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Primanti Brothers Menu Prices in USA 2022

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Primanti Brothers is an eastern US sandwich shop chain, founded in 1933. The store is known for its signature almost famous Italian sandwiches wedged between servings of grilled meat, melted cheese, and oil & vinegar-based coleslaw, tomato slices, and french fries over Italian bread.

Primanti Brothers Restaurant & Bar Menu Prices For USA

Frozen Drinks and Non-Alcoholic Smoothies

Bloomfield IceInspired by the classic Italian lemon ice
Marco's MargaritasThe perfect balance of sweet and sour. Original, strawberry, peach, or golden 1800.
ColadasGreat with alcohol or as a smoothie. Original, peach or strawberry.
Primanti Knockout PunchBlended with some power.
Three Rivers SmashCoconut, pineapple, vodka, and amaretto make this blended drink.
South Side ChillerPeach and southern comfort perfect for each other

Soon To Be Famous Wings & Chicken Tenders

Sauces: authentic buffalo, hotter, smokey BBQ, honey BBQ, hot BBQ, garlic parmesan, honey mustard, hot ranch, cajun dry rub, general tso's first sauce complimentary, additional sauces $0.75 bleu cheese & celery $1.29

Gourmet Wings$4.49 - $14.99
Country Style Chicken Tenders$3.99 - $5.99


Delicious Vegetable Soup$2.89 
Almost Famous Hot Chili Bowl$2.99Pittsburgh style, add chopped onions or cheddar cheese $0.49


Served on fresh Italian bread with fresh-cut fries, coleslaw, tomatoes, and provolone cheese, onions by request, add a whole kosher pickle $1.49 with a sandwich, add a side salad $1.99 with a sandwich, extra egg $0.50, extra cheese $0.50, double meat $1.99

Cheese Combo$5.29Swiss, amer. & provolone.
Jumbo Baloney and Cheese$5.79 
Kolbassi & Cheese$5.99 
Genoa Salami & Cheese$5.99 
Turkey Breast & Cheese$6.49 
Roast Beef & Cheese$6.49 
Pastrami & Cheese$6.49 
Corned Beef & Cheese$6.49 
Cajun Chicken$6.49 
Hot or Sweet Sausage & Cheese$5.99 
Bacon & Cheese$5.99 
Tuna Fish$6.29 
Ham or Baon, Egg & Cheese$6.29 
Fish & Cheese$5.99 
Black Angus Sirloin Steak Sandwich$6.79Tender strips of marinated steak loaded with provolone cheese, our famous sweet & sour slaw, tomato and those hand-cut potatoes.
The Pitts-Burger Cheeks Steak (#2 Best Seller)$5.99The original almost famous sirloin beef patty sandwich that feeds the spirited fans of pittsburgh
Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich$5.49Pit cooked and hand pulled with a vinegar based carolina sauce and topped with a pinch of slaw, additional sweet sauce served on the side with fries and a pickle spear.
Deluxe Double Egg & Cheese$5.29 
Colossal Fish & Cheese$6.99 
Imported Sardine$6.29 
Cappicola & Cheese$6.29 

Really Big Salad

Dressing: Tucan gold Italian, honey-dijon, balsamic vinaigrette, ranch, fat-free ranch, NY style bleu cheese, greek. Extra additional $0.75

Traditional Lamb or Chicken Gyro$5.49Loads of meat topped with shredded lettuce, chopped tomato, diced onion, primanti bros. Signature hand-cut fried potatoes and a creamy cucumber sauce. All served in warm pita bread.

Gyro Sandwiches

Burgundy Peppercorn Steak Salad with Fries$7.99Black angus strips of sirloin grilled with onions, mushrooms, and green pepper then topped with mozzarella cheese over garden-fresh vegetables - mangia
Crispy Chicken Club Salad$7.99Golden chicken topped with crispy bacon & cheddar cheese
Boneless Buffalo Salad$7.99Mixed greens, tossed in our creamy ranch dressing, garnished with tomato, red onion, cucumber and green pepper then topped with french fries and crispy buffalo chicken or with favorite wing sauce.
Chilled Chicken Chopped Salad$7.99With crumbled bleu cheese, egg, cucumber, tomato, bacon and our creamy ranch dressing
Grilled Chicken with Fries$7.79Warm chicken breast marinated with garlic and italian herbs served over romaine and iceberg with cucumber, tomato, red onion, green pepper and mozzarella cheese.
Primanti Chef Salad with Fries$6.99Assorted italian meats and cheeses, garnished with egg, black olive and banana peppers make this one of our best sellers
Garden Patch with Fries$4.69Fresh garden greens and in-season vegetables
Greek Salad$6.99A mix of romaine and iceberg lettuces topped with cucumber, red onion, tomato, imported olives and feta cheese and served with a zesty greek dressing

