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burger king gluten free menu prices

Burger King Gluten Free Menu With Prices

Here's the entire Burger King gluten-free menu. Burger King doesn't have many gluten-free options. Certain items, including some of the patties they use for their burgers, are gluten-free.

However, they make use of lettuce that is shredded. This basically means that if are looking to purchase a gluten-free hamburger, you'll get all the ingredients, minus the bun, which is served in the form of a salad bowl.

The Gluten-Free menu at Burger King isn't without its limitations that are the most important one of which is that the restaurant's kitchen doesn't have the capacity to provide the most gluten-free food.

If you go to Burger King and are affected by a gluten allergy you'll have to pick carefully from their menus while knowing that every meal is a chance to roll the dice.

Therefore, it's strongly advised that those suffering from extreme gluten sensitivities stay away from this establishment completely.

For those who are willing to risk it (or those who cannot resist their Whopper desire), There are options to make it more secure.

Take A Look At Their Complete Burger King Menu of Gluten-Free Choices Below:


Meats, Eggs & Side Dishes

Whopper Patty$4.19
Whopper PattyMeal$6.49
Whopper Jr. Patty$2.19
Whopper Jr. PattyMeal$5.29
Hamburger Patty$1.00
Tendergrill Chicken Filet$3.69
Bacon Slice$1.49
Ham Slice$1.00
Egg Patty$0.99
Sausage Patty$1.19
French Fries$1.39

Sauces, Dips, Dressing & Beverages

Chocolate Fudge Sauce$1.39
Tartar Sauce$1.09
Barqs Root Beer$1.19
Coca-Cola Classic ICEESmall$1.19
Coca-Cola Classic ICEEMedium$1.59
Coca-Cola Classic ICEELarge$2.09
Coca-Cola Classic$1.79
Diet Coke$1.79
Dr. Pepper$1.79
Minute Maid$1.79
100% Apple Juice$1.29
100% Orange Juice$1.69
Nestle Pure Life$1.09
Purified Drinking Water$1.09
Seattle's Best Coffee$2.19
Mocha FrappeSmall$2.59
Mocha FrappeMedium$3.09
Mocha FrappeLarge$3.59
Caramel FrappeSmall$2.59
Caramel FrappeMedium$3.09
Caramel FrappeLarge$3.59
Tropical Mango SmoothieSmall$2.49
Tropical Mango SmoothieMedium$2.99
Tropical Mango SmoothieLarge$3.49
Strawberry Banana SmoothieSmall$2.49
Strawberry Banana SmoothieMedium$2.99
Strawberry Banana SmoothieLarge$3.49

Produce, Condiments, Dairy and Desserts

BK Fresh Apple Slices$1.39
Lettuce, Sliced Onions$1.19
Carrots, Sliced Tomato$1.19
Garden Fresh Salad with Apple and Cranberry with Tendergrill Chicken$2.59
Breakfast Syrup$1.09
Grape Jam$1.09
Honey Ketchup$1.09
Strawberry Jam$1.09
Sliced Pickles$1.00
Processed American Cheese$1.09
Three Cheese Blend$1.29
Fat-Free Milk$1.29
1% Low- Fat Chocolate Milk$1.39
Chocolate ShakeSmall$2.49
Chocolate ShakeMedium$3.09
Chocolate ShakeLarge$3.59
Vanilla ShakeSmall$2.49
Vanilla ShakeMedium$3.09
Vanilla ShakeLarge$3.59
Strawberry ShakeSmall$2.49
Strawberry ShakeMedium$3.09
Strawberry ShakeLarge$3.59
Caramel Sundae$1.59
Chocolate Fudge Sundae$1.59
Strawberry Sundae$1.59

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Burger King

One of the most well-known methods to stay away from the gluten in Burger King involves ditching the bun and opting to what's essentially the Whopper Salad. Their salad menus offer some options.

most of the meat-free and grilled chicken options, however, it's crucial to keep in mind that cross-contamination can be a problem when ordering from BK. BK. A few of the most secure options for those wanting to avoid Gluten but still enjoy their BK fix are listed below.

Choose your option from the following list:

Garden Fresh Salad

It is the most secure food item that is gluten-free. The garden fresh salad is made up of carrots, tomatoes lettuce, and other vegetables to create a tasty side salad. Many gluten-free clients can enhance the taste by adding grilling chicken or a chopped-up whopper that is added to the salad. add a few slices of cheese and you'll have an alternative to the Whopper.

