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When you look at the menu prices for Portillo below, you must make a call to 866-YUMBEEF to place your order. It was necessary to include this number since it would be exciting to call. You can also place an order online.

Portillo's is famous for its hot hamburgers, beef, hot dogs and salads. They're unique in that they are able to deliver their food to any location in the USA. They know that their food is delicious and they must provide it to every city of the country!

See the full menu and pricing below for more information.

Beyond the standard menu offered by the Portillo there is also an exclusive catering menu. It offers a variety of options in terms of of meals they serve under the menu. There are fast-packed sandwiches and side dishes, salads wings, meatballs, and sausage platters, special entrees Pasta, Desserts special catering desserts, extras and side dishes as well as Service items. Portillo's Catering menu prices range from $20 to $50 for some items.


Ready To Ship Anywhere In The USA

Italian Beef Deluxe Package8 Sandwiches$79.95
Italian Beef Party Package20 Sandwiches$169.95
Hot Dogs10$59.95
Hot Dog Party Package20$172.95
Bar-B-Q Ribs2$79.95

Bowl Of Salads

Garden SaladSmall$19.99
Garden SaladLarge$33.99
Chopped SaladSmall$23.99
Chopped SaladLarge$43.99
Caesar SaladSmall$20.99
Caesar SaladLarge$35.99
Chicken Caesar SaladSmall$23.99
Chicken Caesar SaladLarge$43.99
Greek SaladSmall$23.99
Greek SaladLarge$43.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon SaladSmall$23.99
Tuscan Chicken & Bacon SaladLarge$43.99
Mediterranean Pasta SaladSmall$10.99

Meat And Pasta Entrees

Famous Italian Beef1lb$11.95
Famous Italian Beef2-1/2 lb$29.75
Italian Sausage12 Pc.$25.99
Italian Sausage24 Pc.$47.99
Baked MostaccioliServes 8$32.99
Chicken TendersServes 8$21.99

Side Entrees

Hot Beef Gravy$7.50
Leaves Of French Bread Fresh Daily$3.75
Sweet Or Hot PeppersSmall$2.99
Sweet Or Hot PeppersLarge$4.99
Salad Dressing Jar$3.99
Marinara Sauce$5.99

Service Items

Full Heating Kit$7.00
Reusable Chafing Racks$3.99
Serving Fork And Spoon Set$0.99
Single-Use Canned Heat$1.49
Tableware Set-upServes 10$4.00


Portillos Famous Chocolate CakeServes 10$19.49
Italian Strawberry ShortcakeServes 10$23.99
Popular Catering Choices at Portillo’s

Portillo's catering service is able to find what you require as quickly as possible. They assure that the food will be delivered to any location within the USA within two days. The shipping costs are applicable.

Fast Packs

Portillo's has "Fast Packs" which include their most requested dishes packed into boxes ready to be delivered to you. For any gathering this is an easy option to provide delicious food for your gathering.

The hot dog box, the burger container broiled chicken sandwich boxes Italian beef containers, Italian sausage boxes, and an Italian Beef and sausage Combo box.

Mostaccioli With Meat Or Marinara Sauce

It is one of Portillo's most popular pastas, dipped in cheese melted. Penne-shaped noodles can choose to have the pasta smothered in marinara sauce or meat sauce.

Portillo's pasta is renowned for its high-quality pasta that is delicious and flavorful.


We wanted to share this one because of the name, and also the excellent ingredients! Naturally, the Portillo's would not sell it if it was in fact a waste. The salad is available at select locations and contains, "Tuscan spring mix, chopped romaine lettuce, salami provolone cheese, radishes tomatoes, red onion cucumbers, olives and roasted red pepper along with Parmesan cheese. The salad is finished off by portillo's "Trashy sweet vinaigrette."

Take advantage of Portillo's catering offerings

Portillo's is a fantastic catering option due to its availability across the USA. Particularly, thanks to the Fast Pack options, you can choose your menu and ready for delivery within a small period of time.

They also have a fantastic dessert menu. The desserts are created with care and attention to detail that they require at least 72 hours' notice. Any dessert that requires more notice typically means it's a special treat!

Portillo's Hours

All of the stores are open from between Sunday and Thursday. There is a slight different timings on Saturdays and Fridays. The stores begin operating at 10.30 each day and are open until 12 am from Sunday until Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays the closing time is extended until 1am. The timings on holidays for outlets can alter, and this usually is dependent on the manager of the restaurant at the time. However, more times than not, it is the same for the benefit of both the patrons and employees.

Portillo's Reviews

The Portillo's have enjoyed good reviews since they first started the business many years ago. While it's not to say that the business hasn't had negative reviews, but the company has always taken the negative reviews to constructively critique its competitors and constantly improved its products and services , and has continued to grow for its customers throughout the decades. The company did have some difficult times in its business, but has been able to show continuous growth in the years since.

Portillo’s Contact Details

The Portillo's have received positive reviews from customers since the time it was founded many several decades ago. It's not that the company hasn't received negative reviews, but the brand has constantly utilized negative reviews to provide constructive criticism. The brand has continued to improve its services and products and continued to improve its offerings for its customers throughout the decades. There were some rough times in its business but has seen steady improvements in the years since.

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