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Check Mcdonalds Cookie Tote Latest Menu Prices For June 2023

mcdonalds cookie tote prices

Chocolate Chip Cookie

McDonald's famous chocolate chip cookie-packed choc chips. It's a deliciously soft-baked cookie that is heated to the perfect temperature. Enjoy it today with Mobile Order and Pay.

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McDonalds Dollar Menu
McDonalds McCaffee Drinks PricesSizePrice
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 Pc.$0.39
Chocolate Chip Cookie3 Pc.$1.00
Find out the cost of items on the McDonalds menu.
Food ItemPrice
McFlurrySnack Size $1.79
McFlurrySnack Size $1.79
Cookie Tote13 Chocolate Chip $3.99
Steak and Egg Burrito$1.79

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