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Carl’s Jr. Secret Menu

Carl's Jr is among America's most loved fast-food chain restaurants and with good reason. The company was founded in 1941 and has honored its name and proven itself to be a great restaurant worth visiting.

Carl’s Jr Secret Menus, however, has the most known hidden menu items at Carl's Jr., which you might have never thought of. From their nutritious Low Carb It(r) selections and The Chicken Stuffed Star.

your Carl's JR. experience could not be like. Check out the other secret Menu products we are offering for you.

Here is the latest news.


Carl's Jr. Secret Menu

Below are the latest Carl's Jr. Secret Menu Items

Chicken Stuffed StarSpicy Chicken Sandwich between two burger patties$6.29
Low Carb It ®Lettuce wrapped burger of your choice$4.99+
Swap Your Combo ®Fries and soft drink swapped for a salad and bottle of water$6.69
Trim It ®Mayonnaise and cheese is excluded while wheat buns and chicken is included$4.19+
Veg It ®Burger ordered without the meat revealing it as a Veggie Burger$4.59+

Chicken Stuffed Star

If you've ever heard about the Land, Sea, and Air Burger and you enjoyed the taste, this should be the first item you try on your next trip to Carl's Jr. A mouthwatering hamburger made from a Carl's Jr, Super Star burger with a unique twist, which is the inclusion of the Spicy Chicken sandwich.

This incredibly delicious burger is sure to satisfy your appetite and mouth with plenty of delight for you to taste. To purchase this delicious bundle of joy, just ask for the Spicy Chicken sandwich as well as the Super Star burger.

then place it on top of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich between the 2 parties that make up The Super Star burger finalizing the creation of this amazing burger.

Low Carb It®

If you're a fitness enthusiast and want to get a head start on your diet, the Carl's Jr low Carb It(r) alternative is exactly what you require.

Make any of your favorite Burgers into healthier alternatives by using Carl's Jr, Low Carb It(r). This option lets you change the buns on the burgers you like by wrapping them in lettuce, cutting between 200 and 300 calories.

For this healthy version of your preferred burger, just ask to low Carb it, or ask for it to be wrapped in lettuce.

Swap Your Combo®

This is a healthier alternative for Carl's Jr, calorie-filled meal. It swaps out their fries and soft drinks for something healthier (salad as well as a water bottle) within the regular dinner. For this healthier Carl's Jr, meal deal simply asks for a swap combination with any meal you purchase.

Trim It®

If you'd like to cut down on the calories in your favorite Carl's Jr or burger, this Trim It(r) choice is what you require. The Trim It(r) option eliminates cheese or mayonnaise but offers alternatives for buns, wheat buns, beef, and chicken.

For this tasty healthy alternative to an excellent Carl's Jr, burger simply requests the cashier to trim It(r) or order your preferred burger served on wheat buns. You can also leave out items that you consider to be unhealthy including cheese or mayonnaise.

Veg It®

It's a Secret Menu item is for those who are vegetarians. If you thought that an American restaurant that serves burgers, such as Carl's Jr., could not possibly become vegetarian then you're incorrect. The Vegetarian It(r) option offers a vegetarian option for any of your favorite burgers. In place of chicken or beef, the burger is made vegetarian along with other veggies as well.

Swap Your Combo

You can also swap out the items in your Combo in Carl's Jr.'s secret menu to get healthier alternatives. There is a time when you can visit every Carl's Jr.

store you can swap fries and soda to get an alternative that is far healthier. To do this, grab your salad and bottled water instead of the sweet drink and the greasy fries.

This is a fantastic option if you like eating salad over fries or are trying to lose weight and want to eat healthier, this is the ideal alternative for you. It is common to purchase a salad with a side and then purchase an ounce of water to refill with soda from your fountain.

It is generally less expensive than the combo but is a classic option if you choose to upgrade to bottled water. It's a good idea to make the most of your hard-earned cash.

The trick is to exchange soft drinks and fries for a healthier and amazing alternative, which is bottled water and salad. Although it may not sound like a lot of fun, however, your overall health should be the top priority. If you want to order this request, the barista will switch your order to bottled water or salad.


Its Carl's Jr. restaurant is remarkable with numerous chain stores around the world. The restaurant serves a tasty menu made of naturally sourced and top-quality ingredients. In addition, they offer a unique menu that grows over time.

Go to any of the Carls and sample one of the dishes on their secret menu from the list, and you can be sure that you will enjoy it.

Carl’s Jr. Nutritional Information

Carl’s Jr. Nutrition

You can obtain the nutrition information and calories on the Carl's Jr. menu by clicking on the links above. You can also determine the calories based on your food habits by using the calculator for nutrition above.

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