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panda express gluten free menu prices

Panda Express Gluten-Free Menu With Prices

Panda Express' Gluten-Free Menu is virtually non-existent and does not appear on any official website. It is, however, possible for people who suffer from mild gluten allergies to eat in Panda Express without too many complications.

If you're suffering from an extreme gluten allergy, however, you're unlikely to choose the restaurant. There is no guarantee by the restaurant that you will be able to stay away from gluten and they do not take extra steps to ensure that the possibility of. However, we offer several options to avoid gluten further below.

The only gluten-free product Panda Express offers is a portion of rice. If you're searching for gluten-free options we suggest you eat somewhere else.

Take a look at the complete list of gluten-free alternatives:



Brown Steamed Rice$5.80
White Steamed Rice$5.80


Sweet & Sour Sauce$0.89
Chili Sauce$0.99
Hot Mustard$0.89
Plum Sauce$0.99


Fountain DrinkSmall$1.60
Fountain DrinkMedium$1.80
Fountain DrinkLarge$2.00
Bottled Water$1.80
Bottled Drink$2.10

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Panda Express

It's important to be evident that the options are restricted when it comes to ways to stay away from Gluten at Panda Express. We know that it is difficult to live a normal life without the tasty and easy food this restaurant offers.

we've put in our best effort to give the most secure options that can be offered in their food menu. Panda Express is dedicated to its patrons, however, the entire menu revolves around the food delivery that is made from a gluten base.

Below are some of the most well-known ways to avoid eating gluten:

Brown And White Steamed Rice

They can be an excellent base for many of their recipes, as well as a method to substitute the noodles used in a lot of their recipes. Rice, however, is made in the same space of the kitchen that is used for other gluten-containing foods There's no assurance that it won't be infected with gluten. If you're suffering from some mild sensitivities that you're experiencing, you'll be able to take pleasure in your meal.

Prices based on the original order

Sweet And Sour Sauce

This sauce is included on the menu list that does not contain wheat, but it's important to know that it's not identified as gluten-free which means it could be a source of other gluten-containing ingredients. This sauce can add delicious flavor to any food, and at a minimum bring some life to an otherwise boring meal. Add it to your menu.

Pricing is included in your primary order

Hot Mustard Sauce

Are you looking for something that has some bite? You're in luck because Hot mustard is one of the lists of foods available on the menu that do not contain wheat. With the bright taste as well as the bite that hot mustard provides it's sure to spice up your dinner without being restricted because of the absence of gluten.

Pricing is included in your primary order

Plum Sauce

This sweet sauce is that is often used to dip eggs in, but in the event that you love everything sweet, it could also serve as a fantastic base to flavor your food. When you add this sauce to your meal, you'll bring the traditional taste to your food, as well as make it more enjoyable overall.

Prices are included when you place your initial purchase

Enjoy Panda Express’s Gluten Free Offering

If you place an order with Panda Express looking for gluten-free food it's a risk because there aren't any 100% gluten-free menu items in their food menu. When you place your order, ensure that you're gluten-sensitive and are aware that you are taking a risk, but that you would appreciate it if they take all appropriate precautions to keep the food from being infected.

Panda Express History

Panda Express is a Chinese-themed fast-food chain that was established in the month of October 1983. It was located in Glendale, California. The first owners included Andrew And Peggy Cherng.

Today, the business is located in Rosemead, a township. Rosemead, California, their mission is to bring people together to share the finest of Chinese cuisine in a relaxing environment.

It all began when Andrew Cherng established the first restaurant. He also invited Peggy to tailor its operating processes to make sure they were delivering the finest food as well as service.

In 1987, they'd created a distinctive dish that is now called Orange Chicken thanks in part to their skilled chef, Andy Kao. This recipe is influenced by the flavor from the Hunan Province and it features crispy chicken bites, dipped into the sweet orange curried sauce.

In addition to Orange Chicken, the chain also serves Asian-inspired dishes like Beijing Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, and Firecracker Chicken Breast. There are some combo meals that are served with different options of side dishes like Fried rice, chow mein as well as steamed rice, and mixed vegetables.

There are no artificial ingredients included in Panda Express meals and everything is made from natural ingredients, and Panda Express purchase ingredients from vendors who include enhancers like Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) before the delivery.

At present, Panda Express has approximately 1,900 locations spread across 50 states within the United States, including other jurisdictions like that of the District of Columbia, Canada, Guam, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Korea, and the UAE. Contrary to other chain restaurants.

the Panda Express does not provide franchise possibilities to the general public. Each outlet is owned by the company and operated. In spite of these rules, Panda Express continues to stand as the biggest Chinese restaurant chain across America.

As of 2014, Panda Express sold an estimated 67.9 million pounds of Orange Chicken. Panda Express's highest-profitable food court is located in Ala Moana Center in Honolulu, Hawaii where they make an annual average of over $4 million in sales. They have continued in opening restaurants until the present.

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