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Raising Canes Gluten Free Menu Menu With Price 2023 – Raising Canes Gluten Free Menu Menu Price Near Me

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raising canes gluten free menu prices

Raising Cane’s Gluten Free Menu Prices

If you and your family members love Raising Cane's, then Raising Cane's gluten-free menu could be the perfect choice for you if your family is allergic to gluten. This chicken tender restaurant, which is loved by families everywhere continues to grow in popularity over the last two decades.

The Cane's stick is being raised to their specialties chicken tenders. They've had great success becoming experts in their field.

If you're planning to eat gluten-free at Raising Cane's restaurant, your choices aren't that great You can't eat any of the tenders because they're fried with gluten. However, Raising Cane's does provide a concise description of their gluten-free options to help you understand what foods are available.

We're here to help you get through the process of researching just look through the whole Raising Cane's gluten-free menu on our website!

Raising Cane’s Gluten Free Menu With Prices


Individual Items

Cane Sauce$0.29


Diet Fountain Drink$1.59
Fountain DrinkKids$0.99
Fountain DrinkRegular$1.59
Fountain DrinkLarge$1.79
Unsweet TeaKids$0.99
Unsweet TeaRegular$1.59
Unsweet TeaLarge$1.79
Unsweet TeaGallon$4.99
Sweet TeaKids$0.99
Sweet TeaRegular$1.59
Sweet TeaLarge$1.79
Sweet TeaGallon$4.99
Apple Juice Drink$1.79

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Raising Cane’s

Like we said it isn't possible to enjoy the Raising Cane's chicken tenders however, you can explore the other menu items. There's a wide selection of sauces, food items as well as signature drinks available.

Although their gluten-free menu isn't among the best available there are many things you can benefit from at Raising Cane's. Make sure you take a look at the most well-loved Raising Cane's gluten-free menu items!


If you're hoping to buy something from RaisingCane's food truck, the only gluten-free option is coleslaw. It's a great choice and is an excellent idea for organizing a party or having guests at your home for dinner.

A serving of coleslaw will cost you just $.69.

Cane’s Sauce

What makes RaisingCane famous is its sauce it's an original and flavorful blend that gives the unique taste of RaisingCane's. Although you're not able to enjoy their chicken tenders with no gluten, you are able to get some of their sauce and use it to make your own gluten-free food items.

The price of the sauce from Cane is included when you purchase the other items on their menu.


In addition to their chicken and side dishes, Raising Cane's is also known for its traditional Southern drinks. A drink that is one of them is Raising Cane's Lemonade.

It's the ideal option for a menu item when you're in the market to have something refreshing and sweet with your meal. The price of lemonade will be $1.59.

Sweet Tea

If you're not sure that Lemonade is the ideal drink that you need, Raising Cane's has some other items of a popular variety that you could choose from. They also have sweet tea. Sweet Tea is one of their most popular Texas drinks -- it's another refreshing drink to cool off on the hottest day.

It is also available without sweeteners. The cost for the Sweet tea is $1.59.

Enjoy Raising Cane’s Gluten Free Offering

Although there are plenty of eateries that do not offer excellent gluten-free options your options are increasing. Ten years ago, it was much more difficult to find a gluten-free meal at a major American restaurant.

As preferences, diets, and understanding of allergens change and evolve, we're seeing an evolution in the ways the owners and servers deal with gluten intolerance. There's never been a more appropriate moment for those who cannot consume gluten!

Raising Cane's is well-known in numerous states throughout the United States and there are over 370 locations across the country. However, this wasn't always going to be the case; the company began with one small, unassuming store located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Panda Restaurant Group is the current owner of Raising Cane's -- they are planning to continue the aggressive expansion of the brand to new areas. Raising Cane's even has locations in the Middle East.


Raising Cane's pancake batter is not gluten-free, and its menu is primarily made of items deep-fried, making it virtually impossible to find anything that contains gluten. If you decide to visit I hope you'll be able to enjoy some coleslaw served on with your coleslaw.

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