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Bao Las Olas Menu with Prices 2022

If you have come to this website, then you must be searching for the latest Bao Las Olas Menu Prices list on the internet. Bao Las Olas offers a wide range of tasty and healthy food. The restaurant has created such an atmosphere where customers can enjoy food and feel freely. 

Here, I will also tell you about the latest prices in this particular post as well as Bao Las Olas Meals Menu Price, Bao Las Olas Catering Menu Price, Bao Las Olas Breakfast Menu Price. Also, you have a prospect to access the Bao Las Olas Secret Menu Prices.

To be frank, I am trying to provide the exact amount still, you can visit Bao Las Olas Menu's official site. Because the restaurant can change its cost anytime. Check below Bao Las Olas  Menu Prices.

Bao Las Olas Menu Price of Drink, Desserts, Soup, Salads, Beverages 2022

Bao Las Olas Snacks Menu Prices 2022

House Pickles$5.00
Edamame With Truffle Salt$8.00
Togarashi Sweet Potato Fries$6.00
Apple And Napa Kimchee$6.00
Cassava & Wonton Chips$4.00

Bao Las Olas Chardonnay Menu Prices 2022

Walnut Crest$8.00
La Crema$12.00
Educated Guess$10.00

Bao Las Olas Tapas Menu Prices 2022

Thai Beef Salad$14.00grilled skirt steak, arugula, watercress, radish, roasted tomato vinaigrette
Pork Dumplings$9.00lemon soy, hot chili oil
Vietnamese Chicken Wings$10.00lemongrass, chili, fresh herbs
Popcorn Tofu$9.00crispy tofu, five-spice, sweet tamari soy
Sake Steamed Clams$13.00ginger, miso, togarashi crostini
Korean Street Tacos$10.00barbequed skirt steak, napa cabbage slaw
Lobster Tempura$19.00Maine lobster tail, corn, avocado, mango, chipotle aioli, and Singapore black pepper sauce
Chinese Sticky Ribs$11.00st. Louis pork ribs, apple kimchee, arugula
Kurobuta Yakitori$13.00snake river farm pork belly, cauliflower puree
Lettuce Wraps$11.00minced chicken, jicama, shitake mushroom
Blue Crab Rangoon$10.00blue crab, macadamia, sweet chill sauce
Organic Miso Soup$6.00shitake mushrooms, tofu, scallions
Artisanal Salad$9.00heirloom tomatoes, avocado, ginger miso dressing
Charred Octopus$14.00thai papaya mango salad, thai vinaigrette
Har Gow Dumpling$10.00wild gulf shrimp, chili oil, crispy shallots

Bao Las Olas Pinot Noir Menu Prices 2022

Carmel Road$12.00
Noble Vines$8.00

Bao Las Olas Large Plates Menu Prices 2022

Vietnamese Lemon Grass Pork$24.0014oz all-natural pork chops, Vietnamese salad, heirloom tomato
Soba With Crispy Tofu$19.00steamed seasonal vegetables, roasted mushrooms, edamame, organic soba noodles, sweet organic tamari soy
Galbi Korean Barbecue$26.00marinated all-natural black Angus short rib with Korean condiments
Filipino Pancit Canton$21.00ramen noodle, bok choy, pork belly, shrimp, chicken
Shaking Beef Tenderloin$34.00Strauss all-natural grass-fed beef, red watercress, shallots, mushrooms
Herb Crested Salmon$26.00black "forbidden" rice, baby carrots, macadamia, edamame, coconut, and carrot puree
Miso Bronzed Chilean Sea Bass$32.00eggplant, baby bok choy, balsamic tamari reduction
Sesame Chicken$19.00crispy all-natural chicken breast, crispy rice noodle, blood orange caramel sauce
Crispy Whole Fish watercress, mango, papaya, a fresh herb with Thai sweet chill, Chinese black bean, Vietnamese lemongrass sauce
5 Spice Chicken$25.00grilled Joyce farm chicken, onion tempura, black "forbidden" rice, basil soy
Togarashi Spiced Rib-Eye$47.0016oz bone-in all-natural certified black Angus beef yuzu, mashed potatoes, roasted seasonal vegetables, garlic soy

Bao Las Olas Riesling Menu Prices 2022

Chat. St Michelle$10.00

Bao Las Olas Malbec Menu Prices 2022

Don David$10.00

Bao Las Olas Port Menu Prices 2022

Fonseca Bin 27$12.00

Bao Las Olas Signature Cocktails Menu Prices 2022

Each Cocktail Is Hand Crafted By Our Bar Tenders And Made To Bring You Happiness. Extras: Rocks Pour $3, Double Pour - 2x The Price, Redbull $2.

Bangkok Basil$13.00absolut vodka muddled with fresh basil and ginger topped with sprite
Asian Sunrise$13.00fresh oranges muddled with orange vodka and pomegranate juice
Abhita$12.00bacardi rum mixed with banana liqueur and pineapple juice topped with a splash of midori
Spiced Raspberry Mojito$15.00fresh muddled raspberries with mint, lime, captain morgan spiced rum topped with Chambord raspberry
Pom-Tini$12.00absolut vodka is shaken with pomegranate juice and lime

Bao Las Olas Merlot Menu Prices 2022

Walnut Crest$8.00
Frog's Leap$14.00
Hook & Ladder$12.00

Bao Las Olas Bao Buns Menu Prices 2022

Artisan Steamed Buns, Made Fresh Daily With Your Choice Of Meat Or Tofu. Topped With Pickled Cucumbers, Fresh Herbs, And Your Choice Of Sweet Potato Fries Or Asian Salad. (2 Bao Buns Per Order).

