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Costa Vida food Menu Prices

Costa Vida Menu with Prices 2022

Are you looking for Mexican Food near you? Costa Vida Restaurant is the place to go for your preferred Mexican food. Before ordering the food, do you want to check the Costa Vida Menu Prices List 2022 on the internet?

If yes, then you’ve come to the right place to check the Latest & Current Costa Vida Menu Prices list. Moreover, you can also access the Costa Vida Secret Menu Prices

This article will show you about the Costa Vida Menu with Prices includes Costa Vida Breakfast Menu Prices, Costa Vida Meal Menu Prices, Costa Vida Catering Menu Prices given below.

Costa Vida Menu 2022 includes a range of burritos, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas, salads, appetizers, desserts as well as a range of beverages. Costa Vida Prices is affordable to everyone who is from a middle-class family.

In this blog, I have tried my best to provide correct information. Still, you have a doubt then you can check Costa Vida official site to view the accurate Costa Vida Menu and Prices.

Before going to the Latest Costa Vida Menu Prices List, I will lead to you an overview of Costa Vida Restaurant.

Background of Costa Vida

Costa Vida (Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill) is a Mexican restaurant chain in America. It was founded by JD Gardner and Sarah Gardner in 2003. The food chain has made a huge name in the market due to the quality of its food.

Costa Vida Menu Prices of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages 2022

Costa Vida Desserts Menu Prices 2022

Key Lime Pie$3.49
Tres Leches$3.49
Sweet Cinnamon Tortilla$0.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie$0.99

Costa Vida Specialties Menu and Prices 2022

Fajita Quesadilla (Steak)$10.49
Sweet Shrimp Tacos$7.291 Pc.
Fajita Taco (Steak)$6.991 Pc.
Fajita Burrito (Steak)$10.29
Fajita Taco (Chicken)$6.291 Pc.
Mango Chicken Salad$7.99Small
Sweet Shrimp Salad$8.49Small
Fajita Quesadilla (Chicken)$8.99
Sweet Shrimp Tacos$9.292 Pc.
Fajita Burrito (Chicken)$8.49
Sweet Shrimp Salad$9.79Regular
Mango Chicken Salad$9.29Regular
Fajita Taco (Chicken)$8.292 Pc.
Fajita Taco (Steak)$10.292 Pc.

Costa Vida Daily Specials Menu with Prices 2022

Friday - Grilled Chicken Burrito$7.49
Wednesday - 2 Chicken Enchiladas$7.49
Thursday - Small Pork Salad$7.49
Tuesday - 2 Pork Enchiladas$7.49
Saturday - Shredded Beef Burrito$7.49
Monday - Small Chicken Salad$7.49

Costa Vida Salads Menu Prices 2022

Salad (Shredded Beef)$6.99Small
Salad (Sweet Pork)$8.29Regular
Salad (Grilled Chicken)$6.99Small
Salad (Shredded Beef)$8.29Regular
Salad (Beans and Cheese)$5.99Small
Salad (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$7.99Small
Salad (Beans and Cheese)$7.29Regular
Salad (Grilled Chicken)$8.29Regular
Salad (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$9.29Regular
Salad (Sweet Pork)$6.99Small
Salad (Grilled Steak)$9.79Regular
Salad (Grilled Steak)$8.49Small

Costa Vida Nachos Menu and Prices 2022

Nachos (Shredded Beef)$6.49Small
Nachos (Sweet Pork)$8.49Regular
Nachos (Cheese)$5.49Small
Nachos (Grilled Chicken)$8.49Regular
Nachos (Sweet Pork)$6.49Small
Nachos (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$7.49Small
Nachos (Cheese)$7.49Regular
Nachos (Grilled Chicken)$6.49Small
Nachos (Grilled Steak)$7.99Small
Nachos (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$9.49Regular
Nachos (Grilled Steak)$9.99Regular
Nachos (Shredded Beef)$8.49Regular

Costa Vida Enchiladas Menu and Prices 2022

Enchiladas (Cheese)$4.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Shredded Beef)$5.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Steak)$9.292 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Chicken)$7.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Chicken)$5.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Grilled Steak)$7.291 Pc.
Enchiladas (Cheese)$6.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$8.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Sweet Pork)$5.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$6.791 Pc.
Enchiladas (Sweet Pork)$7.792 Pc.
Enchiladas (Shredded Beef)$7.792 Pc.

Costa Vida Tacos Menu and Prices 2022

Tacos (Sweet Baja Shrimp)$7.291 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Chicken)$5.791 Pc.
Tacos (Raspberry Chicken)$8.792 Pc.
Tacos (Sweet Pork)$7.792 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Steak)$7.291 Pc.
Tacos (Sweet Baja Shrimp)$9.292 Pc
Tacos (Shredded Beef)$7.792 Pc.
Tacos (Sweet Pork)$5.791 Pc.
Tacos (Shredded Beef)$5.791 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Chicken)$7.792 Pc.
Tacos (Grilled Steak)$9.292 Pc.
Tacos (Raspberry Chicken)$6.791 Pc.

Costa Vida Other Choices Menu and Prices 2022

Extra Tortilla$0.50Large
Extra Tortilla$0.25Small
Cilantro Lime Rice$1.39
Extra Queso$0.99
Chicken Tortilla Soup$3.99
Chips & Salsa$2.99
Extra Sauce$1.99
Extra Dressing$0.99
Chips & Beans$2.99
Extra Sour Cream$0.50
Chips & Fresh Guacamole$4.49
Chips & Queso$4.49
Extra Guacamole$0.99
Extra Salsa$0.99

Costa Vida Burritos Menu and Prices 2022

Burrito (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$8.49
Burrito (Sweet Pork)$7.49
Burrito (Grilled Steak)$8.99
Burrito (Bean and Cheese)$6.49
Burrito (Grilled Chicken)$7.49
Burrito (Shredded Beef)$7.49

Costa Vida Quesadillas Menu and Prices 2022

Quesadillas (Cheese)$6.79
Quesadillas (Sweet Pork)$7.79
Quesadillas (Grilled Steak)$9.29
Quesadillas (Grilled Chicken)$7.79
Quesadillas (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$8.79
Quesadillas (Shredded Beef)$7.79

Costa Vida Drinks Menu and Prices 2022

Bottled Water$1.79
Fountain Drink$1.99Regular
Bottled Beverage$2.39
Fountain Drink$2.29Large

Costa Vida Baja Bowl Menu and Prices 2022

Baja Bowl (Grilled Chicken)$5.99
Baja Bowl (Sweet Pork)$5.99
Baja Bowl (Beans and Cheese)$5.99
Baja Bowl (Grilled Steak)$6.49
Baja Bowl (Raspberry Chipotle Chicken)$6.99
Baja Bowl (Shredded Beef)$5.99

With this post, I have presented all information about the Costa Vida Menu and Prices list, which will surely help you before visiting the Costa Vida or ordering food online.

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