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BigMac Bundle Box in McDonald's

BigMac Bundle Box - 2740 Cal., price $ 16.09 to $ 17.29, average price $ 16.69. The lowest price of a BigMac Bundle Box in the cities of DE at a price of $ 16.09. Highest price in NJ $ 17.29. The dish is available on the McDonald's menu for:

  • Lunch: from 10:30 AM to 4:59 PM
  • Dinner: from 5:00 PM to 10:59 PM

Average price
Min price
Max price
2740 Cal.
$16.09 in DE
$17.29 in NJ

BigMac Bundle Box price in the US states


McDonald's co-ops can avail of a new FIFA World Cup Bundle Box, that includes meals to up to two (or greater) in a box that is related to the upcoming World Cup soccer tournament in Brazil (beginning on June 12).

An McDonald's spokesperson confirms the information and reported that about 6,500 McDonald's locations participate in the Bundle Box program. See also Mcdonald survey uk.

The recommendation of the corporate would be to have the Bundle Box retails at $14.99 and comprise two large Macs Two 10-piece Chicken McNuggets as well as four sauces as well as two fries of medium size. However, cooperatives can choose to alter the menu.

The food is available in Southern California, the boxed food item featuring World Cup graphics is labeled as a Mickey D's Value Pack and includes four meals for the same price of $15 for four McChicken sandwiches, four cheeseburgers as well as 20 pieces of McNuggets and four soft drinks of medium size.

Bundled meals can result in customers with savings on costs and increase margins for operators through ensuring that high-profit fry and beverages are included.

Boxed meals for multiple people are popular in the pizza sector, however, they are not the norm for burgers. McDonald's first introduced the platform in the year 2010 with their dinner boxes that were launched in Australia and has since expanded boxed meals to a variety of markets across Europe. In Austria McDonald's offers the multi-person "Chicken Box" with Chicken McNuggets as well as chicken wings. In the U.S., Kansas City, Mo. McDonald's employees were first to test this method last year, with two meals Blitz Box. A two-person "Mickey D's Value Pack"boxes made their debut in Western markets last autumn.

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