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Pizza Hut Secret Menu With Prices 2022

Pizza Hut Secret Menu within the fast-food business is generally not secret at all. They are usually so well-known that staff, customers, and even competitors are aware of everything they need to know about hidden menu items. But, this isn't the case with Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut may be one of the most well-known franchises around the globe however, the secret menu goes off the radar.

In reality, it's just some menu items that no one has seen, and we've gone on the hunt to find additional items you'd never find on the menu in the normal way. It was a lot of work for us. But it'll be worthwhile for everyone. Enjoy!

Pizza Hut Secret Menu Items in 2022

We recommend that readers be prepared for any situation that you might need to purchase from a menu that is secret.

When you're ordering something from Starbucks's Starbucks Secret Menu, there's an excellent chance that your barista is aware of this Secret Menu drink you ask for, but this isn't always the scenario.

For Pizza Hut's Secret Menu Pizza Hut's Secret Menu there's a chance that you'll be required to do some explaining when you request something by name. Don't fret - none of these options aren't too complex.

1.) Heart-Shaped Pizza

You might have seen Heart-shaped Pizzas being advertised by every major pizza chain during Valentine's Day, but did you know you could order one of these cute pizzas all year long? At the very least.

Pizza Hut pizzas are made-to-order therefore there's no reason not to call and request an oblong pizza, an oblong pizza, or whatever else you're craving. We cannot guarantee that you'll receive your dream but we've heard it previously worked.

2.) Triple Deckeroni Pizza

We all want old-fashioned things. It was the time where Friends was available on Netflix as well as Blackberries were thought of as cool.

However, one thing that we're not yet over is the end of Triple Deckeroni Pizza. This gem from the 1990s was a hit from the first time it debuted as a part of the Pizza Hut menu, and there's been a gap in the menu as well as our chests ever since.

After we've finished being gentle and dramatic, you could be wondering what the world is a Triple Deckeroni Pizza is.

It's a masterpiece of layers beginning with an extremely thin crust, then a layer of pepperoni and cheese. Then there's another layer of crust that is and then another layer of pepperoni and cheese.

It could seem similar to a heart attack however, it was among the best menu items ever on the menu at Pizza Hut, which is the reason it has been added to The Secret Menu.

To purchase this Triple Deckeroni Pizza at your local restaurant, make a request by name, however, you'll need to clarify the specifics. It is likely that you will need to pay for two thin-crust pizzas since that's what this is.

3.) Vegan Pizza

If you're in search of vegan food, Pizza Hut is most likely not the first option you think of. However, there are a couple of dishes that are on the Secret Menu that you can choose from which are vegan and delicious.

The three crusts - thin pan, thick, and hand-tossed are made of vegan ingredients, and you can pick the one you prefer.

The only sauce that's completely vegan is marinara, as well as the toppings that you can choose, are vegetables and more vegetables. Be sure to keep the cheese, however.

4.) Secret Topping

Pepperoni might be the most loved topping in Pizza Hut restaurants however, there's a different pizza topping that is loved by customers.

Pizza Hut was essentially the sole pizza chain to offer Peruvian Cherry Peppers, adding the perfect quantity of spice to pizzas.

The company has recently stopped serving the Secret Menu item, but should you wish to see them reappear in the restaurants, please join the petition.

5.) Pepperoni Stuffed Crust

Pizza Hut restaurants are famous for their stuffed crusts which usually consist of the usual cheese and no other ingredients.

Theoretically, it is possible to request their pizzas to be filled with any topping they offer as they prepare their pizzas according to your preferences. Another ingredient...

6.) Hot Dog Stuffed Crust

It's a little different than the pepperoni-stuffed pizza crust, don't you think? It's true, this Hot Dog Stuffed Crust has appeared on the standard Pizza Hut menu in the past, including Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, and Japan.

The menu item is referred to in the form of Hot Dog Bites Pizza that looks like that of the Cheesy Bites Pizza that we're all familiar with within the United States. What is the deal with this Secret Menu?

There is a rumor that certain Pizza Hut restaurants will make this naughty treat for you if they have the proper ingredients available.

It would be more difficult to get hands-on than some of the other items we have listed However, If you're a fan of dogs (or you just enjoy an interesting test) It's definitely worth a try.

7.) Dessert Cakes

The Pizza Hut Secret Menu item is more of a DIY task however, it's definitely worth the effort. Request the Ultimate HERSHEY'S(r) Chocolate Chip Cookies and the HERSHEY'S(r).

Triple Chocolate Brownie with a side of white icing, which normally is included in the form of Cinnamon Sticks. After that, spread the icing on top of the cookie, then layer over the chocolate brownie. Voila! You've created the most perfect Dessert Cake.

8.) Christmas

Evidently, Pizza Hut has a Christmas secret menu available in the UK as well! It might not make sense to anyone not from the UK however, should you happen to visit a Pizza Hut UK location, explain to the staff member that it "Tastes like Christmas." What is this mean? It's a code to make the festive Chocolate and Orange Milkshake.

What Fast Food Places Have A Secret Menu?

Apart from Pizza Hut, there are many other restaurants that offer hidden menu items, such as Burger KingTaco Bell, and Starbucks. For a complete list of the menu items, visit the Fast Food Restaurants Secret Menu page.

Pizza Hut History

in 1958 Dan and Frank Carney Two brothers who wanted to establish themselves in this world were offered an opportunity. A real estate agent in the area said he had the perfect restaurant for them.

All they had to do was rent the property from him to get the business up and running. The property was situated in the boy's home in the town located in Wichita, Kansas, which is also the location where the first White Castle restaurant had opened about three decades prior.

The concept was to build an eatery that could cater to locals and students alike. The guys were excited about the opportunity. None of them had previous knowledge. None of them had any knowledge about pizza. They also needed funds from their mom. But, what could be wrong?

It's like the beginning of a fraud. The agent owned a vacant building, and he allegedly concocted an idea that could get two businessmen who were interested to let the property. They didn't have the right idea to put their all into it and seemed to be destined for failure.

However, that was not the situation. The idea was successful. Through a combination of dedication, hard work, and chance, Carney's Pizza business became a huge success. Within a year, their loved Pizza Hut had its first franchise, and in just two decades there were over 4000 locations in all of the United States.

The Carney's had realized their dreams. They had transformed a tiny loan into a huge business, and they could profit from their achievement. In 1977, they sold the company to PepsiCo and then moved on to other projects. Later on, they would also dabble in various pizza joints as well as get involved in the banking industry.

In the case of Pizza Hut, it continued to expand under the new owner. The company would be sold again in 1997 before transferring the brand to Yum Brands. In the meantime, the global reach of this brand was growing.

Pizza Hut Nutritional Information


For a breakdown of the nutrition of the dishes within Pizza Hut's menu, click here. Pizza Hut menu, you can go to the link above.

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Pizza Hut Corporate Office Address: 7100, Corporate Drive, Plano, TX 75024, United States

Pizza Hut Corporate Phone Number: +1-972-338-7700

You can also contact the team of Pizza Hut by using the contact form on their website.

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