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bonefish grill gluten-free menu prices

Bonefish Grill Gluten-Free Menu

Bonefish Grill Gluten-Free Menu has a lot of choices to choose from when you're trying to stay away from gluten. They also have a menu that is gluten-free and offers a broad selection of gluten-free food.

Take note that they do not warrant that there is no cross-contamination because of a shared cooking area. However, they advise that you should inform them before ordering if you've got any special dietary requirements or allergies to food.

Also, having a separate menu that lists every dish they serve that is gluten-free is very beneficial!

Seafood, especially the type that is not fried is among the best options when you are allergic to gluten or allergies, or at the very least, make sure that the seafood you purchase is cooked with cornmeal exclusively.

With that said, Bonefish Grill is a fantastic option for satisfying gluten-free food. If you suffer from Celiac Disease, food allergies, or NCGS or NCGS, then Bonefish Grill will be a pleasant change.

Just like you would at any meal, you should make your server informed of cross-contamination concerns in order to stay sure. It is never a good idea to risk being sick even if it is preventable.

Just because something is secure in one establishment do not assume that the same to be true in other places.

Find Bonefish Grill's delicious Gluten-free menu here:



Bonefish Caesar, no croutons$4.90
Bonefish House$4.90
Grilled Salmon and Asparagus Salad$13.90
Florida Cobb Salad$11.90


Mussels Josephine$10.50
Saucy Shrimp$8.90

Grilled Fish

Chilean Sea Bass$24.80
Atlantic Salmon$14.80
Sea Scallops and Shrimp$16.90
Longfin Tilapia$15.30
Cold Water Lobster Tails$27.00

Fish Sauces

Mango SalsaComplimentary with meal
ChimichurriComplimentary with meal
Lemon ButterComplimentary with meal

Grilled Specialities

Lily's Chicken$14.50
Filet Mignon USDA Choice$15.30
The Angler's Steak Special 6 oz., 11 oz.$15.30, $18.30


Garlic Whipped Potatoes Steamed BroccoliComplimentary with meal
Herbed Jasmine Rice Steamed AsparagusComplimentary with meal
Haricot VertsComplimentary with meal
Vegetable MedleyComplimentary with meal


Macadamia Nut Brownie$6.50
Creme Brulee$6.90

Popular Gluten-Free Items at Bonefish Grill

The Bonefish Grill's top gluten-free menu items are delicious.

They serve dishes like steaks, salads, fish desserts, and much more It is a place where you won't leave the restaurant feeling deprived due to having to eat another tomato and lettuce salad because of the food insensitivity.

Mussels Josephine $10.50

This delicious, garlicky, and buttery creation is absolutely delicious (read Duh-vIne). They can be cooked up in a warm pan using butter, onions garlic, and other fresh flavors until they are tender perfection.

This dish is just as gorgeous as it tastes great.

Chilean Seabass $24.80

This deliciously grilled fish with the perfect Asian sauce tastes tasty and perfectly served.

Scallops And Shrimp $16.90

There's nothing more mouthwateringly soft than scallops, and when you add the sweetness of shrimp, this could very well be a match to be the perfect dish.

Crème Brulee $6.90

Do you think this isn't the most delicious dessert ever? It's a heavenly indulgence and I wouldn't have it any different way.

Then, Bonefish Grill does it right by caramelizing properly the top. There shouldn't be any compromises in this area, and restaurants.

Enjoy Bonefish Grill’s Gluten Free Offerings

Take advantage of Bonefish Grill's GF options, and get happy to even get sauces along with your food items, like the mango salsa that is delicious and lemon butter. Woo Hoo!

Bonefish Grill History

Bonefish Grill is an American seafood chain restaurant established by Chris Parker and Tim Curci in the month of January within St. Petersburg Florida. The two were motivated by their love for the process of preparing, catching, and serving fresh-caught seafood.

Their aim was to provide an unforgettable dining experience for their patrons. The company is committed to a method of ensuring that every meal is perfect they create.

According to them, a good dish is more than just placing dishes on the plate. Instead, it's an entire dining experience, from the beginning until the finish beginning with the fresh, seasonal fish to custom-made cocktails and personal customer service.

The menu is known as being creative and fresh, with the most popular offerings including fresh, seasonal fish as well as popular with guests "Bang Bang Shrimp".

Each dish is cooked using the ideal amount of spice, focusing on the natural flavors and textures that originate from the finest of ingredients and tried-and-tested recipes.

Bonefish Grill was acquired by Bloomin' Brands on the evening of October 5th in 2001. At that time, the chain had only three locations. In 2006, five years later they announced the launch at their 100th establishment.

In December of 2015, the business had five franchised Bonefish Grill locations, and the company-owned 210 restaurants spread across 28 states of the U.S.

In all restaurants, they follow everyday routines of cooking that are focused on perfecting their style of eating. Bonefish Grill makes a point to greet guests who walk in their door, to ensure that they receive the personal attention they require.

They are also known for their ability to speedily complete orders such as the hand-crafted martini that will take only a few seconds to prepare, despite having been made to perfection and shaken a minimum of 20 times.

Freshness is their trademark. Furthermore, Bonefish Grill is involved in a variety of charitable causes, like their involvement with the American Red Cross Society. It also adheres to corporate responsibility by pursuing sustainable business objectives, such as the study of ocean status and global trends and biomass, as well as product authenticity and many more.

About Bonefish Grill

Bloomin Brands, based in Tampa, Florida owns and manages Bonefish Grill, an American casual seafood restaurant chain.

Company NameBonefish Grill Restaurant
Company TypeWholly owned subsidiary
Industry TypeCasual Dining Restaurants
FoundedJanuary 15, 2000; 21 years ago
FounderTim Curci, Chris Parker
2202 North West Shore Boulevard, Suite 500
Tampa, Florida, U.S. 33607
Number of locations215  As of 2015
ProductsAmerican cuisine (Seafood)
Parent CompanyBloomin’ Brands

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