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burger king secret menu prices

Burger King Secret Menu With Prices 2022

Check out your Burger King menu and you will discover a variety of your favorite and delicious burgers, both vegetarian and meat shaped such as Burger King's Whopper, Big King, and BK Stackers, the BK Chicken Fries, Chicken Tenders.

and The Spicy Bean Burger and many other options like breakfast sandwich Yumbo as well as sausage. However, whenever you're feeling adventurous, ask for one of the options in the Burger King's Secret Menu.

A note for the well-being aware In the event you're going down the"mystery menu" street make sure you save it for "treat day" and absolutely take pleasure in the dangerous flavor of BK's tender and delicious meat, as well as the generous garnishes!

Burger King Secret Menu Prices


Burger King Secret Menu

Below are the latest Burger King Secret Menu Items

BK BLTOriginal BLT toppings added to a Whopper or Whopper Jr.$1.79-$3.49
BK ClubAdditional Cheese, Bacon, and Tomato on a Chicken Sandwich$3.99
BK Ham and CheeseHam and Cheese on a BK Sesame Seed Bun$1.99
FringsHalf Onion Rings and Half French Fries$1.19-$2.29
Mustard WhopperSubstitution of Mustard for Mayo in a Whopper or Whopper Jr.$1.29-$3.49
Rodeo BurgerAdditional Onion Rings and BBQ Sauce on a Cheeseburger$1.49
BK Suicide BurgerSpecial Sauce with four Beef Patties and four Slices of Cheese topped with Bacon and a Bun$3.99
BK Veggie WhopperVeggie Patty substituted for Beef for a Whopper or Whopper Jr.$3.49

Below, You'll Find Additional Information And Details on Every Food Product.

Rodeo Burger

It's no secret that the Rodeo Burger, or Rodeo King in some places, as they refer to it, is featured on and off menus for a long time.

There have been several variations of this burger, due to its popularity and the most recent one is Rodeo Stacker King. Rodeo Stacker King. However, due to the hidden menu, it's feasible to order it at any time, even if you're a fast-food chain that doesn't advertise the item on its menu.

For the price of $1.49 each, you'll get Burger King's version of the popular west-coast bacon cheeseburger. Choose a Whopper or the Whopper Jr. and then request the BBQ sauce as well as onion rings to the Burger.

If you try the first bite, you will be able to understand why it's not available on The Burger King's Secret Menu.

Suicide Burger

Don't be concerned about the $3.99 price tag. Instead, be happy that it's dubbed Suicide Burger all things considered You are basically granting an hara-kiri experience.

which is well-being-focused and a healthy lifestyle with this mix consisting of 4 hamburger patties four cheese slices and generous helpings of bacon, as well as Burger King's unique sauce sandwiched between sesame seed bun.

It's delicious, but don't have plans to speed up your pace for a couple of hours after being energized!

If the name "Suicide Burger" threatens you but you're seeking something substantial, you can request you the Quad Stacker. Burger King will be just overly positive, making it difficult to satisfy the desire for a four-layer stack of good-for-you tastiness.

Burger King Club

For an additional $3.99 at the top of your bill, you can enjoy an un-customary chicken sandwich that is different from other fast-food restaurants' offers.

The sandwich is warm and sesame seed buns that are loaded with a tasty combination of chicken tenders and bacon, just as Burger King can make it as well as bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheddar.

In the event that you make this arrangement and receive the satisfaction of a straight face, there is no fear, this BK novice has probably not had a clue about this menu choice Simply change your order towards your order of the Original Chicken Sandwich and afterward include the toppings of cheddar bacon, tomatoes, and cheddar.

Mustard Whopper

Burger King is known for the generous spread of mayonnaise over sesame seed buns. It enhances the flavor of the patty, as well as its freshness. vegetables used in the fixings.

However, many people do not appreciate the creamy texture of mayonnaise on their burgers. So, in this way, Burger King thought of the Mustard Whopper.

Like its name suggests it is the most expensive Whopper, but with mustard as the base, rather than the velvety mayonnaise. It is possible to request a mayonnaise and mustard combo both options being completely free.


Burger King Secret MenuDepending on your appetite, you can pay $1.79 for Whopper Junior or $1.79 for Whopper Junior as well as $3.49 for the Whopper and both are Burger King's take on BLT. BLT sandwich.

Although the Whopper is the moment a delicious sandwich and is not being sold by anyone else, there's always a chance to improve in Burgers.

Because of The Burger King BLT, you get the excellent Whopper and its tasty meat patties, topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and then add fresh bacon strips over. The thought of bacon, hamburger, and veggies on sesame seed buns will cause your mouth to water.

The Burger King Ham and Cheese

For only $1.99 per order, You can get your own Burger King Ham and Cheese sandwich for just $1.99. The thing that makes it unique is the delicious gooey quality of the dissolved cheddar that is poured on top of the Ham.

Just ask the server for the standard ham, and cheddar but add the sesame seed bun, and voilà! A delicious dish that can be used as a dinner option for the budget-conscious and midriff conscious.


A delicious half-breed made of French french fries as well as onion rings, you'll never have to choose the one that will accompany your dinner.

Don't worry about it since Burger King has figured out the way to satisfy your desire for both the delicious snacks and the delicious Frings! It's basically the half of French fries with half onions, in one order, with prices starting at $1.69 for a small portion and $2.29 for a substantial.

Veggie Whopper

Here's the shocking Burger King secret menu secret The secret menu in BK is made with meat. or on it. Perhaps you're vegetarian, or perhaps you are just looking for a delicious meat-free dinner. Whatever the case, you can get this delicious meal at any of the Burger King locations.

Our Summary

If you're not keen to test this recipe's Burger King menu secrets, you're probably not the biggest lover of their charbroiled beef burgers in the end. We're just joking slightly who isn't a fan of a test, isn't it?

Everyone has their own preference for the places they would like to go and what they don't like eating, but that's okay, but these foods are designed for dedicated Burger King lovers.

Certain people like McDonald's, (See )obviously one of Burger King's largest competitors, McDonald's actually sued Burger King in the past in a commercial which spoke in a negative way about McDonald's and also the actress Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) was also the target of negative reactions from the lawsuit due to the fact that she was featured in the commercial. She was a young girl at the time , however.

Some of these foods might be simple to order but others might be difficult due to the staff members' inability to comprehend the best way to make them or the restaurant might be out of or does not have the ingredients such as Hamburgers from Burger King or Cheese.

The various locations of the restaurant chose to include some of these items to their menu. most popular can be found in known as the Rodeo Burger. As you'd think Burger King didn't already have plenty of delicious selections available on the menu you now can try more options

Drop us a line and inform the Junk Food community know what your experience with the SecretMenu items have been and which one you would prefer!

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