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Extreme Pita Menu with Prices 2022 - Extreme Pita Menu

How was your latest experience at Extreme Pita Restaurant? Did you like the Extreme Pita Menu and Prices 2022? Were the prices affordable to everyone? If yes, then you will surely visit the next time.

For checking the Extreme Pita's Menu Prices List, you can stay here to get all details about the Latest Extreme Pita Menu Prices from breakfast to dinner.

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Extreme Pita Menu Prices in 2022

Extreme Pita We Cater Menu Prices 2022

Mediterranean Dip Platter$34.99a platter of pita bread wedges with Mediterranean olives served with hummus, tzatziki & babaganoush dips. Serves up to 20 people.
Fruit Explosion Platter$34.99 - $44.99a delightful arrangement of fresh seasonal fruit prepared and placed for easy serving. Available in a regular platter (serves up to 10) and large platter (serves up to 20).
Salad Tray$29.99choose from a selection of salads including fresh veggie, traditional greek or classic caesar prepare a party salad complete with plates, napkins, and utensils. The salad tray serves up to 12
Premium Pita Platter$64.99this deluxe pita tray is made up of 10 regular-size pitas cut into halves. Pitas include the famous grilled chicken, chicken caesar, southwest beef bistro, and extreme club. This tray serves up to 15
Cookie Tray (Per Dozen)$4.99assorted freshly baked cookies by the dozen. Choose from chocolate chip, double chocolate chip, and white chocolate macadamia nut.
Cheese Platter$34.99 - $54.99this delicious platter combines a variety of cheeses, garnished with seasoned fruit.
Traditional Pita Platter$54.99an assortment of 10 regular-size pitas cut into halves and served on a party tray. This tray serves up to 15 people and includes roasted turkey, market-fresh veggie, ham, and falafel pitas.
Garden Veggie Platter$44.99run through the garden with this healthy combination of sliced veggies, served with a veggie dip. This tray serves up to 20 people.

Extreme Pita Combo Menu Prices 2022

Combo Includes a Med. Fountain Drink and Choice of Chips or 2 Cookies.$1.99
Upsize Your Drink$0.49

Extreme Pita Salads Menu Prices 2022

chillin'-n-grillin'! we use fresh romaine.

Classic Caesar$1.99 - $4.99 
Grilled Chicken$6.59chicken with a choice of veggies, cheese & dressing.
Grilled Chicken Caesar$6.59 
Fresh Veggie$1.99 - $4.99romaine, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, cheddar & choice of dressing.
Traditional Greek$1.99 - $4.99 

Extreme Pita Freestyle Pitas Menu Prices 2022

select your own toppings.

Tuna-Tuna-Tuna$4.29 - $5.29mixed with light mayo.
Turkey, Ham & Swiss$5.19 - $6.29with swiss cheese & light ranch.
Gyro (Year -Oh)$4.99 - $5.99try with tzatziki.
Extreme Club$5.19 - $6.29turkey, ham & bacon strips.
Sizzlin Sirloin$5.49 - $6.79seasoned to perfection!
Grilled Chicken$5.39 - $6.39#1 thrill of the grill.
Falafel Fanatic$4.69 - $5.69try with hummus & hot sauce.
Philly Cheese Steak$5.39 - $6.39customize your Philly.
Market Fresh Veggie$3.99 - $4.99 

Extreme Pita Extreme Pita Creations Menu Prices 2022

our chef-inspired recipes, or select your own toppings.

Big Country Chicken & Steak$7.49lettuce, tomato, sauteed vegetables, pickles, cheddar, light ranch & cajun dressing. Served in only one size. Reg.-9"
Chicken Caesar$5.49 - $6.49grilled chicken and bacon strips tossed with caesar salad. Shaken, not stirred! Sm.-6", Reg.-9"
Greek Chicken Colossus$5.39 - $6.39chicken tossed with greek salad and greek feta dressing. Sm.-6", Reg.-9".
Ranchero Chicken$5.49 - $6.49grilled chicken with guacamole & chipotle - mayonnaise. Sm.-6", Reg.-9"
Extras Add Bacon$0.99 - $1.79 
Extras Double Meat$1.29 - $1.99 
Double Philly Cheese Steak$6.49 - $7.49double meat, double sauteed vegetables & double cheese, perfect the way it is! Sm.-6", Reg.-9"
Extras Guacamole$0.49 
Extras Double Cheese$0.39 - $0.69 

Extreme Pita Flat Baked Pitas Menu Prices 2022

hot from the oven!

Hawaiian$4.99ham, pineapple & mozzarella.
Grilled Chicken$6.29grilled chicken, 3 veggie toppings & mozzarella.
Classic Veggie$4.794 veggie toppings, mozzarella, or feta.
Extreme Pepperoni$4.99double pepperoni & mozzarella.
Extreme Classic$5.29pepperoni, bacon strips, mushrooms & mozzarella.

Extreme Pita Just for Kids Menu and Prices 2022

for kids 12 & under. Too rad for mon & dad! Includes choice of kid's entree, small milk or juice box & goldfish crackers or a cookie.

Chicken Nuggets & Dip$3.99 
6''Cheese Flat Baked Pita$3.99 
Chicken Pita$3.996" pita with choice of 4 toppings & dressing.
Ham & Cheese Pita$3.996" pita with choice of 4 toppings & dressing.
6" Pepperoni Flat Baked Pita$3.99 

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