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It's not difficult to see why Chipotle is among the most popular Mexican fast-food establishments in the nation.

They not only serve delicious food items but the products they serve comes made from animals that are grown naturally and their veggies are produced on farms that are environmentally friendly.

This is enough reason to select Chipotle however, once you have a taste of Chipotle's secret menu Chipotle secrets menu Well, you'll be hooked by Chipotle!

Similar to many restaurants with secret menus The trick is to know what's offered. There are various ways to make certain choices so that your food is a lot more delicious without adding to the cost.

Also, since eating out at restaurants on a regular basis isn't always possible due to financial limitations, these tips for food are essential when you wish to take pleasure in a wonderful dinner at a reasonable price.

Chipotle is an American food chain that usually handles Mexican food items. Chipotle is recognized for its exceptional food, which is known for its high-quality food and service all across America. However, the majority of people are aware of their menus but however, they do not have a secret menu.

What's the most appealing thing of a secret menu? taking a meal at an establishment that's not offered on their menus regularly. Chipotle's secret menu isn't too difficult to access.

All you have to be able to do is to inquire for items such as Burritodilla, Quesadilla, Fresh Cilantro or any other items that are available on their menu that is secret.

Chipotle Secret Menu Items, Tips, & Tricks

1) Burritodilla

A Burritodilla is among the most well-known items on the Chipotle menu secretly. It's essentially a quesadilla and burrito in one.

It is filled with fillings such as carnitas and fajita vegetables and guac. These are typical for burritos, however it is loaded with cheese in it.

It is similar characteristics to Quesarito however the primary distinction between Quesarito and a Burritodilla is the fact that Quesarito is extremely tiny in comparison to the Burritiodilla. A Burritiodilla is designed for people with a big appetite.

2) Double Wrapped Burrito

If you wrap your burrito with 2 flour tortillas, instead of just one it is Double Wrapped Burrito. This is among Chipotle's best-kept menu items is available. The tortilla on top adds chewy inside goodness to The double wrapped Burrito.

Let's look at the nutritional value of the Double Wrapped Burrito.

Carbohydrates210 g
Fat45 g
Protein91 g
Sodium3960 mg
Cholesterol230 mg
Vitamin A52%
Vitamin C71%

3) Double-Decker Taco

Double-decker tacos is a taco inside the cheese taco. The standard taco is the top and bottom that Taco is packed with cheese.

One important thing to be aware of is it is the Double-Decker Taco is not Chipotle's regular menu.

If you wish to place an order for the Double-Decker Taco from Chipotle's secret menu, then you have to specify that you'd like an ordinary taco that is served on the cheese taco.

Let's take a look at the nutrition breakdown of the Double-Decker Taco.

Total Fat15 g
Cholesterol30 mg
Sodium730 mg
Carbohydrates39 mg
Protein14 g
Vitamin A10%
Vitamin C4%

4) Nachos

It's possible to believe that Nachos are a common Mexican food item, but it's not something that can be found on a typical Chipotle menu.

The nachos that are served at Chipotle's menu are tortilla chips that are topped with proteins lettuce, beans along with sour cream and your choice of salsa.

Let's find out what nutrition benefits Nachos on Chipotle's menu of secret items have.

Fat17 g
Cholesterol16 mg
Sodium722 mg
Potassium152 mg
Carbohydrates32 g
Protein8 g
Vitamin A9%
Vitamin B-610%
Vitamin C1%

5) Quesadilla

It's among the most famous dishes you can get from Chipotle's menu of secret items. Quesadilla is an easy two flour tortillas that are crispy with cheese that has been melted inside.

You can get inventive by picking the beans or salsas you like to put in Quesadilla.

Fat15 g
Cholesterol37 mg
Sodium745 mg
Potassium183 mg
Carbohydrate24 mg
Protein15 g
Vitamin A5%
Vitamin B-65%
Vitamin C0%
Vitamin D2%

6) Quesarito

Quesarito: A Quesarito is a burrito of standard size that is wrapped in the quesadilla. Instead of meat, the Quesarito is filled with cheese it.

The secret menu item at Chipotle isn't for those with a small stomach, as it contains lots of protein-rich toppings. It is possible to add other toppings to your Quesarito too.

Let's take a look at what nutrients are contained in Quesarito.

Carbohydrates100 g
Fat49 g
Protein87 g
Sodium2340 mg
Cholesterol260 mg
Vitamin A36%
Vitamin C34%

7)  Taco Salad

Certain locations of Chipotle offer Taco Salads instead of burrito bowls. What is what makes Taco Salad so special is the crispy flour tortilla is also eaten.

