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KFC Secret Menu With Prices 2022

KFC Secret Menu With Prices For a few years the general public has been fascinated by the idea there are some largest fast-food chains across all over the globe that has hidden menus.

They are basically menus of food that are not on their menus however, they are available when you decide to purchase these items. Certain restaurants provide these menus secretly at their sites that are official however, others do not.

There are those who wonder whether such a menu even exists, as what is the reason anyone would hide recipes from their customers?

According to some keen watchers, such recipes and tricks were designed by creative people who frequented restaurants in such a way that they could combine different food items and create some deliciously unique dishes.

and some of these recipes were created by the staff of the restaurant themselves. There is a possibility of having to pay an extra amount for the additional items however the aim is always to find something unique to bring an entirely new twist to classic favorite dishes.

If you're a big fan of this chain, you'll be glad to know that there is a KFC Secret Menu is available. KFC can be famous for its unique recipe for fried chicken that's impossible to duplicate in the same way, along with its gravy and fries as well as food bowls.

Although their menus don't provide many options, However, with these tips, you'll be able to find many more reasons to enjoy KFC.

Be aware that not every counter worker will be aware of the menu secrets So give them all the information you can after having read the below.

Here Are The Most Recent KFC Secrets Menu Items.


KFC's Secret Menu

Below are the latest KFC Secret Menu Items

Extra BaconAdditional Bacon on any sandwich or entree$0.40+
Extra Mashed PotatoesAdditional Mashed Potatoes added on any order$1.00+
Build Your Own BowlCustomized KFC bowl to your liking$5.00
Hot Pocket BowlChicken Filled "Hot Pocket" topped with corn, cheese, and gravy$5.00
PoutineFrench Fries covered in gravy and cheese curds$2.00+
Side of BiscuitsAn additional side of Biscuits or any other side of your choosing$1.00+
Triple DownA Double Down with extra layers of chicken, cheese, and bacon$6.99+

Below, you can get more information about every food product.

1). Extra Bacon

The most appealing aspect of this method is that there is no limit on what you can add bacon, aside from what's on the menu.

It offers a wide choice of possibilities for customizing every KFC menu item to make an exquisite tasting meal.

The addition of bacon to a bowl, sandwich, or of the other KFC items on the menu will give it a crisp, crispy texture, but also add that wonderful smokey taste. To add Extra Bacon to your favorite KFC food, simply request "Extra Bacon".

2). Extra Mashed Potatoes

The secret menu item is very distinctive and will need some testing initially. Similar to the other KFC condiment, additional Mashed Potatoes are able to be added to the menu items.

of any KFC items on the menu to provide it with distinct texture and flavor that for every Mashed Potatoes lover will provide you with a satisfying experience unlike anything else you can appear on KFC's menu.

KFC menu. For ordering the Mashed Potatoes to be toppings on sandwiches, you can simply ask for "Mashed Potatoes" on any sandwich you think is appropriate.

3). Build Your Own Bowl

It is widely known as one of KFC's most sought-after menu items The custom-made bowls let you personalize your KFC food with any item that is available at KFC you could imagine.

Consider ordering a bowl of French fries dipped in gravy, melted cheese, potatoes, and some KFC chicken tenders that will enhance the KFC experience and provide you with an experience unlike any other.

The KFC special menu item is completely dependent upon your image of yourself and the way you'd like it to suit your preferences, so feel free to alter it. For ordering, simply ask them to create your own bowl using the ingredients you'd like to put in it.

4). Hot Pocket Bowl

This unique and hard to come by KFC special menu item actually available on the KFC menu. It's the Hot Pocket of dough with chicken as well as cheese and gravy. It gives the diner a fantastic Hot Pocket-like dish.

Due to the lack of this meal's availability across the various KFC's you might not be one of the lucky ones to get it and relish the tasty food.

If you can find the ingredients in your local KFC and you want to order the delicious food by asking for the "Hot pocket bowl" or simply making a request for a bowl that has the same ingredients as previously described.

5). Poutine

It is the Poutine special menu item isn't as hidden in Canadian KFC restaurants since it's an item on the menu that is available to all customers.

The Poutine comprises French fries and fresh cheese curds, all encased with gravy. The Canadian food is delicious, however, it might not be offered at the majority of U.S. KFC's due to the insufficiency of ingredients.

however, you could be lucky and receive the food. When ordering, request the "poutine" or if you've never heard about it, ask for french fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

6). Side of Biscuits

If you're a fan of KFC biscuits with butter, you'll appreciate this unique inclusion of biscuits in every KFC menu item that you purchase.

The additional biscuit is a cost added to your order, but based on where you live, it's almost unnoticeable in the final cost that you pay for.

To receive the additional biscuit, just ask for a "side of biscuits" when you order any KFC food you purchase in the near future.

7). Triple Down

When KFC introduced the Double Down, it became so popular and unique food that it was an instant hit then. As time passes it is also a part of KFC's special menu items that are available with this innovative and delicious Triple Down upgrading the usual Double Down.

Triple Down Triple Down comes with three delicious KFC Fried Chicken bacon, cheese, and bacon. To take it one step further, order some additional bacon as well as cheese, to add to the Triple Down.

In case you weren't aware,, the Double Down and Triple Down each come without buns. Instead, you'll need the fried chicken being utilized as "buns".

For the tasty Triple Down ask for a Triple Down with extra bacon and cheese. Or, you can make a request for the Double Down with extra bacon, fried chicken, and cheese.

How To Order From KFC’s Secret Menu

Did you have the knowledge that KFC offers an unreleased menu that contains food items that haven't been available on the regular menu?

It's been out in the open for some time however it's still thrilling to learn about it. For the parents that are interested You can inform your children you have privileges to purchase exclusive items for them but only in the event that they behave. (Worth trying, right?)

It's only possible to find the menu inside the KFC app. However, you'll still have to be able to locate the menu because it's not linked in a straightforward manner. It's secret, after all.

The secret menu currently contains two items which include the Zinger Chipster and a Triple Stacker Burger. Special offers change frequently.

To get there you must download to download KFC app and then start your order. Choose an option for pick-up or delivery. After the normal menu shows up, you can swipe left and hold it down for around 3 seconds, and then it will reveal the menu secretly! be displayed!

Look over this TikTok user's directions - he's using a lot of swipes to make it look dramatic But rest assured that you can simply press down and the hidden menu will appear in a matter of seconds.

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