The salad itself is an incredible option for $5.59

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

If you're planning to get this, you'll prefer to skip on the bun portion of it. We do recommend to our customers is to top it off with bacon and cheese, and substitute it with fresh lettuce to make the wrap. This light and delicious sandwich are topped with the fresh flavor of the lettuce making it extremely healthy and refreshing.

The Grilled Chicken from their menu is available at $4.99

Soft-Serve Ice Cream

On Burger King's comparatively limited menu of gluten-free choices, there are soft-serves. These delicious desserts make an excellent accompaniment to your meal and can add sweetness to your choices. Mix it with strawberries, hot fudge, or caramel sauce and you'll find it to be an excellent way to finish your dinner.

You can enjoy a sweet reward for only $1.00

BK Fresh Apple Slices

A very popular alternative to their fries or tater tots BK Fresh Apple slices are a popular alternative to tater-tots or BK Fresh Apple slices bring back the crisp crunch that you are used to from fries. You can use them as a healthy substitute for the traditional options. They may not satisfy the sweet craving you get when you crave fries, but they can help in completing a dinner in Burger King.

Get your apples today for only $1.49

Enjoy Burger King’s Gluten Free Offering

It's true that it isn't much you'll be able to appreciate when you dine at Burger King if you're avoiding Gluten. In contrast to other establishments, they haven't taken the time to offer a gluten-free dining experience for their patrons.

nor have they changed their kitchen layout in order to prevent cross-contamination with the other meals that are being prepared. If you find that your Burger King craving is too for you to ignore, ensure that you take all precautions and inform them that you're trying to avoid gluten.

Burger King history

Keith Kramer and Mathew Burns his wife's uncle, who resided in Jacksonville, Florida were looking for a restaurant concept. In 1953, they built the stove they named Insta-Broiler and later renamed their establishment Insta-Burger Kings.

The idea was conceived by David Edgerton and James McLamore, Cornell University classmates who visited the hamburger stand which was run by the McDonald brothers. The year 1954 was when James along with David bought an instant-Burger-king Franchise in Miami.

The rapid growth of the Miami region made it the perfect location to begin an eatery chain, however, it was not the case that Insta Broiler required adjustments. Edgerton and McLamore created a gas grill, which they dubbed Flame-broiler. It was much more effective than the install-broiler.

The year was 1959. Edgerton and McLamore bought Burns and Kramer out. In the meantime the company was growing with their famous Burger The Whooper was a hit in all parts of the United States.

in 1967 Burger king was bought by the Pillsbury Company for $18,000,000 and in the year 1970, it was the second-largest burger chain following McDonald's.

The year 1978 was when Burger King poached Donald N Smith the Executive from McDonald's who changed the contract between the company and prevented owners from being franchisees. They were also prohibited from having stores that were further than an hour from their homes, thus creating loyalty.

Along along with Long John Silver, his former employer, they created the Burger King fish sandwiches Wendy's chicken sandwiches, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. In the year 1980, Burger King's sales increased by 15%. At that point, Smith was taken over by PepsiCo. This resulted in a dramatic reduction in sales.

Norman Brinker who Pillsbury bought the restaurant chain Steak and Ale was charged with starting a burger war, advertising which claimed Burger King's burgers were larger in size than McDonald's in turn, and at the same time turning the business around.

Brinker later quit launching their own Chili's restaurant chain which resulted in another major drop in sales. This was what made it simple for British firm Grand Metropolitan PLC to take over the fast-food chain. They changed their distribution techniques and soft drink contracts to Pepsi to Coca-Cola as well as worked together with Walt Disney to feature in Disney films, and expanded Burger King's reach across the world.

It was 1992 when the Burger King headquarters in Miami was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. in 1997, Grand was a part of Guinness and Guinness to form Diageo plc which paid more concentration on its alcohol-related properties, including Johnnie Walker, Guinness, and Moet& Chandon, and did not pay attention to Burger King leading to a drop in sales.

With the assistance of Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital, Burger King was purchased at $1,500,000, and an IPO was launched in 2006 which brought in $425 million in revenues. The Whopper Bar concept was introduced which let customers see their burgers being made. The company expanded and, in 2010, was acquired by 3G Capital for a price in the range of $3.2 billion.

Final Word

Burger King does not have many options for you for those who eat gluten-free. Certain items are safe, however, we would prefer they could offer an alternative lettuce wrap or gluten-free buns for their sandwiches.

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