It's among the most delicious meals you can find at Chipotle. However, on the other hand, it is also a Taco Salad bowl is one of the toughest secret menu items you can find because it is not available at all Chipotle places offer this unique Taco Bowl.

Carbohydrates32 g
Fat26 g
Protein51 g
Potassium519 mg
Sodium1305 mg
Vitamin A40%
Vitamin B-65.5%
Vitamin C57%

8) Single Taco

If you're not hungry but nonetheless in the mood of eating Tacos and tacos, you can order one single Taco in Chipotle rather than three. A single taco is great for children with a lower appetite.

The Single Taco with margarita or beer is ideal when you're at Chipotle with your buddies.

So let's look at the nutritional value you get from just one Taco.

Calories120 g
Fat1.5 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium95 mg
Carbohydrates25 g
Protein3 g

9)  Cilantro

Cilantro is a healthy herb that can be found from the menu items offered by Chipotle for absolutely free if you request for it.

It can be requested to add a flavor to your favorite taco, bowl burrito or salad. The herb of Cilantro offers many health benefits which are why we should check it out.

Fat0.5 g
Sodium46 mg
Carbohydrates3.7 g
Protein2.1 mg
Vitamin D0%

10) The 3-Pointer

The 3-Pointer is an exclusive kind of burrito that's limited to just three ingredients. You are able to choose any of three toppings for your burrito. It is less expensive than a standard burrito.

It's a very basic dish, yet it is loved by all who have the pleasure of tasting it.

11) Extra Shells

One of the great things about Chipotle that very few people are aware of is that they offer free shells to those who wish to have additional shells when they purchase the Burrito Bowl.

If you're at Chipotle and want to make your own tacos or burritos, simply make a request and they'll offer you free tortilla shells or taco shells.

12) Extra Fillings

There are some who are not satisfied with the number of fillings they receive in their burritos. However, if you're in Chipotle it is possible to order additional fillings for all their meals.

Although it could cost you a few dollars, it'll elevate your dining experience to the next level. In my opinion, it's worth paying for additional veggie-based fillings If you're in Chipotle.

13) Extra Cheese

If you're an avid cheese-lover and are hesitant to request additional cheese in any restaurant, don't be afraid to ask for it at Chipotle. At Chipotle you can request additional cheese along with the food item you're ordering.

You've been warned You can request extra cheese to go with almost every item.

How to Order from Chipotle’s Secret Menu?

The secret menu for ordering is very simple however, there are times when you cannot simply go to Chipotle's restaurant and inquire with an employee about the menu that is secret.

If you'd like to purchase any of the items I have mentioned previously from Chipotle's secret menu this is the way to accomplish it.

1.) One of the simplest methods to purchase Chipotle's secret menu is simply soliciting for it. Go to Chipotle's location and talk to an employee about Chipotle's secret menu. If the employee is permitted to divulge it to you, then you're in good shape to go.

But what happens if Chipotle's employee isn't permitted to reveal your secret menu? You can apply the technique below.

2) Visit Chipotle's restaurants and assume there is an unofficial menu. Simply order any item from their menu. However, when you order, inquire from the server how many toppings or fillings it is possible to include.

3) If the Chipotle employee accepts the modifications you wish to create with Chipotle's menu, then your Chipotle's secret menu items will soon be on your table.

4.) However, if an employee isn't happy with the changes to the food items, then do not argue with them. Since it is Chipotle's rule to not divulge secret menu details to anyone.

Bonus Tip: Increase your serving size

Here's an illustration of how to make your burritos:

  1. Choose a burrito bowl in place of a tortilla wrap since you'll have at minimum 15 percent more ingredients.
  2. You can ask for some tortillas to go along with your meal.
  3. Choose between white and brown rice.
  4. Find pinto and black beans.
  5. Half or more of the meat of your choice.
  6. Find the corn salsa and fajita vegetables.

If you follow the directions You will be left with two nearly full-sized burritos. Take it all in, or split it up with a partner.

The staff at Chipotle Chipotle, every employee is trained to give customers what they ask for.

In response to Chris Arnold, the Chipotle's director of communications, "If it's something we can do, we'll do it.

" What this means is that if you are looking to place an order for something that's not offered on their menu take it to them anyway. Most likely, they'll cook it exclusively for you!

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