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Arby's Catering is enjoyable and delicious. If you're looking for a place to host the catering for a team or party or other occasions that can be accommodated, Arby's will be glad to assist you. Arby's catering options include particular meals that fall under Hot Meats and Cold Meats Market Fresh Sandwich Plates, as well as many other. Do you need a quick, delicious meal for your birthday celebration? Arby's Catering has a chicken tender party package specifically for you. Do you require food that's more appropriate for a lavish event? Arby's catering provides family-friendly salads. Select your preferred salad from the inexpensive, wide menu. Arby's Catering will provide you with fresh, hot food that you'll feel happy to share with your guests. Check out the following menu for more details as well as more details.



Arby's Meats

Roast Beef (1lb) (5-pound minimum)$9.99
Chicken Tender Party Pack (25 Chicken Tenders)$20.00
Deli Meat Platter (serves 12-16)$32.00
Deli Meat & Cheese Platter (serves 12-16)$38.00

Market Fresh Sandwich Platters

Market Fresh Turkey & Swiss (serves 6-8)$29.00
Market Fresh Ham & Swiss (serves 6-8)$29.00
Market Fresh Roast Beef & Swiss (serves 6-8)$29.00

Market Fresh Farmhouse Salad Platters

Farmhouse Turkey and Ham Salad (serves 6-8)$20.00
Family Salad (serves 6-8)$12.00


4" Sesame Bun (1 doz)$4.00
3.5" Sesame Bun (1 doz)$3.50
Slider Bun (1 doz)$3.50
Onion Bun (1 doz)$6.00
Sub Roll (1 doz)$6.00
Star Top (1 doz)$6.00
Harvest Wheat (1 doz)$6.00
Market Fresh Bread (1 loaf)$6.00


Gourmet Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookies (1 doz)$18.00
Gourmet Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookies with Salted Caramel Choc. Chip (1 doz)$18.00
Gourmet Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookies with Triple Chocolate (1 doz)$18.00
Gourmet Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookies with Mix of Both (1 doz)$18.00
Turnovers with Apple (1 doz)$12.00
Turnovers with Cherry (1 doz)$12.00
Turnovers with Mix of Apple & Cherry (1 doz)$12.00

Market Fresh Boxed Meals

Roast Turkey & Swiss$7.00
Pit Smoked Ham & Swiss$7.00
Roast Beef & Swiss$7.00


Forrest And Leroy Raffel opened the first Arby's in Boardman, Ohio in 1964. The Raffel brothers, who owned of a company selling equipment for restaurants, were thinking about how fast-food restaurants were focused solely on hamburgers. They decided that opening an eatery that isn't primarily focused on serving hamburgers may be an excellent idea. The menu they came up with is a small menu that is focused on their signature item roast beef sandwiches. Likely, their distinctive concept quickly caught the eye of the locals. Soon enough, customers are waiting in line to taste their delicious food options delivered quickly in a posh restaurant. In the present, after more than five decades of experience in the food business, they are still a popular spot to get gourmet, affordable sandwiches.


Arby's is known for its eight meat sandwiches of the highest quality that are cooked and prepared using the highest level of expertise to achieve the most delicious taste. Here are a few of their most popular sandwiches:

  • Reuben Freshly cut premium corned beef with melting Swiss cheese and garnished in sauerkraut with Thousand islands dressing. Sandwiched between freshly baked marbled Rye bread.
  • Roast Turkey and Swiss Cheese - oven-roasted turkey with Swiss cheese fresh tomatoes, lettuce and red onions. Dressed with sweet brown mayonnaise and honey mustard and then sandwiched between toasted honey wheat loaf.
  • Roast Turkey, Ranch and Bacon Sandwich Roast Turkey, Ranch and Bacon Sandwich turkey, served with Swiss cheese bacon that is thick-cube fresh tomatoes, lettuce as well as red onions drizzled with ranch sauce made of peppercorn and sandwiched between toasted honey-wheat bread.


If you're looking for tasty and deliciously fresh sandwiches to serve at your next event, Arby's is a good option. With their extensive assortment of delicious meat sandwiches as well as fresh salads and dessert platters that are priced at a good price and with a great price, you can rest assured that everyone will be delighted with the food you serve them.

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Advantages for Arby's catering

Arby's catering is famous for its delectable roast beef sandwiches, which are ideal for those occasions that you require an easy way to feed your guests for small gatherings, parties, or large corporate celebrations.

Arby's catering menu offers great platters, sandwiches, and appetizers, all at reasonable prices that are ideal for events with a small budget.

With the catering services of Arby's, you can offer delicious food to your guests, without costing you a dime.

How do I make an order at Arby's Catering Arby's catering

Arby's most popular dishes include American classics such as the roast beef cheese melt, as well as curly fries. The amazing food choices for your next event are thanks to Arby's low-cost catering.

As is the case with Arby's quick service making an order on their website is simple. Just comply with these guidelines and you'll be on your way to a successful purchase.

  • Visit the catering site of Arby's.
  • Choose the closest DRM Arby's location in your region.
  • Choose the location you want to visit.
  • Input the date and time at which your order will be required. Make sure that your order is made at a minimum of 24 hours prior to the date you need it.
  • Select the dish you would like to serve and then enter the number of servings required.
  • Enter your details.
  • Select the delivery method you prefer, then click submit. They charge a minimum amount of $20 for delivery.

After submitting the form, a member of their staff members will be in touch to complete your purchase. Arby's accepts credit cards of all major types and their prices on their website may change.

You can also contact Arby's location closest to you to get speedier service for placing your order. Their menu is accessible at their site for information, so make sure to check the menu before making an appointment. Make sure to make your reservation at least 24 hours in advance.

Arby's Catering Reviews

With Arby's complete catering menu you'll never be able to choose from the many food items you can serve your guests on your next occasion. From sandwiches, meats boxed food, and much more, the catering service from Arby's is ready to serve you.

Here is an estimate of the cost for Arby's catering service in regards to size groups:

  • For smaller groups of 4-6 people, prices can range from $30 to $50.
  • For small groups of 6-10 Costs are between $60 and $70.
  • For large groups of more than 10 people, the cost is around $80 or more.

The choice of whether you would like to pick up your order from the store or deliver it to your address is up to you. Be aware that there is a minimum charge of $20 for delivery.

If you compare it to other catering companies offering American classics Arby's Catering is an ideal choice if are seeking a good meal at a reasonable price.

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Arby’s Supporting Hours

Weekdays (Mon-Fri)10 am to 9 pm
Weekends (Sat & Sun)10 am to 9 pm (business Saturday)
10 am to 6 pm (Sunday)

Note: Some outlets may close up to 12 at night, so please check ahead of time.

Arby’s Happy Hours

Monday to Sunday2 pm to 5 pm

During their happy hours, Arby offers its $1 Dollar Limited-Time menu but it may vary from location to location, so we suggest you check your location ahead of time.

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Arby’s Contact Details

Arby’s Head Office Address– 1155 Perimeter Center West 12th Floor Atlanta, GA 30338

Arby’s Head Office Contact Number– 678 289-2335 / 678 514 4100

Arby’s Head Office Email ID [email protected]

Arby’s Customer Support Contact Number: 1-800-984-8289

Arby’s Customer Support Email ID- [email protected]

Arby’s Guest Support Contact Number– 1-800-599-2729

You can also contact the team of Arby’s by using the contact form on their website.

Social Profiles

Facebook Page–

Instagram Profile–

Twitter Handle–

Arby is available on the given social networking sites. Users who are interested in receiving updates about their offers, deals, combos, or others can follow these accounts.

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