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Coffee, has anyone said coffee? That's the one aspect I will never do without my daily existence...can anyone relate?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) was established in 1963, making it the largest and oldest privately-owned specialty retailer of tea and coffee within the United States. It was founded by Mr. Herbert Hyman founded Coffee Bean as a coffee-making service for offices in 1963.

In the 1970s, there were in the 1970s, there were 10 Coffee Bean locations in Southern California. A worker in 1987 brought a blender in to work. It was used to blend chocolate powder, ice, along with coffee extract. This is what created Coffee Bean's distinctive Ice Blended drinks.

The first CBTL store opened around 1968. It was located in Brentwood the upscale suburb of Los Angeles. CBTL roasts all their coffee beans with a hand and blends each the teas they sell.

While it was founded by a couple in Los Angeles, it's now an international company that has stores located in over 30 nations. it's currently part of Jollibee Foods Corporation, which is located within the Philippines. In 2017 there were over 1000 Coffee Bean establishments. Some are franchises while some are owned by individuals.

CBTL Has an Amazing Drink Menu!

Coffee Bean sells an array of teas made from whole leaves and whole bean coffees. They also sell baked products, hot coffee, hot tea, iced tea, and their signature Ice Blended drinks. Coffee Bean Coffee Bean offers seven different kinds of coffee: flavored reserved, decaffeinated soft and medium, as well as more.

All of the beans were made from Camarilla, California and come from farms located in other countries. Coffee Bean also offers many festive drinks for the holidays, including gingerbread red velvet cake peppermint and more.

I'd like to talk about some of the aspects that make CBTL distinctive. Let's take a look at their menu items on the inside.

Five of these Coffee beans secret menu items were uncovered through conversations with an Coffee Bean barista.

Note: These items are not as well-known than other menus . Be ready an explanation of the menu with your barista.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s (CBTL) Secret Menu

1). Bubble Tea Latte (no bubbles)

On the regular menu of Coffee Bean, it is possible to order English or Black Breakfast tea. This is the basis of their Bubble Tea Latte that is without bubbling (the bubbles are actually tiny Tapioca pearls).

The barista in the neighborhood Coffee Bean shop will take the strong English breakfast tea Ice, Vanilla Powder along with White Chocolate Powder and put all of them together in the cup.

Its Bubble Tea Latte is mellow and is reminiscent of milk-flavored tea. It's also possible to ask for the decaffeinated English breakfast tea in case you prefer. Instead of vanilla powder, you could try hazelnut powder. This Bubble Tea Latte is super easy to order. Simply like an chilled English breakfast tea, topped with Gula Melaka syrup.

It is not the Boba tea! There aren't any pearls of tapioca in it. I wanted to make sure that everything is transparent so that you don't get off because my friends who enjoy the boba tea are very specific about it!

To order: Request an iced large English breakfast tea Latte with Extra Vanilla as well as white chocolate.

2). Soy Vanilla

This menu item secretly switches on the "Iced Vanilla" which has skim or fresh milk (upon demand) within it. The beverage, Soy Vanilla, is very popular with kids and people who want to stay clear of dairy products. Soy Vanilla is a popular drink among those who are trying to avoid dairy. Soy Vanilla drink is also not caffeine-free!

What I love the most about this drink is its soy-based milk Coffee Bean uses enhances the scent of vanilla powder, making it more flavorful and that sweet vanilla scent!

I would recommend drinking this slowly while enjoying the smooth flavor and the rich vanilla scent.

To order: The next time you go to an Coffee Bean, ask for an Iced Vanilla made with soy milk.

3). Tea Latte Ice-Blended

Coffee Bean Coffee Bean has a variety of tea-based lattes available for customers to pick from. The tea lattes are particularly excellent when they are "iced. If you're having an Ice-Blended beverage that is a signature You will experience an improved flavor and can reduce the sweetness.

A Tea Latte Ice-Blended drink is the ideal drink to sip if you will be enjoying the summer sunshine. It is simple to purchase, you only need to choose which flavor of tea you prefer:

  • Chai
  • Chocolate Chai
  • Earl Grey
  • African Sunrise
  • English Breakfast
  • Tropical Passion
  • Morrocan Mint

To order: Once you've selected the tea flavor, please ask them to blend it with ice.

4). Swedish Lemon/Mint-Lime

Coffee Bean stores offer three main varieties of the iced tea they serve:

  • Swedish Berry
  • Peach Jasmine
  • Ceylon Black Tea

In the majority of cases that happens, your Coffee Bean barista will use the Ceylon tea unless you tell them otherwise.

It is a refreshing tea. Swedish Berry tea is characterized by a slight sweet taste that blends well with mint-lime tea, and others.

To order: Once you're at the counter and want to purchase the tea, make a request for a mint-lime lemon or mint-lime ice tea with Swedish Berry tea.

It's true that the lemon will bring a bit more acidity to the tea, but it's incredibly refreshing and will not make you make your face pucker. If you decide to use the mint-lime syrup instead you'll enjoy a delightful tea that has a subtle minty flavor.

5). Affogato-Style Ice-Blend

What exactly is an Affogato you may ask? This can be described as an Italian coffee-based dessert. Usually , it is made using an ice cream scoop (or vanilla) ice cream followed by the hot espresso.

Based on the place you purchase the Affogato there are numerous flavours you can select from other than hot espresso.

In the Coffee Bean establishment, you receive a small treat on the side of your Affogato-style Ice-Blend.

The barista uses the vanilla-flavored base with an aroma-rich shot of strong, hot espresso, and then top it off with delicious Oreo Cookie Bites!

This is an extremely sought-after menu item that is secret in Coffee Bean, and definitely it is worth trying when you have children with you!

To make a purchase: All you need to do is to ask for an ice-blend of pure vanilla with espresso, and cookie crumbles on top!

Wrap Up of the CBTL Secret Menu

With all the other varieties of tea and coffee that are offered at Coffee Bean establishments, there will surely be other delicious and tasty drinks one can create. But remember, you don't wish to make them too overwhelming for the barista to prepare.

The CBTL baristas have much stress and are typically very busy. Therefore, if you decide to create your own unique menu item, ensure that it's easy to prepare.

I wish there was the Coffee Bean location closer to the place I live! I love ice-blended beverages and there are several of their tea flavors that make my mouth go sour. I'm going to the market and purchasing tea (bags unfortunately) to create some tea-flavored iced drinks with Slushy Ice. That's as close as I will be to having a delicious Coffee Bean regular or secret menu item.

If you live near the Coffee Bean location, you must visit at some of the secret menu items listed here.

Facts about Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Most People Don’t Know

Here are some things I discovered while conducting research for this article as well as visiting the shops. A few fun facts to discuss with your colleagues:

  1. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf were established in 1963 making it the biggest privately-owned tea and coffee retail store across the United States. It changed course when it was purchased in the year 2019.
  2. The first branch was opened within Brentwood, CA, a luxurious area of Los Angeles in 1968.
  3. The result of an employee "experiment" in 1989 is the reason for the birth very first Ice Blended.
  4. You can purchase an Ice Blended as either: " Extreme" (double coffee with none milk) or " Ultimate"(with Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans0
  5. Coffee Bean is now an international chain of coffee shops with locations across more than 30 countries!

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