term options. Here are some of the Shake Shack secret menu items you should order immediately.

Shake Shack Secret Menu Items You Need to Know About!

"Shake Shack is an ordinary fast-food establishment," said nobody ever. Shake Shack takes the cake for its gourmet fast food staples and offers a modern alternative to the old-fashioned roadside burgers and fries, cold custards, hot dog shakes, and much more.

There's the classic quick-service chain the other is Shake Shack. Both are unbeatable. They're totally different hemispheres here. Although all the classic cult favorites are great but I'm here to tell you about some of the Shake Shack secret menu items that can blow your expectations out of the water.

From a delicious root beer float to a stunningly easy grill cheese These are the must-try dishes to add to your bucket list.


Shake Shack Secret Menu Shake Shack Secret Menu is delicious and delicious as well as the company is expanding quickly. If they're currently not available we hope you'll find one in the near future.

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