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Denny's secret menu list contains all of the off-menu options. Denny's has a large menu that includes both breakfast and lunch items, as well as burgers and chicken.

Did you know that Denny's offers some secret menu items as well? They do. It's important to find out what they are and how to ask them to make sure your server doesn't get confused.

Moons Over My Hammy is a safe option for late-night treats. However, if you're looking to venture out on the wild side and be a bit more dangerous, then read on!

What are the most delicious Denny's secret menu items What is Denny's secret menu offering?

This list of Denny's secret menu items is a great place to start if you're looking for the best Denny's options that Joe Average 2 am diner doesn't already know about.

Denny's secret menu includes both breakfast and dinner. There are options to satisfy every craving, and it packs a powerful punch.

Every location is unique, so each one will have a different result. Keep in mind that prices and menu options can change depending on where you are located.

You can take a food tour and discover the secrets of each Denny's.

It can be hard to get Denny's in compliance with your super-secret orders because this menu is so secret. You can still try it and become Denny's success story.

Danny’s Secret Menu With Prices 2022

Cheese Hash Browns

If you're cautious and order with confidence when you go to Denny's, the nice people behind the counter (the chefs, not the cooks) will make your cheesy hashbrowns. Although it's not on their menu, cheese-covered potatoes in scoopable forms are something dreams are made from. It's worth it.

Scrambled Eggs Cracked on the Grill

You may not know, but many breakfast places use powdered eggs to make scrambled eggs. You can tell the difference by how uniformly yellow the eggs are throughout.

When ordering fresh scrambled eggs that are real, you should specify "cracked on a grill" when placing your order. This will ensure the eggs don't come powdered or as a substitute for real eggs.

Grilled cheese sandwich

Cheese. Cheese and bread. All together, smooshed onto each other on a buttery grill. You might be unable to grasp the simplicity of this delicious combination of food. Grab a stalk of fresh broccoli and go on.


Bacon is an American icon and you can add bacon to any Denny's menu item. What about bacon in your oatmeal? Solid. Bacon on your spaghetti? Champion. Bacon in your ice cream? You are a culinary genius.

There are many menu options at Denny's that include bacon. If you don't like what you see, you can pick another dish and ask for bacon to be added. Bacon is a must-have ingredient in any dish.

French Toast Cheese Sandwich

Let's talk more about grilled cheese, as this is truly the Holy Grail for sandwiches if done correctly. Ask for the "French Toast Cheese Sandwich!" It is loaded with gooey, delicious cheese, squished between two fantastic, cinnamony French toast slices! Jackpot!

Tsing Tsing Chicken

Tsing chicken tastes delicious. Period. Problem? The problem? Although the menu may vary from one franchise to another, sometimes you can order it. You can simply tell them in detail what it is and they will be happy to help you. You'll get your Tsing Tsing Chicken if the stars align at the perfect angle.

Breaded Fish

There are no longer many Denny's menus that include grilled fish fillets. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat it. Ask your server about it, as with the other off-menu items.

Tell your server that you loved the breaded fish and are in desperate need of it - they'll forever be in Denny's debt for making the dish. You might get a wild look from the manager or server, but it's okay to ask.

Low-Carb Substitutions

Are you trying to reduce carbs? You can request to substitute certain items at Denny's, even if they don't offer a low-carb menu. Be aware that you will likely still end up paying full price or an additional fee.

For example, you could ask them to prepare your burger without a bun and request tomato slices or other vegetables (like green beans). You don't have to worry about calories or added carbs. With a few minor modifications, you can still avoid crashing your diet.

Denny’s Nutritional Information

Nutritional Informationdennys.com/assets/files/Dennys-Nutrition-Guide.pdf

You can check the link above to see the nutritional breakdown for all items on Denny's menu if you are a dietitian.

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