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The menu prices at Potbelly are listed below, however, you can also contact the restaurant to request a custom quote if needed. Potbelly's Sandwich Shop offers unique catering options, such as those that include the Full Belly, Perfect Belly Basic Belly, and Perfect Belly.

When it comes to belly-bubbles, I'm never certain which to pick! When we are talking about sandwiches, it's more straightforward. The delicious sandwiches served are unique at Potbelly's Sandwich Shop and are worth looking at the menu below.

The menu for catering below will allow you to discover the many great sandwiches that potbellies can provide for your next occasion.



Box O' Sandwiches

Full Belly (6 person minimum)$9.30
Basic Belly (6 person minimum)$6.30
Perfect Belly (6 person minimum)$7.55
Just Sandwiches (6 person minimum)$5.20

Bowl O' Salads

Farmhouse Salad$41.60
Farmhouse Salad (no Chicken)$39.30
Uptown Salad$41.60
Uptown Salad (no Chicken)$39.30

Soup For A Group

Monday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Noodle, Garden Vegetable$29.10
Tuesday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Noodle, Garden Vegetable$29.10
Wednesday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Enchilada, Garden Vegetable$29.10
Thursday: Broccoli Cheddar, Chicken Enchilada, Tomato$29.10
Friday: Broccoli Cheddar, Loaded Baked Potato, Tomato$29.10
Saturday: Broccoli Cheddar, Loaded Baked Potato, Tomat$29.10
Sunday: Broccoli Cheddar, Garden Vegetable, Loaded Baked Potato$29.10


Potbelly is owned and operated under Potbelly Corporation. Potbelly Corporation, an American company famous for its submarine sandwiches. The Potbelly menu offers a wide assortment of freshly prepared sandwiches served hot on multigrain wheat or regular bread. The restaurant is also known for its chili and soups smoothies, malts, and shakes. One of the most distinctive features of Potbelly establishments is live music by different performers during lunch hour. The restaurant also offers catering which is perfect for afternoon or breakfast gatherings or conferences.


The very first Potbelly sandwiches shop was created in 1977 by Peter Hastings 1977 in Chicago. Hastings converted one of his old stores into a restaurant and decorated it with antique pieces from his previous antique store. When he sold the restaurant in 1996, his initial Chicago store was bought from Bryant Keil which he soon increased the number of stores to 300 all across the United States. Today, they own over 300 sandwich shops around the world, including stores located in Dubai as well as London.


If you're looking to find light yet still delicious food choices for your upcoming event it's possible to choose food that is easy to consume and still fills the stomachs of colleagues or office colleagues. In addition, Potbelly catering prices are relatively affordable, making it a fantastic option for meetings that are not scheduled and gatherings. Potbelly is a fantastic sandwich shop that can serve for a minimum of six or more. The catering options are custom-designed for any kind of occasion, and with their variety of catering packages and lunchboxes for sale, you are guaranteed that you will receive prompt service each time.

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Pros of Potbelly Sandwich Shop Catering

True to its word to deliver "Fresh, Fast, Friendly" Potbelly Sandwich Shop ensures the freshest delivery of its catering. They take orders for same-day delivery but require advance notification for large orders. Set-up and serving utensils for the entire kitchen as well as condiments are offered to ease the lives of their clients.

The shop has three options for catering services. The belly basics are comprised of chips and sandwiches. Chips, sandwiches, es, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie are included in the ideal belly pack. The complete belly package comes with sandwiches and chips, deli salad, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The menu can be complemented to your beverage of choice and soups, salads, or salads as an additional option.

How to order at Potbelly Sandwich Shop Catering

The ordering process can be done via phone or on their website. Orders placed on the same day are accepted for last-minute preparations of your party, however, advance notice of 48 hours is required for large orders to ensure the quality and freshness of the food to be delivered.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop gives you four easy steps to order:

  • Select the one that is most suitable for your needs.
  • Add any additional items you'd like to include, such as drinks and salads.
  • Let us know how many guests would be served.
  • Enjoy your celebration with a Potbelly dinner.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop Catering Reviews

The sandwiches are served warm and toasty in shared boxes or in individual boxes. The Box O'Sandwiches ensures that sandwiches are well decorated and include tomatoes, lettuce mayo, mustard, onions, hot peppers, and pickles to make a do-it-yourself and personal taste of a sandwich for all guests at your party. For snacks that are individual sandwiches, the sandwiches are available in boxes that can be customized to suit your requirements and budget.

The prices for catering at Potbelly Sandwich Shop differ by store, however, with the various packages available, you can ensure that you choose one that is suitable for your budget. It is suggested that you contact the catering sales manager of their company to assist them to design the container that is perfect for your event and budget.

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Potbelly Contact Information

Potbelly Corporate Office Address- 111 North Canal StreetSuite 850Chicago, IL 60606USA

Potbelly Corporate Phone Number- (312) 951-0600

You can also contact the team of Potbelly by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/potbellysandwichshop/

Instagram Account: instagram.com/potbellysandwichshop/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/Potbelly

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