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jimmy johns gluten-free menu prices

Jimmy Johns Gluten-Free Menu With Prices

Jimmy John's Gluten Free Menu continues to prove that the companies that have the speediest to adjust to the increase of gluten-related sensitivities appear to be sub-stores.

Following the lead of their counterparts, Jimmy Johns officially released their "Unwich," which is a variation of the classic sandwich that eliminates the gluten-laden bun, and substitutes crisp, delicious lettuce.

Although some people haven't been happy with the new menu there are plenty of people who live a gluten-free lifestyle who have embraced the change. It's worth giving an attempt and determining if it's the right choice for you?

This is the complete Jimmy John's gluten-free menu. Jimmy John's is a great source of gluten-free products, however, they don't have gluten-free bread.

All their sandwiches are available for purchase in lettuce wraps that be safe for eating. They're also great at changing gloves and keeping barriers in place while making their sandwiches if you request.

Take A Look At Their Jimmy John's Gluten-Free Menu Here:


Unwich (Lettuce Wrapped Sandwich)

Turkey Tom$4.79
The Veggie$4.79
Smoked Ham Club$4.79
Italian Night Club$4.79
Country Club$4.79
Beach Club$4.79
Gourmet Veggie Club$4.79
Club Lulu$4.79
Ultimate Porker$4.79


Skinny Chips$1.25
Regular Chips$1.25
Sea Salt & Vinegar Chips$1.25
BBQ Potato Chips$1.25
Jalapeno Jimmy Chips$1.25


Fountain Drinks$1.50
Bottled Water$1.39

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John's makes their entire menu accessible for those with gluten intolerances with lettuce wraps in place of their bread.

That means that every sandwich they offer is readily available and is easily and tastes delicious.

No matter if you're craving Hunter's Club or something lighter in the form of a Salami, Capicola, and Cheese sandwich Jimmy John's is sure to have it. You can even order it to take away and get it delivered within a short time.

Get their top items from their gluten-free menu below:

Pepe Unwich

If you're a fan of pork flesh This which is the perfect one perfect for you. This will discover a variety of ingredients that will bring the flavor of their wood-smoked pork ham to new levels.

In a haze of the flavor of mayo, provolone, tomatoes, lettuce This Harwich is a must-have and even more so when you get to enjoy it without the weighty bread that gets in the way.

Get a Pepe Unwich For $5.50

Italian Night Club Unwich

Italian Night Club The name is derived from the fact that it's huge and delicious enough to use as an ax. The sandwich begins with the tangy flavor that comes from Italian Vinaigrette and is topped with Italian Capicola and real Genoa salami Smoked Ham, provolone cheese, along with any other toppings you'd like to add. All of it is nestled inside the lettuce wrap when you choose a Dunwich.

A large meal priced at $6.95

Turkey Tom Unwich

This sandwich is among our favorites on the menu, however, it's always been a hankering for turkey-based sandwiches. It doesn't matter if it's Thanksgiving or the time of the month.

we'll gladly devour this amazing sandwich, which is topped with mayonnaise along with lettuce and cut-up turkey. Of course, if you're cautious about gluten, you'll be wrapping it in lettuce.

You can get it for $5.50

Big John Unwich

Big John Unwich Big John Unwich is one of those dishes that's ideal for those who love roast beef. Mix mayonnaise with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise with a thick layer of horseradish.

Slide the whole thing inside a salad wrap, and you'll have the best of both worlds in an unborn. These are often served and the unique combination of spices used in the roast beef makes them extraordinary.

The price is $5.50

Enjoy Jimmy John’s Gluten Free Offering

Jimmy John's believes its clients are by far the most significant aspect of their business, therefore when they discovered that a few customers were not able to enjoy their delicious sandwiches due to gluten-related allergies, they realized they needed to take action.

The result was the development of the Unwich sandwich, which is covered in a thick layer of lettuce that is specially formulated to ensure that all ingredients are inside. If you're in the market for sub sandwiches but are unable to enjoy it due to gluten issues Try the Jimmy Johns Unwich.


Jimmy John's does offer the majority of their sandwiches in lettuce wraps which is great, however, we would like them to make the effort to offer a gluten-free bread selection.

Jimmy John’s History

It all began with Jimmy John Liautaud graduating to the bottom of his class. his father offered him two choices: become a soldier or create a business of his own. He chose the latter option and established an ice cream stand.

with Jimmy paying just 52% of his company and his father having to pay 48 percent. Then he realized that opening a hot dog stand could cost more than the money was in his budget and he chose to start the sandwich shop.

Jimmy John's was the first. Jimmy John's was opened in an abandoned garage on the 13th of January 1983 situated in Charleston, Illinois. In 1988, Jimmy was introduced to Jamie Coulter, who would later become the CEO of Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon. Coulter instructed Jimmy on how to efficiently manage several units.

As of April 2017, Jimmy John's has almost 3000 outlets with plans to expand up to 5,000 or more.

In September of 2016, Jimmy John's announced that Roark Capital Group had arranged to purchase the majority stake within the business. Liautaud kept 35% of the company in the transaction.

On September 25 of 2019, it was revealed Inspire Brands was buying Jimmy John's for an undisclosed amount as part of a deal accepted by Liautaud and the Board of Directors of Jimmy John's.

When the deal is completed of the transaction, Liautaud will retire in the role of chairman, and become the advisor on behalf of the company. The deal was signed on the 18th of October.

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