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Panda Express Secret Menu

It is worth it to try the Panda Express secret menu is worthwhile If you are a fan of this chain and are looking to learn more than you'll get from the menus you're used to.

As you move towards casual eating and towards fast food, the secret menus are always improving. and Panda Express is no exception.

It's not as vast as it is the Taco Bell secret menu or McDonald's Secret Menu however when it is about Chinese food, it's impossible to beat. It actually beats all oriental cuisines in terms of size and variety.

Panda Express's secret menu is significantly larger than P.F. Chang's secret menu as well as The Benihana Secret Menu.

To check out how you can access the Panda Express secret menu for yourself, simply click here. The menu is constantly updated and includes all the latest menu hacks as well as some old favorites.

We're always on the hunt for new ideas and if you feel we've missed something contact us in touch with us and tell us about it.

Panda Express is the most prominent fast-serve chain in the Chinese-American segment. Apart from their secret menu, Panda is known for serving up delicious traditional menu items.

With signature side dishes and protein options that you will discover in most Chinese establishments, 'The express is an excellent choice.

There are some favorites such as the well-loved wok-tossed and battered chicken and Beijing-style broccoli and beef, there are many other dishes that are available on request and are not listed on the menu. Here's our Menu Secret Menu list of items that are available upon request:

Panda Express Secret Menu With Prices 2022

Brown Fried Rice

For many years, Panda Express has offered white rice with fried as well as steamed rice for customers in the form of a bowl or as a meal.

When consumers began to demonstrate that they prefer whole grains and complex carbs the food chain realized there was a demand for brown rice.

In 2013 there was a highly publicized campaign in which guests were asked to choose between the brown or white choice The winner was permitted to keep its own name tag and the menu.

While the faithful white rice enthusiasts won Brown fried rice remains an option on an order.

Orange Chicken with Bacon

Bacon has been a popular dish that is loved by many, but in the past few years, it has been one of the latest food items that have been added to many of the popular fast food dishes.

Today, Panda Express has added to its deliciousness by offering trendy, off-menu bacon-orange chicken dishes.

In certain larger establishments with lots of pedestrians, The bacon orange chicken will have its own place at the steam table, which was accessible throughout the day. You may require an extra couple of minutes as it's only freshly cooked in the wok only when you request.

Handcrafted Tea at the Panda Tea Bar

It's not advertised and isn't advertised, but Panda Express also has refreshing handmade Asian-inspired specialty drinks in locations, including the Panda Tea Bar.

You can pick between Milk Tea, Fruit Tea, Specialty Coffee, Lemonade Shakes, or a custom choice where boba juice, milk, and tea leaves freshly brewed are combined.

The Tea Bar is the biggest secret in the world and is slowly becoming famous with the "Drink It, Share It' campaign on Twitter.

Find a participating place and make a nutritious specialty beverage using boba and aloe vera pudding, chia seeds, and even jelly choices.

Bone-in, Slow-Cooked Ribs

At the beginning of 2015, the chain based in California invested in the production of the 5 million pounds worth of slow-cooked pork ribs that will release its bone-in barbecue pork ribs. The company was the first to develop the process of cooking to provide fresh-cooked, bone-in ribs cooked with freshness at the price of value.

Utilizing American slow-cooking techniques as well as Chinese flavor, slow-cooked ribs are popular since their introduction to a select amount of restaurants that have special ovens required to cook the new product.

Although it's not on the menu as of July 28, locations that have new installations for slow cooking do have this pork product, which is being developed.

Panda Express History

Panda Express was a family affair. It was created by three people: a wife, husband, and father. All of them had been raised and born in China.

They had a previous experience at a restaurant called"the" Panda Inn, which opened in 1973. However, this wasn't fast food and wasn't a huge hit also.

The situation changed in 1983, as the very first Panda Express location was opened. It was focused on the same food items and dishes, however with a greater emphasis on fast food.

It took two years before they launched their second store, and the chain has grown steadily since there.

A majority of their restaurants were located in shopping malls which took advantage of the large number of people walking through the malls. They launched their first standalone restaurant about 15 years after the establishment of the chain.

Over the next few decades, Panda Express expanded into all fifty US states. It wasn't until the 2010s that they began to expand into the world market.

Panda Express Locations

There are approximately 1900 Panda Express locations in the world. The majority of them are located in the United States, where it was established, and also which is where it has the largest share of the Chinese fast-food market.

Actually, there are more than 10 times the Panda Express locations than there are P.F. Chang's stores as well as twenty times more than Benihana, another highly successful oriental chain (albeit one which sells Japanese food, is not Chinese food items).

This is quite remarkable considering that Benihana has expanded to more than a dozen countries around the globe and was established more than two decades prior to Panda Express.

Although the company was initially founded in California and continues to perform well there, the most earning location is in Hawaii.

No matter what they aren't able to get enough of this name down in Hawaii, and their most profitable location earns upwards of four million dollars every year.

There are outlets in every state So you're never far from enjoying a meal from Panda Express Orange Chicken. The brand is also available across the world in these countries:

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