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red lobster secret menu prices

Red Lobster Secret Menu With Prices 2022

Red Lobster offers some 'secret menu items that may not be on the menu that the restaurant has. If you'd like to alter an Red Lobster menu item often all you need to do is ask your server.

No matter if it's a dietary restriction or simply a serious desire to have a few extra shrimp, you'll usually find what you're looking for in Red Lobster.

What is the Red Lobster secret menu items? Learn more about some of the top-secret items from the menu of the seafood restaurant chain which will satisfy your taste buds.

but not break your budget! If you are looking for more hidden menus, I would suggest looking up The Olive Garden hidden menu or the Whataburger off menu items.

Red Lobster Secret Menu Items

1). Extra Cheddar Biscuits

Let's be honest here We all go to Red Lobster for those amazingly addicting cheddar cheese biscuits. First , they're delicious biscuits. And, secondly, they're loaded with cheese. Mouthgasm! The eatery you choose and the food you order, it could be that the server can be unfriendly to these delicious treats.

For more, ask for it. Simple and straightforward. Before you eat the last biscuit left from the bowl, remind your server to keep them coming.

2). Grilled or Steamed

If you're looking to purchase delicious, well-grilled succulent lobster tail from Red Lobster, be aware that this isn't always accessible - at the very least, it's not available on the menu in certain areas.

If you're in your desire to eat the lobster that has been grilled, request that the server grill it rather than steam it.

3). Red Lobster Specials

Do you absolutely fall in love with a certain Red Lobster menu special the last time you went out to take a bite? You don't see it on their menu?

Don't worry, you might be able to get the dish regardless. It all depends on the restaurant that you are visiting contains the ingredients needed to prepare the dish.

Also, talk to your server or even the management to determine the availability of your most-loved entree is on the menu - even if it's not mentioned as a menu item.

4). Onion Strings Appetizer

Red Lobster occasionally includes onion strings in certain dishes typically as a topping. Have you ever had one? Delish! If you're a huge fan asking your server if you could have an onion string appetizer.

It's not offered on the menus of restaurants and if you do score the big one, you'll score. If you truly desire to live the ultimate experience request a dip dish of barbecue peach sauce!

5). Fresh Fish Options

Do you want to savor an excellent, delicious Halibut steak, but can't find that on your menu for that day? Talk to the server.

The fresh fish menu does vary frequently in Red Lobster (usually dependent on the availability of fish and seasonality) however, the restaurant could have your preferred selection on the menu in the kitchen.

Absolutely worth looking into but be ready to be prepared to pay value for fresh fish is changing as fast as the menu items.

6). Gluten-Free Menu Items

Do you have to eat exclusively gluten-free food items? This is certainly a problem dining out however it doesn't have to be. Ask your server what food items are appropriate for people with gluten intolerance.

Usually, servers will provide certain menu items that are gluten-free and changes to accommodate your needs.

For instance, you might be able to get the shrimp cocktail with no original cocktail sauce. Or, enjoy broiled shrimp, but without the sauces or seasonings.

7). Cutting Calories: Hold the Butter

If you're trying to control your weight, there's no need to indulge in a diet that includes Red Lobster. Making a few changes could be a simple solution. For example, if you purchase fresh fish, request to have you cook the fish with olive oil instead of margarine or butter (you could also try this substitution with shrimp).

Red Lobster History

The lobster-and-shrimp dinner from Red Lobster

Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby established the very first Red Lobster restaurant in the year 1968. They picked Lakeland, Florida, as their base and concentrated on fresh fish.

This was an instant success, growing in the local currency and the tourist's one. In fact, they managed to add a couple of restaurants operating within the shortest amount of time.

The General Mills company acquired Red Lobster in the year 1970. With many years of experience along with a staggering number of millions of dollars in revenue, General Mills was able to take Red Lobster's Red Lobster brand into the heights. In a matter of minutes it was booming with new locations, as Red Lobster locations began popping everywhere across the United States.

The most successful years of Red Lobster were during the 1980s and the 1990s. In this period, the restaurant was popular and well-known brand, which contributed to the growth process.

Since 1995 Red Lobster became part of the Daren Restaurant group, which was founded through General Mills to operate their successful restaurants, including Olive Garden.

They changed hands once more in the following decade and now Red Lobster is in the ownership from Golden Gate Capital. GGC is also the owner of California Pizza Kitchen, paid more than 2 billion dollars for the restaurant.

Red Lobster: The Secret Menu and What You Should Order

A menu secret which is actually. If you're unfamiliar with The Red Lobster's Endless Shrimp, here's the special offer: patrons can get unlimited shrimp dishes for two people at a time at just $15.99.

There's plenty of tasty choices including Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Linguini Alfredo, Crispy Sriracha Honey Shrimp and Shrimp that is Hand Breaded Shrimp.

See menu *Offer is valid Monday to Friday, 11:00 am to three o'clock p.m. in all participating Red Lobster restaurants in the U.S. Valid for dine-in dining and online ordering on It is not applicable for delivery by a third party or catering. The $10 price does not include beverages tax, gratuities, and taxes as well as delivery charges.

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