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In-n'out burgers are primarily focused on serving burgers in the American Southwest and the Pacific coast. The regions served by this fast-food chain comprise California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Utah, and Oregon.

This fast-food chain was created on the 22nd of October 1948, by Harry Snyder and Esther Snyder. The food chain is located in more than 300 locations across the five US states.

The chain's burgers offer three main types of burgers: hamburgers, cheeseburgers as well as double. These three types of burgers are available online for orders as well as catering services.

The catering services offered by the chain of burgers are great for corporate events, special occasions, weddings, picnics, and other events. The menu offered for catering services is identical to the menus offered in the on-site locations of the shop. The customers are attracted by the diverse types of burgers available at the shop.

The well-known double burger includes two hamburger patties as well as 2 pieces of cheddar. All the hamburgers come with tomato, lettuce, onions, and sauce

In N Out Catering Menu


Cookout Trailer

To reserve a date, we must have a signed contract and a $500 deposit.
Grilled Cheese$4.20
Fountain Drinks20 oz$1.99

Pros Of In-N-Out Burger Catering

The catering services are offered through the chain of burgers via their mobile burger truck which is also known as "cookout trailers. Cookout trailers are booked on a first come first basis.

It is available to specific locations within the store. It is powered by a generator and is managed by the store's staff. The burgers are freshly cooked from the grill trailer.

For additional services in addition to cooking out trailers, patrons may decide to have their food delivered or taken to any restaurant of the chain.

How To Order From In-N-Out Burger Catering

Catering services offered using the cookout trailer customers must reserve the trailer up to 6 months before the event. The deposit must be paid and a written contract for making use of the cookout trailer catering services.

There's also an online calculator for cookouts to help interested customers. The calculator requires the number of guests, the duration time, and the kind of food to calculate the cost of the order.

In addition to the grilling trailer, the chain is also able to take orders via the internet. Customers can also place orders via direct calls, emails, or via fax. The menu list is accessible at their site.

When choosing the food to choose there are other options on the menu, aside from hamburgers such as grilled cheese shakes, sandwiches, shakes, and other items. Burgers can be paired with a variety of side dishes.

The payment can be made with cash or by credit card. For cardholders with credit cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

In-N-Out Burger Catering Reviews

In-n-out burger has unique types of burgers that are known for their not-so-secret menu. This includes double meat, 3 X 3, 4 X 4, Protein style, and Animal style.

The 2 most unique styles are the protein style and animal style. Protein style is a burger wrapped in lettuce, while animal style is a burger wrapped in lettuce with tomato and a mustard beef patty.

For pick-up and delivery services of the burger chain, customers are encouraged to avail of the services from their nearest location. Delivery fees depend on the location of the customer.

The prices of the products of the burger chain are fairly reasonable. Compared to other burger chains on the market, in-n-out offers cheaper burgers but are fresh and delicious.

All the burger menu prices vary depending on the order. Customers can order solos while others can have the meal sets, which include drinks and fries. Meals are priced higher than solos.

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