Hand-Cut Fried Potatoes

Our award-winning topped your way

Cajun Fries$2.99 
Ranch Fries$2.99 
Chili & Cheese Fries$3.49 
Smallman Street Fries$4.49Chili, cheese, bacon, and sour cream
Fresh-Cut Primanti Fries$2.49 
Cheese Fries$2.99 
Chili Fries$2.99 

Soft Drinks

Jumbo 24 oz. with free refills

Nicholas Freshly Roasted Colombian Coffee$0.99
Hot Tea$0.99
Hot Chocolate$0.99
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea$1.79
Bottled Water$1.99
Fruit Juice$1.89
Milk & Chocolate Milk$1.79
Diet Coke$1.89
Coke Zero$1.89
Nestea Raspberry$1.89
Dr. Pepper$1.89
Giant Root Beer Float$3.99
I.B.C. Root Beer$1.99


Big Brownie Sundae$4.49Giant brownie and premium vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream and fudge sauce

Hot Stuff

Veggie Combo Platter Really Big$8.99A sampler or fried zucchini, mushrooms, spicy pickles and onion rings
Chicken Combo Platter$10.99A sampler of wings, chicken tenders, fried mushrooms and onion rings
Whole Kosher Pickle$1.49 
Crispy Chicken Bowl$5.49Our famous cheese try hboat topped with premium chicken fritter bites, BBQ sauce, sour cream, bacon and tomato
Batter Dipped Mushrooms$4.99 
Fried Zucchini$4.99 
Breaded O Rings$4.99 
Sweet & Sour Cole Slaw$1.49 
Nachos & Cheese$4.29 
Nachos Grande Supreme & More$5.99 
Mini Jalapeno Poppers$4.99 
Half Moon Mozzarella$4.99 
Spicy Batter Dipped Pub Pickles$4.99 
Potato Pierogies w/Butter & Onions$4.99Jimmy favorite.
Big Jalapeno Cheese Stuffed Pretzel$3.99 

Chicken Chicken

Sandwiches served on a french cut kaiser roll with a side of Primanti fries and a pickle spear

Chicken Club Sandwich$6.99Crispy chicken and bacon laced with creamy cheddar cheese sauce. topped with lettuce and tomato
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$6.49Marinated in olive oil with lemon, salt and pepper, grilled then topped with crisp lettuce & tomato. Great with our honey mustard sauce.
Bufalo Chicken Sandwich$6.89Crispy chicken breast tossed in our authentic buffalo sauce served with lettuce & tomato and chunky bleu cheese dressing

Oven-Baked Crostini Sandwiches

Served on a giant fresh crostini.

Traditional Italian$6.99Loaded with cappicola, salami, ham, baloney, mozzarella cheese and a zesty italian dressing, topped with lettuce, fresh tomato and thin sliced onions
Sicilian Cheesesteak$6.99Premium cut sliced beef mixed with peppers, onions, mushrooms & seasoned au jus baked with mozzarella cheese, topped with lettuce and fresh tomato
Chicken Parmesan$6.99Breaded chicken tenders topped with fresh marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese
Meatball$6.79Four big meatballs topped with our homemade marinara sauce and baked with mozzarella cheese
Hot Sausage$6.79Our famous hot sausage topped with our homemade marinara sauce, peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese then baked golden brown

Family Pizza Night

Add a side salad for $1.99 with pizza, let our family entertain your family every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00 to 9:00 pm.

Family Pizza Night$13.99Gigante 18 inch, 12-cut, hand-tossed, made-from-scratch pizza with up to 3 toppings.

Italian Specialties

All Italian specialties come with lots of Italian bread & butter add 2 meatballs to any pasta entree for $1.99. Add a side salad for $1.99 with pasta dishes.

Chicken Parmesan$8.99Breaded chicken breast baked with cheese and served over pasta
Hot Sausage Al Forno$7.49Sliced hot sausage tossed with imported penne pasta and mozzarella cheese then baked in our tangy tomato-basil alfredo sauce
Pasta Panacci$7.99Imported pancetta bacon, mushrooms, peas and spaghetti are tossed in a roasted red pepper cream sauce to make this classic dish
Oven-Baked Lasagna$7.49Layered with meat and cheese
Chicken Spinach Alfredo$8.99Grilled chicken with fresh spinach and alfredo sauce garnished with chopped tomato
Spaghetti and Meatballs$7.69Tossed in our homemade tomato basil sauce with parmesan cheese

Hand-Tossed Pizza

Additional toppings: extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, jalapenos, ham, bacon, anchovies, tomatoes, olives, banana peppers, fresh spinach, grilled chicken, 14" - each additional topping $1.69, 18" - each additional

14” 8 Cuts White Pizza$12.99Garlic sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, sliced tomato, and fresh spinach.
18" 12 Cuts White Pizza$14.99Garlic sauce, parmesan and mozzarella cheeses, sliced tomato, and fresh spinach.
Traditional Pizza$10.99 - $17.99Choice of 5 toppings

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