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It's a great name for a business! It makes you wonder about the type of food they offer. Here's a little bit about Howlin Rays and the secret menu.

Howlin'Rays is located in Los Angeles, California, unlike any other secret menu pieces I have done for other companies. This is not a franchise.

There has never been a person who took over. Howlin'Rays is owned and operated by a husband-and-wife team who wanted to bring spicy hot chicken from Nashville to Los Angeles.

If you are in LA or visiting, this place is worth a visit! Johnny Ray Zone is the co-owner and chief chef. He hails from Los Angeles.

As an apprentice, he worked under some of the best chefs in Los Angeles, including Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsey, and Nobu Matsuhisa. This spicy fried chicken is seriously delicious!

The History of Howlin’ Rays Hot Chicken

Johnny's trip to Nashville inspired the idea for Howlin' Rays. Johnny tried Nashville Hot Chicken and it transformed everything. It changed Johnny's culinary dreams and desires to a new level.

Amanda Chapman was his wife and he took a tour through Nashville and hot chicken. They visited every place they could. They made great friends, learned a lot of hot chicken, and had great times.

They opened a food truck when they returned from Los Angeles. They soon found that there were large crowds at every location where they parked their truck. Johnny and Amanda opened their first Howlin'Rays restaurant in 2016.

The menu includes Wings, Skinny Jim (boneless chicken breast), Mario style Fries, Luis Style Sando, and The Sando (originally created by Amanda).

The Sando is a boneless chicken breast with slaw, trademark comeback, and pickles, all served on a butter roll. Side orders are also available.

Check the website to see when they open for returns. Los Angeles' great patrons will be able to wait for a meal at the restaurant.

These items are not available on the delivery-only menu. They can be found on their secret menu (and on the regular menu).

Howlin’ Rays Secret Menu

Luis-style Sando

This is a variation on the patty melt. Luis took some elements from Amanda's Sando and made his own version called the Luis-style Sando.

This spicy chicken breast is covered in cheddar cheese and topped with slaw. All of this is placed between two slices of thick, grilled, and buttered Texas toast.

JoJo-style Sando

Jojo has added a unique twist to the original Sando. This version takes elements from Skinny Jimmy's chicken 'n waffles to a whole new level.

Jojo-style Sando is a boneless chicken breast that has been topped with cheese and served between two waffles.

Maple syrup and powdered sugar can be added to enhance the flavor of this amazing Sando. This makes any chicken 'n waffles the best in the world.

Mario-style Fries

This item is currently only available for delivery but will be available in-house when they open. If you love cheese fries, Mario-style Fries are a must.

This is a step up from regular cheese fries. This amazing dish is created by Mario using the shake fries.

Mario-style Fries consist of french fries covered with cheddar cheese, pickles, and vinegar slaw. They add pieces of hot chicken to make this dish extra special.

Matt-style Fries

Another great creation from a crew member of Howlin'Ray's. Matt's version calls for shake fries that are covered with bacon, comeback sauce, and braised tomatoes.

Matt-style fries can be topped with lots of cheese and potlikker sauce (braising the juice from the collards greens). This delicious dish can be dipped in it or drizzled over top.

Juicy-style Fries

This is the last secret-menu French frank fry. Juicy-style Fries can be used as an appetizer rather than the main course. This is a smaller version of the shake fries, with some extra goodies to make it extraordinary.

This option is for those who like a lot of spice and flavor. The shake fries are seasoned with extra-hot seasoning, Trappy’s pepper vinegar, Comeback sauce, and Howlin’ Ray’s slaw. It sounds amazing, don't you think?

The Howlin’ Plus

This secret menu has a spicy option for those who don't like the hottest thing on the menu.

It is impossible to describe how hot it feels in words. Seriously!

People make jokes about how hot it is and comment on similar things.

They still claim it is the best-fried chicken sandwich they've ever eaten, even with milk or ice cream.

If you like spicy food, make sure to give it a try.

Summary of Howlin’ Rays Secret Menu

One of Los Angeles' busiest restaurants is Howlin' Rays. Orders can take anywhere from 45 minutes to five hours to be placed. They have some of the finest hot chicken dishes in California.

Six different spice levels are available at Howlin’ Rays for your food and taste buds: Country (no heat), Medium (feel it burn), Medium (feel that burn), Hot (burn baby), Howlin' (10++ cannot touch this). Howlin’ Rays can accommodate any food or taste preference.

Chef Johnny was part of Gordon Ramsey's opening of The London restaurant. He also joined a talented team in the opening of Thomas Keller's Bouchon Beverly Hills. He also appeared on Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay, Cutthroat Kitchen, and The Best Thing I Have Ever Ate.

Side note: Off-menu (secret menu items) can be stressful for crew members because they are so busy. Please remember that Not everything you see on social media (Twitter, Instagram) will be made when you dine at Howlin’ Rays.

Although they have a large, diverse following, there are many posts about the great food and fun times at Howlin' Rays.

However, they can't prepare anything you see in a photo. Grab your friends and family, and make sure to meet noble friends as you enjoy some amazing food at Howlin' Rays Los Angeles.

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