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Jack in the Box Secret Menu Prices 2022

Secret Menus Guru provides the most up-to-date and the best well-known Jack In The Box secret menu items. After reading this list, you'll be enticed to order everything on the secret menu at Jack in The Box.

The Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger up to The Sourdough Bread will all satisfy your cravings for any Jack In The Box secret menu item. Check out the other secret Menu things we've planned for you.

Below are the most recent Jack In The Box secret menu items.


Jack In The Box Secret Menu

Below are the latest Jack In The Box Secret Menu Items

Extra CheeseExtra slices of Jack In The Box cheeses$0.40
Extra Hamburger PattiesAdditional Hamburger Patties on your Hamburger$1.00
Bacon Bacon CheeseburgerExtra Bacon Bits on your burger$0.20+
Ciabatta Bacon CheeseburgerBacon Cheeseburger on delicious Ciabatta Buns$0.00+
Loaded Grilled Breakfast SandwichAdditional Turkey or Sausage on a Grilled Breakfast Sandwich of your choice$0.40+
Mint OREO Cookie ShakeMint Ice Cream substituted instead of Vanilla in an OREO Shake$2.79
Sourdough BreadSourdough bread instead of the original Jack In The Box buns for any burger you want$0.50

Jack in the Box Secret Menu Items 2022

Remember, Jack in the Box Secret Menu items are only available at locations that are participating.

Some employees might not know the specific items are, and some aren't willing to serve anything other than the standard menu.

They're not obliged to come up with any customized items However, being polite when you request it is always appreciated.

Extra Cheese

Based on the way you enjoy your burger, you're allowed to request additional slices of cheese with any hamburger you're a fan of. Don't go overboard by asking for an extra 40 slices of cheese.

Instead, just 10 slices would suffice. If you want to order Extra Cheese on your burger simply request your preferred amount of cheese in the burger you are buying.

Extra Hamburger Patties

If you're worried that the standard burger you're served is enough for you You're lucky. Have you heard that it is possible to could choose the number of patties with any type of burger you like?

This is in perfect harmony with The Extra Cheese secret allowing you to select the amount of cheese and meat are included inside your hamburger.

For ordering Extra Hamburger Patties, you will need to ask for the number of extra patties for burgers that you think will be sufficient to satisfy your appetite.

Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

This trick lets you add bacon bits and bacon strips to make the form of a cheeseburger, which gives it that crisp bacon taste.

It may not be readily accessible everywhere, however so long as you have bacon bits on hand then they can create this burger. For ordering, just request an additional Bacon Bits and Bacon Strips on the cheeseburger.

Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger

What would you have thought of buns that can have a major impact on how you feel about your cheeseburger.

Making the choice to order Ciabatta buns instead of normal cheeseburger buns will give the cheeseburger a tasty bread base and bacon added and crisp bacon taste.

Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich

The delicious breakfast is filled with two eggs that have been fried and 2 slices of ham, 2 pieces of bacon, and two pieces of cheese that have been melted.

From here, you can include additional sausages or turkey along with any other ingredients that you think would be great in the breakfast sandwich. You can also personalize it to your liking.

For ordering this Loaded Grilled Breakfast Sandwich simply make a request and ask for any additional ingredients you think will go perfect with this sandwich such as additional sausages or turkey.

Mint OREO Cookie Shake

If you feel that the Vanilla OREO cookie shake seems too bland for you, or plain enough to not meet your palate's needs, then this menu item can be the answer to your issue.

Requesting Mint Ice cream instead of Vanilla in your OREO Cookie shake gives it that delicious chocolate mint flavor, however in a shake with ice cream. For ordering, simply request Mint Ice cream to be blended into your OREO Cookie shake instead of vanilla.

Sourdough Bread

This is a great fact that few are aware of. If you are ordering any kind of burger, request sourdough bread instead of the traditional sesame seed buns that they offer the customer.

which allows you to alter how the hamburger is made to give it a more delicious taste that everyone can appreciate. For ordering this option on your next burger, make a request for sourdough in place of the sesame seeds buns for the hamburger.

Jack In The Box Secret Menu Items You Need To Order

Jack in the Box marketers is known for their love of playing with the name of the restaurant and tout their capability to "think outside the box" when they introduce new and intriguing food options to their loyal fans.

For instance, the Tiny Tacos they introduced in 2020, small bites of food similar to chicken nuggets which is one of the most sought-after (full-sized) dishes on their menu.

In addition, because of their enthusiasm for "thinking outside the box," they encourage and support customers to tailor and personalize the food items they serve.

Your wishes are (more or more or) their staff's order that allows customers to mix, combine, and even add nearly anything on their menu to almost every other item.

The result is an amazing assortment consisting of "secret menu" items that are only limited by your own creative flair or lack of.

A selection of the most well-known hidden menu items offered by Jack in the Box is listed here. However, if you have any ideas of your own make sure to post them using the hashtag #JackHacks.

Jack in the Box marketing personnel is looking for new and innovative ideas and frequently post the ideas of their clients to Jack in the Box's Official Jack in the Box Social media pages.

The Strange History Of Jack In The Box's Jack

If it's about clowns in the fast-food industry, Ronald McDonald might be more popular with youngsters, but he's merely frills and has no real follow-through.

Yes, Jack Box Jack in the Box has a clown head with a ping-pong ring however, playing around is not the image that he portrays.

In the countless advertisements he's been featured in throughout the decades, Jack showcases himself as a businessman who can give people what they would like.

Sometimes, that's running for president, and other times, it's about making a meal that is a combination for those who are stoners.

Jack wasn't always the well-known character that people who love fast food are familiar with today, however. He was virtually absent from the restaurant during the 1980s and it was an illness to make him return.

From his bizarre head to his interests and commercial success This is everything you've thought about knowing -- or perhaps you've never even considered in regards to Jack Box.

Jack in the Box Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationjackinthebox.com/pdfs/nutritionalbrochure

To find out the nutritional breakdown of the food items in the Jack in the Box menu go to the link above.

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Jack in the Box Corporate Phone Number - (858) 571-2121

You can also contact the team of Jack in the Box by using the contact form on their website.

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