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KFC UK Menu Prices 2022 - Check KFC Menu Prices United Kingdom

Sometimes it occurs that you need the price list to find out 'what the KFC Prices List for the menu items is?'. You want to find out for the KFC UK Menu Prices list of items such as burgers, wraps, fried chicken, BBQ, Drinks, Desserts, etc. then you are on the correct page here.

Here I have mentioned KFC Meals Menu Price, KFC Breakfast Menu price, or the KFC Dinners Menu Prices which you can consider while visiting the outlet. In addition, you have a chance to view KFC Secret Menu Prices to enjoy additional food as per your choice. I hope the following chart will come in very handy for you.

In this post, I am trying to provide accurate prices with the KFC Menu Prices in UK 2022

. Still, you can visit KFC's official site because the restaurant can change its prices at any time

Initially, KFC was a roadside restaurant that began selling fried chicken. Later, the first "Kentucky Fried Chicken" franchise opened in Utah in 1952. KFC was one of the first American fast-food chains to expand internationally. By the mid-1960s, opening outlets in Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Jamaica.

KFC UK Menu Prices List 2022 [Updated]

KFC Box Meals

Fillet Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings6.49
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken7.09
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings7.09
Zinger Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken6.49
Zinger Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings6.49
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken7.09
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings7.09
Includes Burger, Fries, Chicken, Side & Drink 
Trilogy Box Meal6.99
Boneless Banquet6.49
Fillet Box Meal with 1 Pc Chicken6.49
Twister Wrap Box Meal with 1 Mini Fillet6.49

KFC Meals

2 Piece Variety Meal5.99
Includes Fries & Drink 
Popcorn Chicken (Regular)4.29

KFC Meals For One

Colonel's Meal: 4 Pc6.29
Colonel's Meal: 3 Pc4.99
Colonel's Meal: 2 Pc4.49
Large Popcorn Chicken Meal5.29
Regular Popcorn Chicken Meal4.29
Hot Wings Meal: 10 Pc6.29
Includes Chicken, Fries & Drink 
Boneless Banquet6.49
4 Pc Boneless Dips6.29
3 Pc Boneless Dips4.99
Mighty Bucket for One6.49

KFC Snacking

Popcorn Chicken (Small)1.99
Popcorn Chicken (Regular)3.29
BBQ Wrap1.49
Flamin' Wrap1.49
2 Hot Wings0.99
Mini Fillet Burger1.49

KFC Burger Meals

Zinger Tower Burger Meal5.59
Zinger Stacker Meal6.49
Includes Burger, Fries & Drink 
Fillet Burger Meal4.99
Fillet Tower Burger Meal5.59
Zinger Burger Meal4.99

KFC Sharing Buckets

Bargain Bucket - 6 Pieces11.99
Bargain Bucket - 10 Pieces14.99
Bargain Bucket - 14 Pieces17.99
Wicket Variety Bucket - 6 Pieces/4 Mini Fillets15.99
Wicket Variety Bucket - 10 Pieces/4 Mini Fillets18.99
Family Feast - 6 Pieces13.99
Family Feast - 10 Pieces16.99
Dipping Boneless Feast - 8 Mini Fillets Dips Bar15.99
Dipping Boneless Feast - 12 Mini Fillets Dips Bar18.99
Party Bucket25.99

KFC Kids' Meals

Mini Fillet Meal2.99
Popcorn Meal2.99

Original Recipe

2 pieces£3.99
3 Pieces£4.99


2 Pieces, 2 Hot Wings & Mini Breast Fillet£4.99

Add more

4 Pieces or 4 Mini Breast Fillets£3.39
8 Hot Wings£3.39

KFC Riceboxes & Salads

Original Recipe or Zinger Ricebox with Extra Fillet & Drink5.99
Original Recipe or Zinger Ricebox with Extra Fillet5.49
Veggie Ricebox4.49
Veggie Ricebox & Drink4.99
Original Recipe Ricebox4.99
Zinger Ricebox4.99
Original Recipe Salad4.29
Zinger Salad4.29

KFC Twister Wraps

Twister Wrap Meal4.99
Twister Wrap Meal with 1 Mini Fillet6.49
Twister Wrap3.99

Boneless Dips Meal

3 Mini Fillets£4.99
4 Mini Fillets£5.99

your choice of 2 dips

Tomato Ketchup 2Hot4U Classic Mayo Spicy Mayo
Sweet Chilli Kentucky BBQ

KFC Individual Items

Boneless Dips (Three)4.19
Boneless Dips (Four)5.29
Big Daddy Burger4.69
Zinger Stacker Burger5.49
Chicken Pieces (One)1.99
Chicken Pieces (Two)3.49
Chicken Pieces (Three)4.19
Large Popcorn Chicken4.29

DELI DELUXE (includes Drink and Fries) – go LARGE 50p

Cajun Boxmaster:£4.99
BBQ Rancher Burger:£4.99
Toasted Twister: 
BBQ Rancher£4.69
Original Recipe£4.69


Lunch Box: 
2 Mini Breast Fillets, XL Fries£2.99
Chicken pieces 
1 Piece£2.09
2 Pieces£3.39
3 Pieces£4.49
Mega Box£3.99
2 Hot Wings:£0.99
Snack Box: 
Sml Popcorn Chicken£1.99
1 Mini Breast Fillet£1.99
2 Hot Wings£1.99
1 Piece£1.99
Mini Fillet:£1.49

KFC Extras

BBQ Beans (Regular)1.29
BBQ Beans (Large)1.99
Gravy (Regular)1.29
Gravy (Large)1.99
Southern Rice (Regular)1.29
Southern Rice (Large)1.99
Creamy Mash (Regular)1.29
Creamy Mash (Large)1.99
Corn Cobette (Regular)1.29
Corn Cobette (Large)1.99
Garden Salad (Regular)1.29
Garden Salad (Large)1.99
Fries (Regular)1.29
Fries (Large)1.99
Coleslaw (Regular)1.29
Coleslaw (Large)1.99

KFC Treats

Maltesers Krushems1.99
Oreo Krushems1.99
Milkybar Krushems1.99
Sundaes - Chocolate1.49
Sundaes - Cherry1.49
Krushems Soft Serve Sour Cherry Crumble2.79
Krushems Soft Serve Salted Caramel Waffle2.79

KFC Drinks

1.5 Ltr Bottled Drink2.29
Pepsi (Regular)1.39
Pepsi (Large)1.93
Pepsi 1.5 Ltr Bottled Drink2.78
Caramel/Vanilla Latte2.09
Hot Chocolate1.79
Fruit Shoot0.80
Carbonated Drink (Regular)1.29
Carbonated Drink (Large)1.79

Kream Ball

Indulgent Chocolate£1.89
Caramel Fudge£1.89
Summer Fruits Meringue£1.89

Freshly Ground Coffee


KRUSH’EMS (Upgrade your drink with any meal for 99p)

Strawberry Shortcake£1.99

In this post, I have mentioned KFC Menu Prices List UK 2022, which will surely help out to choose yummy food when you are hungry.

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