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jack in the box gluten free menu prices

Jack in the Box Gluten Free Menu With Prices

Similar to many fast-food eateries like the one above, like most fast-food restaurants, the Jack In The Box gluten-free menu isn't as extensive and perhaps more than other restaurants due to the types of food they offer.

However, this doesn't hinder their menu from offering some excellent alternatives if you're not afraid of having a bun-free burger in bowls or wrapped in fresh, crisp lettuce. You can savor the old Jack In The Box Favorites without worrying about triggering your gluten sensitivities.

Take a look at their complete list of Jack in the Box Gluten Free Menu products below:



Chicken Club Salad with Grilled Chicken$4.99
Grilled Chicken Salad$5.49
Side Salad$1.69
Southwest Chicken Salad with Grilled Chicken$5.49
Creamy Southwest Dressing$3.49
Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing$2.49
Ranch Dressing$2.99
Spicy Corn Sticks$3.99

Snacks & Sides

Chiquita Apple Bites with Caramel$3.49
French FriesSmall$1.89
French FriesMedium$2.09
French FriesLarge$2.29


Chocolate Shake with Whipped Topping$3.79
Strawberry Shake with Whipped Topping$3.79
Vanilla Shake with Whipped Topping$3.79


Oreo Cookie ShakeRegular$2.79
Oreo Cookie ShakeLarge$3.29
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry)Regular$2.79
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry)Large$3.29
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana, Mango, or Strawberry)Regular$2.99
Smoothies (Strawberry Banana, Mango, or Strawberry)Large$3.99
Premium Roast Coffee - HotRegular$1.49
Premium Roast Coffee - HotLarge$1.69
Premium Roast Coffee Iced (Original, Mocha, Caramel or Hazelnut)Regular$1.79
Premium Roast Coffee Iced (Original, Mocha, Caramel or Hazelnut)Large$2.69
Flavored Iced Tea$1.89
Bottled Water$1.69
Orange Juice$1.69
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaSmall$1.69
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaMedium$1.89
Fresh Brewed Iced TeaLarge$2.09
Fountain DrinkSmall$1.69
Fountain DrinkMedium$1.89
Fountain DrinkLarge$2.09


Note: These Items May Vary From Day To Day
Salted Caramel ShakeRegular$2.79
Salted Caramel ShakeLarge$3.29

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Jack In The Box

Jack In The Box offers an extremely limited selection of choices that are suitable for those who are not able to tolerate gluten from their diets. But, there are various options if you decide to remove the bun from your order and substitute it with a bowl or wrapped lettuce.

There are people who have been so impressed by the lettuce-wrapped hamburger that they've put aside the bun for good If that's not an affirmation that is ringing for the gluten-free alternative that we can't figure out what.

Below are some of the most popular gluten-free alternatives taken from Jack In The Box:

Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger

It's all in the title the way to heaven is contained in three small ingredients. Bacon Cheese, Bacon, and burgers. Three ingredients that tell an unending quality and beauty when it comes to burgers and is accessible to those with gluten-related issues. Get the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger without the bun and receive the most delicious lettuce wrap or bowl of hamburger.

You can get the Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger at $5.09

Chicken Club Salad W/ Grilled Chicken Strips

Its Chicken Club Salad is an excellent gluten-free choice of Jack In The Box. Jack In The Box menu, However, you'll need to request specifically that they not give you the strips of chicken that are breaded. Alongside your chicken, you'll receive a selection of delicious bacon pieces, crisp lettuce sweet cucumber slices, and tomatoes as well as cheddar cheese and onions to create your ideal dish.

Take home Your Chicken Club Salad for just $5.49

Hashbrown Sticks

It's a great comfort to find out that these items are listed on their menu with a gluten-free option. Curly fries aren't available because of the breading they use to keep their seasonings on the outside, but when you have salty, crispy warm hash browns instead, there's no reason to skip them! Additionally, they're quite affordable!

Have hash browns at $1.29 per serving.

Grilled Chicken Strips

If there's a thing that Jack In The Box does perfectly and consistently, it's their chicken. The option of grilling chicken from Jack In The Box provides the perfect chance to savor their chicken without worrying about the gluten content. Take these out and get the ranch-style sauce, and you'll be in the dipping paradise ahead.

You can purchase chicken strips for $4.69

Enjoy Jack In The Box’s Gluten Free Offering

The smiley appearance of Jack from Jack In The Box has been welcoming customers for years with delicious meals and a break from the stress of cooking your dinner.

Each year Jack In The Box innovates every year, bringing new products to add to their menu, and innovative ways to keep their classic offerings for the future. One of the steps towards this goal was the inclusion of gluten-free options available on the menu, along with the option of having your burger with no bun. If you're looking for an alternative to fast food that is gluten-free There are better options than Jack In The Box.

Jack In the Box History

Jack in the Box is an extremely successful U.S.-based fast-food restaurant chain that was established around 1951, by Robert Peterson. The company was founded in San Diego, California where it's currently located. It has more than 2200 locations in the western part of the United States, and a couple of cities located on the eastern shore.

The menu products they offer include cheeseburgers, hamburgers egg rolls, tacos, and tacos as well as other items. They also have a small sister company called Qdoba Mexica Grill.

Peterson launched the first store in San Diego along the main boulevard that runs through the city. The only thing he had was an intercom system, a drive-thru window space, and a tiny restaurant in which the hamburgers were served to drivers who were passing by for 18 cents.

In 1968 the restaurant was bought from Ralston the Purina Company. that expanded its operations to different regions of America including Phoenix, Arizona. Three years after, the company expanded into Texas which was where they launched establishments located in Houston and Dallas locations. By 1979, they had been operating over 1,000 restaurants.

Through the years the company has been working to expand their presence and is now present throughout 47 states in America and also Canada in Canada and the District of Columbia. Many believe that they are the market's leading fast-casual dining establishment.

Each of their restaurants offers food that reflects a passion for high-end ingredients, inventive menus, exquisite cooking, and friendly service. They also have a tradition of introducing new dishes in rotation every 3-4 months, which includes items like the Philly cheesesteak as well as the deli trio and delicious turkey.

The company also has seasonal foods like Oreo mint eggnog, pumpkin pie, and eggnog shakes, which are offered for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Additionally, in some locations, there are local delights included in their main food menu, for instance, the Paniolo Breakfast of Hawaii.

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