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It was originally an outlet for juice in California in the year 1990, Jamba Juice now spans across 800 locations in the United States with locations extending over international boundaries.

Kirk Perron, a health lover, set up Jamba juice in the year 2000, and set up the first Jamba store located at San Louis, Obispo, California. Perron's goal was to promote for a healthy lifestyle using healthy fruit drinks that were natural, naming his business"the Juice Club, Inc. The creation of Jamba Juice came when healthy smoothies and juices were popular. What is what makes Jamba Juice distinct is its custom-made organic food ingredients, the consistency, efficiency and ease of use, which are appealing to those in a hurry.

Jamba Juice continues to improve its products by conducting extensive research and development that results in lower-calorie, low sugar smoothies. Through the addition of fruit to its juices Jamba Juice maintains the same excellent taste, which is the reason for its popularity. In the present, Jamba Juice goes on the road, bringing their smoothies, juices, baked products, and snacks wherever you are as well as for social or business events with their catering services.


Classic Smoothies

Peach PleasurePer Person$4.29
Strawberry Surf RiderPer Person$4.29
Mango-A-Go-GoPer Person$4.29
RazzmatazzPer Person$4.29
Strawberries WildPer Person$4.29
Caribbean PassionPer Person$4.29
Banana BerryPer Person$4.29

All Fruit Smoothies

Strawberry WhirlPer Person$4.49
Peach PerfectionPer Person$4.49
Mega MangoPer Person$4.49
Pomegranate ParadisePer Person$4.49

Fruit & Veggie Smoothies

Berry UpBEETPer Person$4.49
Apple n GreensPer Person$4.49

Whole Food Nutrition Smoothies

Amazing GreensPer Person$4.49

Creamy Treats

Chocolate MoodPer Person$4.59
Orange Dream MachinePer Person$4.59

Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Fresh BlueberriesPer Person$4.49
Fresh StrawberriesPer Person$4.49
Shredded CoconutPer Person$4.49
Brown Sugar CrumblePer Person$4.49
Apple CinnamonPer Person$4.49
Clover HoneyPer Person$4.49


Jamba Organic Fruit ShredsPer Person$4.29
Jamba Organic Fruit StarsPer Person$4.29
Original PopchipsPer Person$4.29
BBQ PopchipsPer Person$4.29
Pirates Booty Aged White CheddarPer Person$4.29
KIND Fruit and Nut BarPer Person$4.29
CLIF Builders Protein Bar, ChocolatePer Person$4.29
CLIF Bars-Twisted FruitPer Person$4.29

Baked Goods

Sweet Belgian WafflePer Person$4.59
Carrot Morning MuffinPer Person$4.59

Pros of Jamba Juice catering

Jamba Juice prides itself for its smoothies and juices that are made with natural ingredients that attract health-conscious consumers. If you prefer sweets, don't worry because the sugar comes from fruits and other ingredients. The variety of menus is a hit with both kids and adults alike.

The reason Jamba Juice is so popular is in its compatibility with the current lifestyle of those who are always on the move. Jamba Juice lives up to its ideal of a simple , healthy life, delivering speed and convenience for consumers who are busy.

How to order from Jamba Juice catering

Jamba Juice offers fruit and vegetable smoothies, as well as delicious treats made of frozen yogurt with no fat that comes in smaller (16 ounces) medium (22 ounces) as well as huge (s8 8 ounces) sizes.

Alongside smoothies and juices, Jamba Juice has a assortment of snacks made of natural, non-allergenic foods as well as baked goods such as muffins, waffles, and more.

Making an order for Jamba Juice products is easy as you can call your local store to inquire about the availability of the menu. The ingredients vary by region dependent on the fruits available within the vicinity.

Jamba Juice delivers your orders by giving two days' notice and with an advance payment. It is also possible to inquire about promotions. Similar process applies to pickup orders.

Jamba Juice's food items are custom-made and, as such requires a certain amount of time for the food preparation. Making an advance order However, it gives you the convenience of quickly arriving and out to pick up orders.

Jamba Juice Catering Reviews

Food tastes vary among people according to their taste and food preferences. Jamba Juice offers healthy food for snacks and meals which are high in minerals, potassium, vitamins and fiber as well as calcium. If you still require health supplements other requests for supplements, vitamins and minerals are provided absolutely free.

There are people who aren't as concerned about calories and sugar levels who prefer Jamba Juice. For those people, Jamba Juice is the most popular choice.

Given it is the case that Jamba Juice uses natural fruit ingredients and does not use juice concentrates Prices are higher when in comparison to other establishments. The price ranges between $0.50 to $7.00 dependent on the mix of fruit and size. They are available in medium, small or large size.

Service and product offerings rank very high in the satisfaction of customers at Jamba Juice. The staff that is customer-focused provides an unbeatable personal experience.

In the current fast-paced world of the population and despite of increased traffic from customers the value of efficiency and customer comfort remain the same. These are the values that draw customers to return.

Jamba Juice Contact Details

The Jamba Juice can be contacted in the following ways.

Headquarters address:

Jamba Juice, Frisco,
Texas, United States of America.

Contact number: (866) 473-7848.


Email id: www.jamba.com/contact-email

Jamba Juice Online Order: https://www.jamba.com/delivery

Jamba Juice Happy Hours

Monday To Sunday: 7:00 am. to 9:00 pm.

Note: Usually Monday to Thursday Timing is Fixed Other Three Days may be little change on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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