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Cinnabon Uk Menu With Price 2021 – Cinnabon Uk Menu Price Near Me

Check Cinnabon Uk Latest Menu Prices For September 2021

Cinnabon uk prices

Cinnabon Menu and Prices in UK 2021 - Cinnabon UK Menu

Craving some bakery items? Head out to the nearest Cinnabon to have some amazing food and a great time. Probably, you do not wish to visit the restaurant without knowing their latest menu. So in this article, I will share the latest Cinnabon Menu Prices List UK 2021.

To get Cinnabon UK Menu with Prices, read this post carefully in which I will try to provide all requisite information about the Latest Cinnabon Menu Prices in 2021 (United Kingdom). Because the restaurant can change its cost anytime.

Cinnabon prices are reasonable and comparable. You and your family can enjoy your favorite sweet here. So, without waiting, let’s check the latest Cinnabon Menu and Prices in UK Updated.

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Cinnabon Menu Prices Updated 2021 UK

Cinnabon Baked Goods Menu Prices 2021

Baked GoodsRegularExtra FrostingRegular Classic LemonadeRegular Vanilla Cold BrewCaramel Pecan ToppingBonBites™ (4 Count)
Center of the Roll5.49+0.99+4.49+4.99+0.30+6.19
Classic Roll6.29+0.99+4.49+4.99N/AN/A
Caramel PecanBon®6.59+0.99+4.49+4.99N/AN/A
Baked Goods5 (Pc.)10 (Pc.)
Cinnabon Stix®5.496.49

Cinnabon CinnaPacks™ Menu Prices 2021

BonBites™ CinnaPack™17.99
MiniBon® CinnaPacks™ (9 Pack)17.99
Classic CinnaPacks™ (4 Pack)17.99
Caramel Pecan BonBites™ CinnaPack™ (16 Pack)20.99
Half Frosted, Half Caramel Pecan25.99
MiniBon® CinnaPacks™ (15 Pack)
Caramel Pecan MiniBon® CinnaPacks™ (9 Pack)
Half Frosted, Half Caramel Pecan (9 Pack)
Caramel Pecan BonBites™ CinnaPack™ (15 Pack)
Half Frosted, Half Caramel Pecan (15 Pack)
Classic CinnaPacks™ (6 Pack)
Caramel Pecan Classic CinnaPacks™ (4 Pack)
Half Frosted, Half Caramel Pecan (4 Pack)
Caramel Pecan Classic Classic CinnaPacks™ (6 Pack)
Half Frosted, Half Caramel Pecan (6 Pack)

Cinnabon Beverages Menu Prices 2021

Hot Coffee2.49
Hot Cocoa3.79
Cold Brew Iced Coffee4.49
MochaLatta Chill®4.99
Bottled Water2.99

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