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Little Caesars Gluten Free Menu With Prices

Here's the complete Little Caesars Gluten-Free Menu. However, you aren't able to purchase any pizza and you won't find anything else. Little Caesars, doesn't claim that any of their meals are gluten-free. However, they do have an allergy list of allergens found in their food products.

Below are the products which do not contain wheat, however they could come into contact with gluten since the majority of the food offered at Little Caesars does contain wheat. If you're trying to stay away from gluten, but don't have an allergy to it, you can get hot wings with dipping sauce.

You're looking to dine at the pizza chain and you're gluten-intolerant and want to avoid gluten, then you should consider that Little Caesar's gluten-free menu is definitely worth looking into. Being one of the largest pizza chains, Little Caesars knows what is required to keep their customers satisfied.

They offer a variety of pizzas and other sides as well as a variety of sides. While you can take a bite at certain places, they're most well-known in their delivery. They have a very loyal customer base that has a strong commitment towards their company.

For gluten-free alternatives, what they offer isn't too expensive they don't have gluten-free crusts within their offerings. However, there are items you can choose from for those with a severe allergy, you might not be able to dine here because cross-contamination with wheat-based products is likely.

If you've had no success in finding their gluten-free menu, we've put together the menu below!


Signature Favorites

Hot-N-Ready Crazy Sauce1 Container$3.99

Hot-N-Ready Caesar Wings

Oven Roasted1 Wing$5.99
Buffalo Mild1 Wing$6.99
Buffalo Hot1 Wing$6.99
BBQ1 Wing$6.99
Spicy BBQ1 Wing$6.99
Garlic Parmesan1 Wing$6.49
Lemon Pepper1 Wing$5.99

Caesar Dips

Cheesy Jalapeño1 Container$5.49
Ranch1 Container$3.99
Buttery Garlic1 Container$4.99
Buffalo Ranch1 Container$5.99

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Little Caesars

If you're in the market for a meal or lunch, Little Caesars can deliver the goods. They're busy all day long to serve a reason. For gluten-free choices, you'll not be able to eat pizza due to the wheat content.

Little Caesars ' wings can be the most suitable alternative to avoid gluten. The sauces they use are gluten-free, too. Unfortunately, there aren't salads or other side dishes that you can consume.

If you're not sure what to buy We've compiled lists of the most well-loved gluten-free products below!

HOT-N-READY Oven Roasted Wings

If you're planning to dine in Little Caesars and want to stay away from gluten as much as you can The Oven Roasted Wings are some of the most sought-after dishes served at the restaurant. They are roasted and covered with a classic seasoning.

A purchase of wings is $6.46.

HOT-N-READY Buffalo Wings

If you're looking for something that has a little more spice, then these Buffalo Wings are probably the option for you. They're also baked but are smothered in Little Caesar's buffalo sauce.

You can pick between mild or hot wings if are looking to avoid gluten. A portion of these wings costs $6.46.


If you're one who likes BBQ, Little Caesars does offer oven-roasted BBQ wings. They're similar to oven-roasted wings that we mentioned earlier, but they're coated in a tasty BBQ sauce.

The price of the wings comes to $6.46 per purchase!

HOT-N-READY Garlic Parmesan Wings

If you're looking for something simpler Another popular item in Little Caesars is the Garlic Parmesan Wings. They're also similar to baked wings, but they're covered in creamy garlic Parmesan sauce.

Similar to the other wings An order of Garlic Parmesan Wings will cost you $6.46.

Enjoy Little Caesars’ Gluten Free Offering

Finding pizza and fast food that's gluten-free could be a difficult task however, there's a growing potential in a variety of food establishments We're beginning to see gluten-free choices increase in popularity across the country. This is fantastic news for those who suffer from dietary restrictions.

Unfortunately, Little Caesars does not offer a large selection in terms of gluten-free foods. However, they do offer hot wings as well as other flavors of wings that are suitable for people with gluten intolerance. However, they are not recommended in the event of a major allergy.

Little Caesars is the third-largest pizza chain in the United States They have more than 500 locations! The company was first established with the opening of Garden City, Michigan nearly 60 years ago.

The company currently is controlled through Ilitch Holdings. The company's president has been named David Scrivano.

Little Caesars History

Little Caesars is a global pizza chain that was established with Mike Ilitch and Marian Bayoff. They first met during an uninitiated date planned by Mike's father. within a short time, they were married.

The chain's restaurant has around 90000 employees, with an annual sales net worth that is $1.78 billion. They put their savings to open the first pizza shop located in Garden City, Michigan, which is a tiny neighborhood in Detroit. Marian made the first sales using the spiral notepad.

In the year 1962 Little Caesars had already established its first restaurant located in Warren, Michigan. The decision to expand its franchise portfolio by franchising opened opening the door for Little Caesars to grow into the largest carryout-only pizza franchise in the United States and internationally.

7 years after, the company launched its 50th location and inaugurated its first store outside of the United States in Canada. The company now operates stores across all American states and has 18 international markets too.

This growth rate is due to Mike and Marian's ethos that all employees are members of their Little Caesars family. In reality, Marian once said she believes that Little Caesars is her eighth child.

At the beginning of the 90s, their revenue surpassed that of the industry's average by 24%, which made it one of the 10 years' top fast-food companies. In 1995, however, it was an especially prosperous year for them after the launch of their pizza with stuffed crusts with revenue that topped more than $1.1 billion.

They also were awarded a Volunteer Action Award from President George H.W. Bush for their program called The Little Caesars Love Kitchen. Then, a few years later they were awarded the same award from President Bill Clinton.

The year 2014 was when Little Caesars announced plans to construct new headquarters, which they called"the Global Resource Center which would triple the area of its current office space. The company is expanding worldwide, competition has grown, and so has the number of admirers and customers across the globe.

Final Word

Little Caesars really hasn't made an effort to offer products that are gluten-free. Technically speaking, their hot wings do not contain wheat and are suitable for certain however we would not recommend eating at this restaurant.

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