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KFC Menu Prices In Canada 2022

Are you looking for yummy fried chicken near you? KFC Restaurant is the place to go for your preferred fried chicken, also it provides sandwiches, wraps, salads, desserts, beverages, etc. Before ordering the food, do you want to check the KFC Canada Menu Prices List 2022 on the internet?

If yes, then you are landed on the right page. Here you can get all details about the KFC Breakfast Menu Prices, KFC Meal Menu Prices, KFC Catering Menu Prices as well as KFC Canada Secret Menu Prices.

With the Latest KFC Menu Prices Canada List, I have tried my best to provide accurate KFC Prices 2022. However, you can check the KFC official site to check the proper KFC Menu with Prices in Canada.

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a subsidiary of YUM! Brands Inc. and operates more than 20,000 restaurants in 125 countries around the world including more than 600 locations right here in Canada. It is known for its fried chicken. It is the world's second-largest fast-food restaurant chain after McDonald's.

KFC Menu and Prices Canada 2022 - Updated KFC Canada Prices

Variety Buckets

Favorites Bucket Feast$29.99
Sports Pack$59.99
Mixed Bucket Feast$40.99

Chicken Combo

Popcorn Chicken Combo$8.99
Hot Wing Combo 5 Pcs$8.99
Tenders Combo 3 Pcs$8.69
Chicken Combo 2 Pcs$8.69
Chicken Combo 3 Pcs$9.69

Go Bucket

Go Bucket- Kentucky Flatbread$3.49
Go Bucket With LAy's Bar-B-Q Tenders$3.49
Go Bucket- Popcorn Chicken$3.49
Go Bucket- 2 Original Recipe Tenders$3.49
Go Bucket- Spicy Kentucky Flatbread$3.49

Original Buckets

Original Chicken Bucket 16 Pcs and Extra Large Fries$35.99
Original Chicken Bucket 20 Pcs and Extra Large Fries$41.99
Original Chicken Only Bucket 8 Pcs$17.99
Original Chicken Only Bucket 12 Pcs$23.99
Original Chicken Only Bucket 16 Pcs$31.99
Original Chicken Only Bucket 20 Pcs$37.99
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 8 Pcs$27.99
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 12 Pcs$33.99
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 16 Pcs$42.99
Original Chicken Bucket Feast 20 Pcs$48.99
Party Pack 25 Pcs$59.99
Original Chicken Bucket 8 Pcs and Medium Fries$14.99
Original Chicken Bucket 12 Pcs and Large Fries$27.99

Big Boxes

Big Crunch Box$10.99
Wicked Zinger Box$10.99
Boneless Box$10.99
4-Piece Box$10.99

A La Carte

Small Popcorn Chicken$6.99
Hot Wings 2 Pcs$2.79
Hot Wings 5 Pcs$6.39
Hot Wings 20 Pcs$19.99
3 Lay's Bar-B-Q Tenders$7.14
Tenders 3 Pcs$7.49
Tenders 6 Pcs$9.49
Drumstick 1 Pc$2.69
Chicken 2 Pcs$6.29
Chicken 3 Pcs$7.69

Sandwiches and Wraps

Zinger Sandwich Combo$8.99
Twister Combo$8.69
Kentucky Flatbread$2.50
Spicy Kentucky Flatbread$2.50
Big Crunch$6.99
Big Crunch Combo$8.99
Double Tender Sandwich$5.49
Double Tender Sandwich Combo$7.29
Zinger Sandwich$6.99


Canned Soft Drink$1.99
Soft Drink 2L$3.29
Bottled Water$2.29


Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake$2.69


Original Recipe Seasoned Corn Small$2.09
Original Recipe Seasoned Corn Medium$3.59
Original Recipe Seasoned Corn Large$5.59
Buttery Bread$0.75
Macaroni Salad Medium$3.59
Macaroni Salad Large$5.59
Potato Salad Small$2.09
Potato Salad Medium$3.59
Potato Salad Large$5.59
Gravy Medium$2.39
Gravy Large$3.39
Homestyle Coleslaw Small$2.09
Homestyle Coleslaw Medium$3.59
Homestyle Coleslaw Large$5.59
Macaroni Salad Small$2.09
Small Fries$2.49
Fries Medium$5.29
Fries Large$6.29
Fries Extra Large$7.29
Gravy Sm$1.59

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