Blackened Catch Of The Day$9.00grilled herb crusted
Black Angus Skirt Steak$10.00 
5 Spice Tofu$10.00tossed with wheat-free tamari soy
Five Spice Tofu$8.00 
Kurobata Pork Belly$10.00snake river farms slow-braised pork
Kurobuta Pork Belly$10.00 
All Natural Chicken$9.00grilled all-natural chicken breast, basil soy
Ashley Farm All Natural Chicken$9.00 
Blackened Fish Catch Of The Day$9.00 
Korean Spiced Skirt Steak$10.00natural black Angus beef, chili garlic-Asian chimichurri

Bao Las Olas White Blends Menu Prices 2022


Bao Las Olas Cabernet Sauvignon Menu Prices 2022

Black Stallion$12.00
William Hill$8.00
Louis Martini$10.00

Bao Las Olas World Of Beer Menu Prices 2022

Kirin Light$7.00japan
Bud Light$5.00USA
Left Hand Milk Stout$7.50USA
Miller Lite$5.00USA
Rekorderlig Pear Cider$9.50Sweden
Innis & Gunn Rum Barrel$8.00Scotland
Ommegang Witte$9.00USA
Red Nectar$7.50USA
Kirin Ichiban$7.00japan
Stella Artois$6.00Belgium
Dogfish Head 60Min IPA$8.00USA
Krombacher Pils$7.00German

Bao Las Olas Champagne & Sparkling Wine By The Glass Menu and Prices 2022

La Marca$12.00
Innocent Bystander$10.00

Bao Las Olas Bowls Menu Prices 2022

Select One Of Each

A. Crispy Tofu$10.00tossed with wheat-free tamari soy
B. Sides Jasmine rice, chilled soba noodles, brown rice, salad
A. Scottish Salmon$14.00grilled herb crusted
A. Lemon Grass Shrimp$13.00grilled black tiger shrimp
A. Kurobata Pork Belly$12.00snake river farms slow-braised pork
D. Garnish papaya & mango salad, fresh herb salad, apple kimchee, pickled vegetables
C. Veggies cauliflower, green beans, Chinese eggplant, roasted mushrooms
A. Korean Spiced Skirt Steak$13.00natural black Angus beef, chili garlic-Asian chimichurri
E. Toppings crushed peanuts, fresh chilies, toasted sesame seeds, crispy shallots, and garlic
A. 5 Spice Chicken$12.00grilled all-natural chicken breast, basil soy

Bao Las Olas Pinot Grigio Menu Prices 2022

Santa Margherita$14.00

Bao Las Olas Red Blend Menu Prices 2022

The Riddler$10.00

Bao Las Olas Raw Menu Prices 2022

Kamikazi Tuna$15.00brown rice tempura, avocado, chipotle, aioli
Wild Sock Eye Salmon Tartar$13.00caviar, shallots, olives, white soy, wasabi, cream
Ahi Poke$16.00big eye tuna, sweet onions, seaweed, sesame
Chinese Sticky Ribs$11.00st. Louis pork ribs, apple kimchee, arugula
Tuna Tataki$16.00petite salad, avocado, tamari balsamic vin
Tropical Ceviche$12.00fresh seafood, mango, jalapeno, passion fruit
Hamachi Guacamole$14.00edamame, fresno peppers, shiro shoyu
Japanese Hamachi Sashimi$12.00mango, fresno peppers, yuzu, cilantro

Bao Las Olas Small Plates Menu Prices 2022

Chinese Sticky Ribs$9.00st. Louis pork ribs, apple kimchee, arugula
Seafood Tumeric Rice$13.00Jasmine rice, scallop, shrimp, salmon, veggies
Pork Dumplings$8.00Meyer lemon soy, hot chili oil, fresh herbs
Lettuce Wraps$10.00chicken, jicama, shitake mushrooms, hoisin
Blue Crab Rangoon$10.00blue crab, macadamia, sweet chill sauce
Bao Fried Rice$12.00Jasmine rice, chicken, pork belly, shrimp, peas
Edamame$5.00sea salt
Truffled Mushroom Rice$10.00brown rice, roasted wild mushrooms, haricot vert

Bao Las Olas Sauvignon Blanc Menu Prices 2022

Oyster Bay$8.00

Bao Las Olas Rice Menu Prices 2022

Seafood Turmeric Rice$13.00jasmine rice scallop, shrimp, salmon, green peas, beans sprouts
Truffled Mushroom Rice$11.00brown rice, roasted wild mushroom, haricot vert
Bao Fried Rice$12.00Jasmine rice, chicken, pork belly, shrimp, peas

Bao Las Olas Shiraz Menu Prices 2022

Layer Cake$10.00

I hope you like my post, which is about the Bao Las Olas Food Menu Prices list. It will definitely help you to order online or visit the restaurant, So check out Bao Las Olas Restaurant Menu Prices.

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